Ciara “Love Sex Magic” Video Preview

A preview of Ciara and Justin Timberlake’s new video for their single Love Sex Magic has been released. Clocking in at just under a minute and the half, a body suited Ciara can be seen behind bars doing things with her body that must make her man really happy.


If nothing else, Super C is one flexible chick. Check her out above doing her thing.


  1. …i can hear janet jackson singing this…she looks hot! i was never that flexible, young ,old or in between lol :lol2: ..not sure about the song just yet though…it might be a grower…

  2. That a bad woman. Im going to sign up for stripper classes so i can do all of that. Im for real too. I need to get a pole in my house so i can do my thing for my future man lol. (Im single now) Go CEECEE :bowdown:

  3. Sounds Janet Jackson, Brittney Spears esque—too Pop-ish for me. But the concept is Hot. Go Cici!

  4. I also dont know bout the song – it sounds very “J.Lo” to me – maybe I need 2 hear the whole thing.
    Other than that – she’s sooo flexi, damn!!
    I know Id have a man by now if I did stuff like that in public!
    In fact I think I might try the streetlamp down the road.
    Wish me luck ladies!

  5. okay i’m so glad i’m not the only one who thought of janet when i saw this

  6. it does sound like janet to me and that look kinda reminds me of beyonce kitty kat video, either way she still looks good

  7. lol lady im with you me and you gonna be practicing on the poles to this video haha

  8. @Mario

    you took the words out of my mouth. I was thinking about the snippet of Beyonce’s Kitty Kat video. There is so much lust and sex drive in these singers now adays. I showed this snippet to a male co-worker and he waved his hands at it and said “What happend to genuine talent”. He is so right, now don’t get me wrong I think she IS talented but its being overshadowed by what she is doing. If you notice most of us are only talking about her body’s ability :brownsista:

  9. you are right Liyah we have only been talking about her body ability and i didnt even notice that that was the main subject of our post….wow thanks for pointing that out…

    the song isnt right for me, i donno if she lost it or what i finally started to love never ever and i dont mind artist being inspired by other artist but this is soooo janet, in referrence to the song clip i heard lol

    haha but i will admit that the clip makes me want to see more

  10. @Mario what up baby. Yes what she gave us is just a teaser. I need a pole in my life lol. Liyah baby what going on. Holla.

  11. Hay Lady :hifive:

    I don’t want to sound like a prude with my last comment, cause I DID ask one of my girlfriends (who used to strip but now she is born again) to teach me a few tricks when I first got married 😆

  12. We have some great observers I tell you. For some people to see a snippet of a video or video stills and compare it to other videos that came out years ago is beyond me. Where have you people been at with this artist have no talent so they have to sell sex. Back in the day you didn’t have to look all that great nor dance to sell records. Now you don’t have to sing just look good and dance. As far as the comparisons history repeats itself so get over that. I mean you draw inspiration from what you grew up listening to. You cant win so I say do what you want Ci Ci!!!

  13. Lady, noone was saying it was a bad thing, calm down we are just observing the clip thats what its posted for, why would stephany post the video if it wasnt for us to observe and comment on, yes sex sells and it probably never going to change so either we can get with it or get over it yes she is copying as every other artist do, one thing, like i said in her other post, that i would advise her not to do is to straight copy something thats already out and current now with that said im not her team so i cant say it will do well or not, maybe it will she has to try something

  14. ^^ Did I say Ciara had no talent? Read it again :loser:
    and by the way, you don’t need to see an entire video to notice that it looks like some one else’s. All you need is a picutre!

  15. thats right Liyah :hifive: and the more i look at this clip i see KITTY KAT lol the way she is curving her body in the kitty way Bey did in her video and the outfit but i still want to see more it looks kinda hot though im telling you i need a pole in my life too lady :lol2:

  16. @mario you that is not me lol. Someone is using my name. What in the world. There is one lady in the house it me. 6’1 without heels.

  17. Woooooooooooooooooooow, Simply Incredible………………………………….. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  18. … i feel a bulk order of dance / stripper poles coming on :lol2:

  19. The song just sounds ok, the beat is funky tho… the beat is prolly what will make me like this song.. oh yea & I need to hear JT’s part too, that will prolly make me like it more. Other than that she looks great, but it’s been established that CiCI is great @ moving, I mean she’s been doing those matrix like back bends for 1000’s of years so her converting to a full blown contortionist for this video isn’t shocking… nevertheless she looks good.

  20. This song is OK it has to grow on me. Looks like someone is selling SEX this time around.

  21. Can we say BEYONCE’S “KITTY KAT” Video??? lol The copying just never ends!

  22. @ lady haha i know that aint you boo, you got me but once i put on my 4inches you dont stand a chance!

    @the fake Lady girl gone somewhere this my first time noticeing you, we know who the real LADY IS :brownsista:

  23. Ciara looks like she’s got some work done on her face. There is something very different about her face. But she looks very hot in this vid.

  24. Lady please come down i do not want nobody mixing me up with you. That all i have to tell you.

  25. That is a big complement if yall get Janet from this one scene. Wow Ci you know you going to be a legend girl. She is not copying anybody never has. I know it hurts haters. Ciara owns 09!!!!!!

  26. But why is Ciara the only r&b singer that ppl do that to? Brandy could do the same video and no one would say anything. Ciara has a very bright future cause even though yall leave negative comments you are really supporting her. After looking at these blog sites I have never seen so many ppl be against an artist but yet comment, and study hard at every video. And Beyonce has jack sooooo many ppl so let’s not go there. If she wasn’t a singer she would not be multi-plat. Duh you can’t dance on cds. Yall are so wack. Get it C!!!!!

  27. ^^^^ciara copies many people, especially janet and beyonce, so leave bey name out of this. difference is, beyonce is the #1 chick in the game, and ciara is not.

    ciara cannot sing. point blank. both her and rihanna are disgraces to music.smh

  28. I must admit the first person I thought about when I seen the video was Janet Jackson.

  29. i think Miss Ciara has grown a lot over the years. No longer is she Miss “Goodies” she has become a woman honey!!! i think she as workin it out. btw love+sex does = MAGIC!!! trust me i got it

  30. Ca08 no one left negative comments can you read correctly? i didnt find anything negative about this post until you came up in here and to bring you down a few levels just because the sound gives us a janet feel doesnt mean cici will be a “legend”

  31. :stop:

    You mofos are on drugs talking that yang yang about Beyonce Kitty Kat. How about Madonna Human Nature video 1995, almost 15 years ago. That was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw Ciara as well as the over sexiness of the video.

    I agree with the comment above. Sex sales. It’s not about talent at all. And like others, Janet was the first thing that came to my mind as well. She sounded just like her.

    The sung sucks.

  32. Shut your face Mario. I wrote that too cause I knew the Beyonce stans were coming. So shut up

  33. Just want to say her vocals are clear and stronger than what I have heard in her other videos. I have never listened to her CDs so I don’t know what she is capable of vocally. That’s all.

  34. Ca08 what a waste of space… why dont you just leave, thank you

    i think its wayyyy to early to say ciara will be a legend, matter of fact you are the first person i have EVER heard say that… figures…

  35. I’m lovin’ it!

    Never been a Ciara fan but I’m really feelin’ her this time around. I mean, I’m not jumping to buy the album or anything BUT something about her makes me want to support.
    I could see Janet or J-Lo singing this particualr song (like some have mentioned above) but I like Ci Ci w/ it. Not the same ole’ R&B sound or an expected sound from her and I think that’s what she needs this time around…. expand her fanbase and give the current fans some new ish.

  36. Um Mario if you only knew child just how popular cici is and how many ppl say that. But whatever I don’t know you so your not important to me. I am here as one of the stans to defend Cici! So just know what you say doesn’t hurt cause Ci is killing the charts right now and when the video comes out it’s over.

  37. Again I am not mad at her, Great body, sexy but not slutty poses, Perfect flexibility, You’ re doing it Ci-Ci

  38. I thin it is hot. I am buying the album the first day it comes out. What I like about Ciara’s album from what I heard of it, she is offering a varity of songs and sounds, some most artist isn’t doing these day. Yes, be can sing and kind of dance, but I know her sound, like I know other artistes sound. I think Ciara is going to surprise us all with this album. She is trying to break out of the box. For her to be 23, she is doing her thing. Go

  39. and people comparing her need to stop right here, no sisters out there minus the obvious queen Janet J moves her body in such a way, so please stop trying to bring people’ s name into it, That’ s pathetic, You need to get a life for real (eyes rolling)

  40. Rant:
    Mario you out of anybody should not cosign anybody talking about singers and sex drive and lust in their performances, when beyonce’ s BODY is her source of income well not right now but it has been, You are such an hypocrite You are such an hypocrite it’ s disgusting You out of everyone should just shut up with it and walk away,because if someone dares pointing out beyonce’ s oh so many taken from people moves or video style, You’ ll say that she was just inspired or nobody copyrighted those moves , SIT DOWN And i just youtubed Kitty kat since i never seen it before and you need to stop being obsessed it’ s not cute anymore, and it actually takes your nice personality away, I needed to get that off my chest i am sick sick sick of people being hypocrites when i criticize beyonce oversexualized almost 30 years old self, i do the same with everyone , i’ m not going to say oh beyonce is so sexual look at rihanna she is so wise when she hoes on stage just as much as beyonce, No matter how much i love her i’ ll bring it down on her like i do on beyonce, You people can’ t do that everyone want to be beyonce uh? if you could get out of her -ss you would see that people actually are not trying to be or imitate her unless those people are the likes of you!

    Rant over

    I don’ t know ciara have a very beautiful body indeed however i don’t really see how this is related to the video, but what do i know? i’ m just a hater i hate on all these h-o acting singers out there :thumbsup:

  41. @ voice, thought it was just me seeing h-o acting in this video. everywhere on blogs people say it’s dope, ciara has a great body for sure, but i don’t think a chick putting a bar between her booty cheeks is appropriate, unless it’s in the bedroom with her man, but oh well…..

  42. This is hot!!! When I first heard it I knew this was going to be a hit. Go Ci-Ci.

  43. Ca08 its not healthy to think of yourself as a stan even if someone calls you one, im not taking anything from cici because as i said i havent been feeling her lately (opinion) i still think she is a hell of a dancer and never ever is one of my favorite songs out right now (grew on me) so why are you attacking me? anyway…

    Voice, if you read my comments i said i agree which means i know that beyonce music is driven by sex, why do you think i said this clip reminded me of beyonce’s kitty kat, ive never once said that sex didnt sell have i? and if so please tell me when… i read your first sencence and found no reason to continue you because your “rant” seems pointless because i have not said anything bad about this woman in this post…carry on honey…you always looking for me in a post…i seem to past you most of the time unless you state my name…

  44. she is my new age janet jackson and she dsnt pretend to be a saint,ice queen, marry or a virgin,pleaze dnt argue with bey stanz a study has found that her fans are dump

  45. LMAO, that’s wack, I hope theres a lot more for the video. What was her inspiration Showgirls?

    This ain’t nothing but that promise scene with leapard print and more poles. :noway:

  46. “almost 30 years old self” 🙁

    I take offense to that cause i’ m almost 30, Of course i am not as graphically sexual outside my bedroom, but i am almost 3 and vexed at that comment

    Not just me ?: I agree but i still think she has a great body and great dance moves, she iv very sexy but not that sl-tty to me plus hey sex sells so sell on! i guess :lol2:

  47. This is gonna be a hit. They’ve been playing it on mainstream radio and on the TV here (UK) for a bit now. With the video , it’s gonna up its appeal. I love the song. Very funky . I also liked the Go Girl video but ddnt like Never Ever. I don’t really like slow jams or that kind of thing.
    They’ve also been playing Keri Hilson’s ‘Return the favour’ so that may get released as well.

    Err hasnt sex been selling in the entertainment industry for aaaaggeesss, that’s nothing new and why people are shocked by it I don’t know. I’m not saying it’s all right ( some is tacky ad trashy) but they’re hardly gonna wear a nun’s habit are they? If people ddnt like it, they’d jog on.

  48. Mario: Oh please stop feeling important boo boo you are not beyonce [======= read 7 times
    You know you read my post so sit down with it, i hate people people do that like when they put :lol2: when they know damn well they are not laughing! 😆

  49. actually i did laugh at you, so you are wrong, secondly i didnt read that other post, to long so you are wrong again but thanks, you are such a waste…

  50. Everyone already knows that Ciara can dance ,check the record. This beautiful young lady has done it once again :hifive: with this new video.I really like her outfits and the fact that she is selling herself seductively and not too raunchy.She needs to teach me some of those moves! You GO GIRL!For all of the haters on here your just mad you cant work it like that.Keep doing your thing! :bowdown:

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