Ciara “Love Sex Magic” Video Stills


Crunk n’ B diva Ciara strikes a “Super C” pose on the set of her new video, Love Sex Magic. The singer teams up with Justin Timberlake for the second single off of her forthcoming “Fantasy Ride” album.


Love Sex Magic was released digitally yesterday and Ciara’s CD is said to be dropping now on May 5th.

Below is a picture of what is said to be the official cover for the Love Sex Magic single.

Ciara & Justin Timberlake


  1. Wow that girl know she flexible! Good look for her, hope she does well. Justin is just having a ball with all the brownsistas. Who hasn’t he done a song with? He is keeping his name out there without even having an album.

  2. ’09… Year of the Leotard

    Ok, so, there is four other women in the pic w/ Ci?? Because I couldn’t tell if each lady was her or not…

  3. I second Nne in nominating ’09 as the year of the leotard – when you have a great body, the leotard is just a great look! OK so obviously the poses are all her in the black outfit, but I too couldn’t tell if all 5 women were her or not in the pic with the bar.

    But yeah, that fourth chick on the bar (whether it’s Ciara or not) is a bad b*tch. I doubt she has any complaints in the bedroom! haha

    Ciara is really doing everything in her power to solidify her sex appeal, and honestly, it’s working. Though she may be trying a bit too hard with the high heels, the booty outfits, the (strangely larger) breasts, the Vibe mag cover, etc…it’s working. I used to think of her as a tomboy (remember Goodies?) and now that’s all changed.

    It’s really something to see a young woman grow into her sexuality.

  4. Wow, great to see people have some nice things to say about CC. Her body is tight and definitely a breath of fresh air from the big bootay, big tittay, phenomenon(nothing against that so please don’t bash me). I’m an athletic sister like C but we gets no love most of the time. Can’t wait for the CD to drop.

  5. CiCi looks fab! :thumbsup: I think that’s her in all the shots!

  6. WOW this remindes me alot of BEYONCE’S “SINGLE LADIES” wit the one arm 1 piece suit….and the flex images…oh wow and the tight pony tail and that ballet pole… Ciara should have came a little more original, 1st the Diva “remix” now this?? smh :noway:

  7. The first pic reminds me of EnVogues never gonna get it! Ciara looks great. Why does Justin Timberlake have to be the video man all the time! I guess I haven’t forgiven him for the Janet Fiasco and how he made it look it he was apauled! Whatever!

  8. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: damn dis gurl hav da sickest body in da game……look @ those damn legs….ppl thinks she steal dis from bey…ur gatter be kiddin me i bet if be try 2 left her legs up dat high she goinn 2 end up in a wheel chir…hahaha

    i guess ciara is back now <3

  9. Why do you think everybody tries to copy Beyonce? Your’e one to talk as much stuff as Beyonce has taken from others and things from Cici too. Ciara been doing crazy dance moves nothing new, and that is her in all of the pictures. Cici is orignal Beyonce even called her innovative on MTV. Get it right boo. This is CIARA TIME!!! Beyonce had her time now she is on tour. Follow her on tour and let everybody else enjoy Cici!!!! Ciara made a mix tape of songs just like ppl do in hip hop. Everybody has been feeding off each other in music since music first started. Michael Jackson got some of his moves from James Brown. Ppl Beyonce did not start anything. ok Just like Beyonce is feeding off of Tina Turner. Who cares

  10. Yeah I don’t get the whole fasciation with Timberlake either … but whatever. After what he did to Janet, if I were any of those chicks I’d run the other way. Robin Thicke yes … this clown, no way.

  11. Sorry, but they are NOT all Ciara. You can look at the legs of the 1st and 2nd girls. Ciara is not that thick anymore.

  12. Umm…I love Ciara and all, but she is not original. None of these mainstream artists are original.

    The video looks like it’s going to be a good one. She always brings it when it comes to music videos.

  13. For the last time everybody, since music has started artist has feed off of some other artist. The young generation doesn’t understand that. They are all cici come on now

  14. @ MISS 100% yes it is ciara! i’m a ciaara stan and i can tell that it is her! 🙂

  15. GET EM CC!! :thumbsup:
    lukin fabulous like you do but whats new
    2009 belongs to CIARA
    46 more days till FANTASY RIDE
    question is are you ready?
    i dont think yall can HANDLE all this fiyahh!
    Cz bout to bring itt!!
    im so exciteddddddddd 🙂

  16. I actually am shocked because I am feeling Ciara this time around. The pictures are sexy and something new for Ciara, so I hope she gets the support she deserves.

  17. EVERYBODY has already put “Supr Ci” on blast for copying Beyonce. It cant be denied she copied Beyonce and did it way more trashier then Bey did. Im sorry I feel she may flop hard this time around. She will get ONE hit from this album. Poor thing…

  18. How do you know that someone’ s popularity is fading? when her desperate supporters try to make everyone out to be a nemesis of hers :lol2: Sad

    Ciara Weeeeeew That Body is Hot,Hot as hell Girl! Looking good, and how flexible is she Child if i try to do that i’ ll drop my twins Lool Sexy as hell girl , I’ m not mad 🙂

  19. I dont like MR Ciara and she did copy Beyonce, she is never original and always tries to out do the top b!tches in the game, Rih did a sexy vid wit JT and look who comes along and does the same, Bey introduces her alter Ego, look who comes along and does the same, Bey did the flex images for her album art and look who comes along and tries it, Bey came out wit a double disc, look who comes along and tries to do a triple disc. Like anyone can listen to 3 cd’s of her dreadful voice!!! But as soon as Bey does something similar to another she’s called out sooo bad. But when tranny face does it its ok??! :noway:

  20. To Ciara is a man,

    Isn’t that the point to try to top the best in the game? Sorry Boo, but you are a hater. Can you do those moves? For her to be 23, she is living her dreams, how blessed is that? To be doing what you love to do. For me to see another young woman doing her thing, I am inspired. Blessings to Ciara and all the non-haters.

  21. Ciara is pretty young woman, but I think she tries too hard to be sexy and over the top.

    I would never buy her album, but she looks great.

  22. If you thought those pic were hot, it nothing compared to the sneak peek my baby just released on sincerly ciara, wooooooooooooooooooooo video airs on 03/23/2009 11:00 a.m on CIARAWORLD , GREATEST ENTERTAINER ALIVE , THE GOODIES QUEEN IS OFFICIALLY BACK :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  23. Ciara’s Body is the TRUTH. Sexy Lady!!! Do your thing girl I’m not mad at cha.

  24. Ciara popularity is fading but yet most of the award shows since she started to now are only her fans. Um nooo. U don’t have to believe me.

  25. Ciara = Fierce.

    Her dancing talent cannot be denied.


    Look at Justin…lookin’ all scruffy…*sighs* I’ve got a love/hate thing going with JTimber. I can’t wait for his new album.

  26. Beyeweh has copied from EVERYONE else…so, why are most up in arms over Ciara wearing a leotard. Hell, madonna has been doing it for years and so has lady GaGa. She is not the first to perform wearing a leotard. SMH. Ciara looks great and I wish her much success. She deserves it as well as anyone else. 🙂

  27. She is such a great dancer. You go CiCi.


  28. i mean it does remind me of beyonce, but who cares beyonce has copied before as well, one thing i think ciara shouldnt do though is something that someone is already currently doing, but i mean she looks good so why not cant wait to see the video

  29. Beyonce has copied before but she hasnt copied EVERYONE. And when Bey does do a little copying lol she always makes it her own. It’s never the exact same, Ciara should have taken that route by making it her own. But she looks fab nonetheless!!

  30. These are ‘stills’ from a video shoot.

    Don’t you think it’s a little presumptuous to say that her ‘copying’ isn’t as great as SWSNBN??? We haven’t ‘SEEN’ if Ciara will make this alleged ‘copying’ her own yet.

    Straight out the gate, we look to compare rather to someone else. How LIMITED does that make ‘our’ view? 🙁 Sad.

  31. The pictures are great and very model-esque it’ s the dancing i have a pbleme with :thumbsup:

  32. people! get it 2 gether,beyonce is not the only hot female artist.cici is very hot.I love the way she dances. :stop: :haters.


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