Ciara “Like A Surgeon” Single Cover

Ciara The cover to Ciara’s next single “Like A Surgeon” has been revealed. Taken by famed photographer D. Blanks, the image is actually included in the Deluxe Edition of the singer’s “Fantasy Ride” CD. Sporting a short black pixie cut, crocheted eye mask and candy coated lips, Ciara- or is this Super C- is visually giving us something new to look at with each photo that is released from this project. Like all great artists (Janet Jackson & Madonna come to mind) Ciara realizes that reinvention is just one of the keys to a successful music career.

The other is putting out great music and then hitting the road for your fans to enjoy it. If you haven’t heard “Like A Surgeon” you can check it out here. And if you haven’t seen Super C in concert you can check her out this summer as she hits the road with Britney Spears and Jay-Z.


  1. Glad she is still on her grind!!! I wish her much success.

  2. Wassup w/ all the antics?!!


    Why a “Zorro-like mask” for a song titled, Like A Surgeon?? Surgeons wear mask over their nose and mouth. Not eyes! :lol2:

    I’m just being funny… but is this song any good? Anybody know?

    I don’t like the candy-coated lips :thumbsdown: …. looks kinda nasty actually.

  3. Not to be all negative, I will say:
    that’s a good look on the campaign though. Hope Ciara can gain a little bit more success w/ this album.

  4. I’ve noticed Ciara is serioulsy on a mission. I know it can’t be easy, but she is definitely planning to take us to a whole nother level. I pray that all her hard work will be rewarded with success. Go CiCi !!!!

  5. go cici.. i am liking the news pics..its a different look for her and i am loving it…keep doing what you do girl, you will get there..haters fall back and recognise bish is working hard to get hers…do you cici.. :thumbsup:

  6. I use to be a big fan of Ciara until she decided to sex up her image and change for the worst. I want the real Ciara back not this Super C crap.

  7. i want the real ciara back too

    why is her cartoon images so light? i mean its even more obvious when the real ciara is standing beside the cartoon…something aint right about that…

    i actually hate this comic book strip thing, i mean not to compare but beyonce did it a while ago in her cd book but it wasnt to this extreme. super c is kinda lame and it looks like shes forcing herself to be something she isnt, goodies anyone? thats the real ciara

    now as for the song, cant talk about it cuz i never heard it yet, we shall see…

  8. okay okay okay, just heard the song…I REALLY LIKE IT okay bout to put this on a CD but still not enough to buy the album yet maybe she will get me by the next song, but this is the ciara i like cant wait to see the video :bowdown:

  9. The song is nice I like it. Her pics are cute but all this alter ego is giving me an alter ego called “Stop With the Gimmicks” it’s too early for all that!

  10. Lyke A Surgeon is a good song…but its not the best track to release from the album..she should’ve tryed “Turntables” with Chris Brown, although that would be a risk..turntables is way better then “Lyke A Surgeon”

  11. I thought I was the only one who want the swagger Ci back this Super C stuff sucks it’s okay to tweak a little as albums come along but she practically tweaked too much. I wonder who her arch villans are powdered toastman and waffle woman? Oh well I wish her all the luck ………it might pass.

  12. Like a Surgeon is akin to the old Ciara because she is actually SINGING, and WELL. Ciara is a strong singer in her own right. No one has that deep, breathy, vocal style like her and I really like it in this song. In my opinion this, and Keep Dancin’ On Me , and possibly the bonus track Echo are the strongest songs on the CD. By far and a way stronger than Never Ever which unnecessarily features Young Jeezy and Go Girl which just wasn’t a good song at all.

  13. Janelle: If we don’t want over ” sexualized” image,let’s stop supporting it,You can’t say i want real talent and not ass and keep buying beyonce rihanna and them over Chrisette michelle jazmine S or jen Hud, Put your money where your mouth is that

    someone who actually knows music: for once you make Sense,My best track of the moment is “the fit of love”

  14. Something about her fashion…just doesn’t always ‘hit’ with me. I wish I could style her. LOL.

    On the flip, I hear this is one of her better songs from the album. Good luck to her with this new release.


  15. if ciara wants to stay relevant she must have sexual appearl this is what sells. she must change up her game some. she must not be afraid of change the jeans and boy looks was cute but she’s getting older her age group are young adults now not teens anymore. the song is great it reaches over to adults as well as younger audience.

  16. Um… It’s just something about that cover. It just gives me the feeling that no one will buy it??? IDK. But, can’t judge a book by the cover I must be fair and give it a listen.

  17. Thanx Fashionista!

    Ummm… I don’t like the song but good luck to Ciara anyways.

  18. Ciara has no clue does she. The fact that her song is called Like a surgeon just makes me shake my head! Add that to the fact that she is using a comic book to help promote her album/new image just makes me think she’s pathetic.

  19. Seriously, I love that song! It’s about the only song on the able that really sounded good to me. But the pictures…how hard is it? Nurse outfit! All I wanted was a Nurse outfit. Zorro is not a surgeon. However, I’m glad that ‘Like a Surgeon’ is her next single. Can’t wait for the video. There’d better be a nurse outfit and a hospital bed. Japan knows how it’s done.

  20. I didn’t hear the song and don’t want to but she is getting on my nerves- I like the old Ciara-the down to earth, cool didn’t have 2 go that extra mile Ciara-now she has succumbed to the game- just another sex object

  21. OMG… Revelation, first she was copying Aaliyah, then Janet, then Rihanna, then Beyonce, and now… Madonna. GMAFB Come on CiCi, I know that deep inside of you somewhere there is something semi original. Never Ever was bangin, she should’ve stayed along those lines.

  22. Madonna’s hit single was Like a Virgin
    Now Ciara is doing Like a Surgeon
    I know artist recycle old hits all the time, but people are sick of it from Ciara. Its already caused her the number one spot. When will this chick learn?

  23. This is the best song on this “Fantasy Ride”…but would she please let the whole comic book thing GO already!? Im sorry Im just not convinced….the cover is cute, but what does it have to do with a Surgeon? Anywho this song is HOT nonetheless :thumbsup:

  24. Yes, the song is hot.

    Also, what can anybody dot his day and age that is orginal; they all pull ideas from each other. No one, and I mean no one that is out to day, from the singers on top or who are trying to get to the top do anything completely orginal.

  25. why are people saying they want the “real” ciara back? Have you meet her? Are you her friend?
    How are you to say she’s not being real? And what is the “real” Ciara? Sounds lyk haters to me :thumbsdown: :stop: Do yall not want her to exercise her femininity and sexuality as a young woman? geez “Goodies” was a long time ago, everyone grows up. And i lyk Super C. work what you got CiCi!!!

  26. Like and A are two of the most common words in the world. Why would they be considered copying if she puts them in front of Surgeon. The songs are so differetn. get over yourselves.

  27. @ Truthteller,

    When did Ciara ever copy Rihanna?

  28. Love the song ! The album is ok to me.
    I agree with the fact that she needs to come back to her roots! I really miss the old tomboy Ciara who made me dance to goodies, 1 2 step, gotta be…
    Now it seems that she’s searching for a new style by stealing from other artists like Bey or Rihanna (yes Antoya) which is a shame…

    Anyway good luck and I hope the new single will help the album sales!

  29. never heard her album so I won’t comment on that, but Ciara trys way to hard….. she is not herself anymore and think she looks like a str8 up BUTCH!!

  30. @ lol
    I am loln’ at your comment 😆 .

    Antoya, a while back her and Rihanna went on tour together and alot of Ciaras costumes looked awfully simular to Rihannas. And sorry but Love Sex Magic sounded like it was written for Rih Rih.

  31. ciara is a really pretty gurl and im sure she hears that all the time . But she is more of a dancer than a power house singer. And all of a sudden we have a alter ego SUPER C now im so over that s**t .

    But she is becoming very wack to me :thumbsdown: not a hater just stressing my opinion

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