Ciara Lands New Movie Role

According to Ciara’s IMDB page, the singer will be appearing in the upcoming Adam Sandler flick “Donny’s Boy.” The film is listed as being in post-production with a release date of June 15, 2012. In other words- the film has been shot and is simply going through the editing stages.

This sort of shocked me because usually when an artist lands a movie role they announce it from the rooftop- even if it is just a cameo as I suspect Ciara’s role will be.

I think CiCi may have kept the news on the hush because her last movie project, 2007’s “Mama I Want to Sing,” was never released theatrically and instead has a DVD release date of February 14, 2012.

The film was suppose to make Ciara a movie star, ala what Dreamgirls did for both Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce. Instead, it was held up for nearly five years leading many to speculate that neither the singer’s acting nor singing skills was up to par.


  1. Another stupid Adam Sandler movie. these guys always get money in Hollywood to do stupid movies and George Lucas could not get money to do red tails

  2. Speculation aside, I never viewed “Mama I Want to Sing” as a “vehicle” for Ciara’s burgeoning acting career. I always thought the film to be a limited-release/straight-to-dvd-release, which as time has shown it to be, it will be on the date you mention.

    I think for her starting small with cameos (if that what her appearance in this Sandler flick will entail) will be a good thing. Start small then move on to big, if the “acting” is up to snuff.

    @Moses, Sandler will always get money for films because comedies (with him) do well. Hollywood looks at the money. They did not think “Red Tails” would be profitable. So far, it has done fairly well. It needs at least a couple, three more weekends of good box office runs to prove its stay (and to recoup the 90 mil Lucas sunk into the project).

  3. Mama I Want To Sing had such an amazing cast. Never did I think it would go straight to DVD- much less take it five years to get there.

    Something happened behind the scenes and I wish I knew what It was.

  4. Congrats to Cici. She’s a beauty. This could be a good thing because Sandler is known for casting the same ppl in his movies over and over again.

  5. Congrats to Ciara, hopefully this opens up more doors for her.

    Unfortunately by the cast I already knew “Mama I Want To Sing” would have a straight to dvd release.

  6. Red Tails didn’t get the funding because the Movie Studios didn’t feel that an international market would want to see an all black cast. Basically, the idea that blacks in a positive role, will never be marketable. That’s why only movies that are made are TP films and hood movies.

  7. Congrats Cici you keep faith and i will keep supporting you. Beautiful girl.

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