Keyshia Cole’s ‘Black Girls Rock’ Performance

I really agonized over what to write concerning Keyshia Cole’s performance of ‘Trust & Believe’ at this year’s ‘Black Girls Rock’ awards ceremony.

Though I thought her performance was decent, I found myself just not buying the words that were coming out of her mouth.

We all know Keyshia is happily married and has admitted to singing ‘woe is me’ songs just to please her fans. This to me is evident whenever I see her perform songs from her upcoming ‘Woman to Woman’ album.

Though Keyshia tries to feign emotion, you can see that it’s just not real. Keyshia is about as fed up with her man as I am with mine and trust and believe, I am very happy. (LOL)

But you can all judge for yourselves. Peep Keyshia below trying to fake the funk.


  1. Rhythm and Blues is dead man. When I see and listen to what is being passed off as R&B music I cry for the children. 😆
    Keyshia is a singer that shouldn’t be a performer. Not everyone who can sing should be in the business. Music does not inspire Keyshia which is why her music does not inspire anyone else.
    She is just going through the motions, making music because she can and not because she wants to. Were she a true artist she would be leading her fans rather than allowing them to lead her. This is something even a novice like Rihanna knows.
    Keyshia should just hang it up and spare us from having to listen to any more of her mediocre man-hating tunes.

  2. i never been a huge fan of hers but i feel bad.

    when she is happy and wants to sing happy songs, no one is beat for her.

    so when she fakes sad songs, it comes off as insincere.

    she cant win

    maybe she should have went POP like everyone else when she couldn’t pull off that sad songs.

    POP is neither happy nor sad, more fun music.

    her days are numbered unless she gets a divorce and sings about that.

    Alanis Morisette cant sell a happy album to save her life.

  3. She sounded so good but sista you are right.there was no pain in that performance.

  4. @Liverpool

    I am not one of those people who felt Keyshia’s happy songs were bad. As a matter of fact, I never put songs into happy/sad categories. A good song is a good song. Keyshia is struggling to understand why her last album failed and foolishly listened to Twitter fans tell her it was because her songs weren’t sad anymore when in actuality it was because they weren’t good, just like these new “sad” joints aren’t good. Keyshia is a confused artist in need of good writers, good producers and better management.

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