Ciara & Nelly Tape New Video

Singer Ciara recently took time off from recording her new album “Fantasy Ride” to tape the video for Nelly’s new single Steppin’ On My J’s, of which Ciara appears on. To your right are a few pics from the taping of the video and as you can see, there really isn’t much to see or talk about except Ciara’s step backward into the big blonde wig phase which I thought was on it’s way out. Steppin’ On My Js is not a very good song but I doubt it was written to be appealing to a GAW like myself anyway. However, Ciara appearing on the single will peak the interest of sistas and give her fans something to enjoy until her new opus drops later on this year.

And just in case you want a little more than what these pics provide, you can check out behind the scenes clips of the video JD posted on his You Tube page. However, you will have to endure about five minutes of Nelly and JD showing off new and unseen Jordans before they actually get to the footage of Ciara.



  1. When is Nelly gonna grow up? How old is he now anyway and this song should have been recorded like 20 years ago when people still gave a damn about this shoe.

  2. This is 106 & Park music. I haven’t even heard the song yet. Iliked what Nelly did with Kelly a few years back. They should try to do that again.

  3. man. dang. i really don’t like when nelly or anyone makes these little sneaker songs. cuz that’s when the prices are jacked up because the company thinks they are top choice. all of a sudden air force ones that were like 30.00 are like 120.00 +. he did that mess with “air force ones” and now he’s messing it up for J’s. not that i care about jordans. cuz michael jordan no damn well who the main people buying his sneakers are…..urban folk. and most likely we don’t have the money to buy his joints. instead of making them affordable……moms gotta choose between making a payment or buying her kid some new sneakers………sorry ya’ll but that has been on my mind for a while.

    but i’m sure all the 106 and park viewers will love this and it will stay in constant rotation on the radio stations so whatever.

  4. When is Nelly going to hang it up & try something different. It’s no secret that he has been irrevelant for some time now. That song that he has out w/ Fergie right now is like a big… WHY? However, I really don’t think this song, Steppin on my Js, will do very well. Nelly just needs to give it a rest & push on to the next chapter in his life.

    @diddy kong

    A mother should never have to choose between buying a high priced tennis shoe or paying the light bill… I would hope that the sista would be smart & tell her kid to get over it & then explain why she can’t buy it… but of course I do realize that in SOME cases that’s wishful thinking. This is y u can’t raise ur kids to focus on the material, they’ll have u dead broke lol. I know my parents are glad I didn’t fall into that boat, I must say I saved them a lot of money ;-).

  5. Nelly ends up the sideshow in his own song with Fergie, and it’ll happen again with Ciara.

  6. @ blame it on the rain
    who is that in your avatar? kinda looks like ginuwine.

    anyway……what i meant was you know kids want what other kiddies have. now a kid can be smart and know that their mother just doesn’t have the funds but sometimes the kid wants the name brand sneaks instead of whatever. and these name brands sneakers are too darn expensive…..especially jordans. you get what i’m saying?

    @ Majesa
    honestly when i first heard about the song i thought it was JD’s…….but it’s nelly’s. and who know’s if ciara will upstage him in this song……depends on how long her verse is. but either way both of those songs “party people” and “steppin on my j’s” are wiggedy wack.

    peace ya’ll.

  7. @diddy knong

    That is Brian White (Stomp The Yard& Mr. 3000)and he is fine fine fine, I am sure you agree!

    I thought I was the only one who was starting to really hate 106th & Park. I dont even vote anymore because the videos I like never gets play anyway.

  8. Hold up Stephanie, Ciara has accomplish more than Beyonce and Micheal Jackson with her 7 years in the industry. Songwriter, Singer, Actress, Model,Producer, Author,Director,Choregrapher, Enterpreneur owner of UDA, C-ERA ENT. UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLIST.,Jewerly Line ,Clothing Line. Three #1 single off one album in the U>K. Just because viacom is giving youtube the o.k to give Rihanna pass and removing Ciara video don’t mean Ciara fans going to taking it lining down. We will be buying FANTASY RIDE by the dozen. Step on my Jays will be another hit because everything the GOODIES QUEEN touch goes platinum baby. If you would post Ciara more you would know her studio time is January- March . Ciara write all her music unlike (cough) Rihanna. Why can;t Ciara get no love in this MOTHER

  9. very 106 and park, very 1990’s. but i’m not surprised at all by nelly.

  10. @ blacksista
    mmmhmmm. brian white is a mad cutie indeed.

    i left 106 and park behind back in 04 (when AJ and Free left). i occasionally watch when janet is on. other than that it ain’t nothing special. and the crazy thing is…..i never voted for a video on that countdown till “feedback” but after a day or two it was a lost cause.

    uh oh…..the ciara fans are coming out of the woodwork and are ready to tell us about their “queen”……if that’s what they call her.

    “cornbread ain’t nothing wrong with that”
    ~chris rock

    “first OJ, then Kobe, now Jonesy”
    ~reno 911

    peace out ya’ll

  11. When will Nelly grow up? That`s the 100, ooo dollar question. However , it`s not only Nelly but the majority of these Hip-Hop artists.. They`re nothing more than little boys and it shows in their SO CALLED music as well as their actions. I am really SICK and TIRED of the same ol` song and dance. Then we wonder what`s become of our generation and next generation of young boys/teenagers. They look to these poor of an excuse men as role models and receive nothing worthwhile.

    All they have to show for their admiration is walking around with their pants sagging, referring to our sistas as **** & ******* and dropping out of high school. The majority of the ones who do finish never pick up a book again. Then we wonder why our sistas, the ones with goals, have lost all respect for us. They are justified because we, in general, are still into being boys. We have no sense of purpose nor direction other than hanging with the boys, cruising and hollering at the ladies like some DAMN fool!!

    It`s all about the 24`s, 5,000 dollar rims and 4,000 sound systems as we cruise down the streets on a hot summer day looking for the girls in the short-shorts… Unless I`m missing something I can`t see why Ashanti is with this fool. The problem within our community is that these young boys don`t have postive role models within the homes to teach them how to be men. So instead they follow the lead of these DUMB NEGROES thinking that`s cool… Our sistas nowadays have to play both roles of mother and father as we, men, have ceased to step up to the plate and fulfill our responsibilities..

    Any man can lie down with a woman to have a baby (dogs do that) but it takes a real man to take responsibility.. We reject our duties as men but yet we dare to be respected by our women. Nelly and all his homies don`t have a clue as to how to be real men, for if they did it would manifest itself; and I see NO evidence. Then again, you can`t ask a boy to be a man because the boy is only about childish things. Until he puts away his childish things his mind can`t comprehend the larger picture. These NEGROES are nothing more than corporate prostitutes with no regard for their communities…

    Now we have another generation of fools coming up right behind them to be their successors. We can`t blame The White man for all our problems because some of the solutions lie within ourselves. These Hip-Hop artists are selling nothing but filth and it has to end soon, otherwise more and more of our youth will become a part of the legal system. All the blame doesn`t belong on Hip-Hop but it certainly doesn`t help. I wouldn`t doubt that the ratio of our black brothas in prison as oppose to the opposite is like 3 to 1.

    A song about sneakers in 2008 really shows where Nelly is mentally. He and all his homies need to put down the mic and pick up a book………..

    “Don`t Walk Away” by MJ

    I close my eyes
    Just to try and see you smile one more time
    But it`s been so long now all I do is cry
    Can`t we find some love to take this away
    Cause the pain gets stronger every day

    How can I begin again
    How am I to understand
    When there`s nothing left to do but walk away

  12. wat songs did ciara write? i am talking bout WRITING all the lyrics, not CO-WRITING cause anybody could say they co-write ish when it aint true.

  13. All the ones she wrote for BLUE CANTRELL on her album and the ones that don’t make the cut, most of all the ones she get a check from every month with UNIVERSAL MUSIC . Do your research Rihanna worshipper , The GOODIES QUEEN GOT HER PUBLISHING DEAL WITH BMI at age 15. Took them to court along with Jazze Pha and resign with UNIVERSAL MUSIC. Ciara is not only beautiful but a damn smart busy woman. Hence the word rerelease no more money in the budget for a new project. Ciara is nobody puppet, she beat to her drum. she also was part of the production on Tiffany Evans album. I can’t do all the research for you guybecame a fan then you will witneess CIARA is the real deal. Ciara self taught herself , everything she does is her GOD giving talent.

  14. I wonder why we never hear Nelly are JD motivating young black men to stay in school and take education serious. Or talk about issues why alot of black males are going to college but the collge graduation rate with black men is low as well as a high college dropout rate to go with it.

    Our people are so materialistic it is a shame. What makes this even worst Nelly and JD are both grown men over the age of thirty and still acting like little boys. Neither one of them has mature in music as well as character. Its the same old water down SH!T we see all the time, MONEY, B!TCHES, CARS, AND flashy CLOTHES when will it stop. By looking at some people comments we are on here cheering this SH!T on, while WHITE AMERICA is making money and laughing at our BLACK A$$ off of this SH!T.

    Its to a point now that we cheer on negative SH!T rather than up lifting postive information to the black community.

  15. ummm why is everyone on nelly’s case about talking about sneakers? beyonce talks about her freakum dress so whats the deal? sure its not mature material, its a hot summer song for people to dance to! nelly is a positive male…its just that part of him is not fully shown. he has many orginizations that he does and looks out for the community! you talk as if you know him personally and thats not right.

    Ciara is a great artist and she does write songs fully herself. as she wrote fantasia’s song you got me waiting on fantasia’s first album. and has also written songs for many others. she is also the executive producer of tiffany evans new album that is hot. stop hating on these people because when was the last time janet and beyonce wrote their own songs or even produced?

  16. @ emily
    i’ma bypass ya second paragraph because i don’t care about ciara at all.

    but i know about some of nelly’s organizations for terminal illnesses and child care. but what i think most people are saying is… many times can we hear the same song…..(different beat, different lyrics, same tired old topic). these artists are the same one’s talking about how music ain’t what it used to be but what do they do…..make the same tired ish they are talking about. how many times are we gonna hear a rapper say……..i am intelligent and then turn around and make a whole heep of crap with one song that is semi-serious on an album and ship it out to “us” like we don’t know what’s up. i guess most of us are just tired of the “bling bling flashy…..look at what i got cuz you’ll never have it” phase that music is going through right now. i’m sure nelly is a good man and so is JD……..but shiz………..their music doesn’t say a lot. everything out now sounds the same.

    put it like this…’s a damn shame when a 12 year old girl (a.k.a. mu little cuzzo) calls herself the head bytch and when my other cuzzo keeps spewing out the n-word…..because to him all black people are niggras or when he is calling girls sexy at the age of nine or talking about girls licking him like a damn lollipop or bust it baby’s…..which by the way i still don’t know what that exactly means but i know it’s wrong……….and i aint that much older than him…..18 so he won’t respect me enough to listen to me when i try to tell him that’s not how life is……..i mean…..shiz my 13 year old cousin has more sexual experience than i do and aims to be some little boys bust it baby……how the hell did this happen. i can’t say it’s completely the musical environment that we are stuck in right now but it’s like 99% to blame.

    do ya feel me.

    yeah we kinda took the topic of a “harmless sneaker song” and spun it into and freedom fighter movement but this ish has been on a lot of peoples minds for a while now and seeing this topic just brought it out.

    peace out though. 1

  17. @bajan

    tramp, ciara writes and co-write all her music and writes songs 4 many other artist, and she produces and directs. dont get mad because no talent slut rihanna doesnt write her songs, the tramp cant sing dance or perform!

  18. @Emily,

    nelly has three kids that we know he is a grown ass man and needs to act like one. he is also what 32 years old. yeah, beyonce’s lyric’s maybe be childish, but she not anyone’s mamma dancing in her freakum dress, not to defend beyonce’

  19. Nelly looks soooooooo good and some way some how people must buy his cds bcuz he has lots of money……….I do agree he needs to stop with this bull…….ciara on the other hand is very talented, but she has totally changed up and I dont like the new look!!!!

  20. Hmmm. This is why so many of today’s popular artist are hot today and cold tomorrow. Their music has absolutely no substance and is just silly and irrelevant. Even rap music back in the 80’s and early 90’s had a good message that we can still listen to today. Now all they rap about is money, getting booty, drinking top champagne and sneakers. What a joke.

  21. Hmmm. This is why so many of today’s popular artist are hot today and cold tomorrow. Their music has absolutely no substance and is just silly and irrelevant. Even rap music back in the 80’s and early 90’s had a good message that we can still listen to today. Now all they rap about is money, getting booty, drinking top champagne and sneakers.

  22. When will these youngins learn not to compare these artists of today to ICONS???!!!??? So am I to understand that now Ciara is bigger than MJ???!!!??? Now will someone please do their research before making such absurd claims? However, I`m willing to help you out.

    MJ is a shrewd businessman as well and he`s become the most powerful man in the industry. Why do I say this? Well there`s pretty good evidence which bears this out. So let`s examine the facts.

    Aside from himself being a singer/songwriter/producer/composer/choreographer/dancer he owns his own publishing company. He owns the rights to all of his songs for which he to this day continues to receive royalties. Being the shrewd businessman that he is, in 85` he would make the business move of the ages. In that year he dared to purchase the rights to a certain catalog of the most successful group in modern history. Ever heard of The Fav 4, better known as The Beatles?

    Well in 85` MJ purchased the rights to a TON of their songs for $47 mil. dollars. Later he would merge with Sony/ATV for a 50/50 partnership, meaning he to this day owns HALF of all Sony artists… This catalog contains songs of Elvis, 900 country songs, all Babyface written songs, Destiny Child`s, Biggie, 2Pac, Fleetwood Mac, etc. etc. In essence more than 100,000 songs. We all know how this works. Every time the songs of these artists are played, purchased, used in TV ads, films, etc. it`s KA-CHING for Michael.

    It`s estimated that he earns between $30-45 mil. dollars a year from The Beatles Catalog not mentioning his own catalog which is totally separate. However, that`s not all. Just last year, 07, he and Sony/ATV purchased Famous Music, another publishing. In this catalog you have songs of The Real Slim Shady (Mr. Eminem) Shakira, Beck, Bjork, Akon, Buster Rhymes, Boyz 2 Men and last but certainly not least Beyonce. This catalog also contains music from “Beverly Hills Cop” and The “Godfather.” You see pretty soon MJ will own everyone`s music, LOL.

    Once again it`s KA-CHING, KA-CHING… Michael, also is no one`s puppet. Also just a couple of years ago he was in Bahrain meeting with multi-billionaire princes. You can best believe they weren`t just discussing their health. Any logical minded person can see that these events signal a possible conglomerate real soon. Michael is a billionaire in the truest sense as the aforementioned Beatles Catalog alone has been estimated at $1.2-1.6 bil. dollars. The media however doesn`t report this nor will Forbes put him on the Billionaire list because many have conspired against him.

    When he purchased The Beatles Catalog in their mind (mainstream/white media) he crossed the line. Hence is when many conspired to get him. This isn`t paranoia, it`s fact. Everything started to unfold after his enormous purchase. I challenge anyone to do the research. The false allegations and all are were nothing more than a plan on a larger scale; a very DIABOLICAL plan I might add. As long as Michael was just a song/dance man it was all good. He was their man, but once he decided to make business deals that would make Donald Trump, Bill Gates and the likes blush he no longer knew his place in their eyes.

    In other words, ****** who do you think you are to dare purchase such a lucrative catalog? Logical and rational minded people can see through this scheme of theirs. It`s nothing more than political to try and take away Michael`s enormous power. This has always been a plan of theirs (white folk) to try and destroy any BLACK luminary who they felt were/had over stepped their boundaries. However, by the grace of God Michael will beat the plan.

    Ciara may have made strides and have accomplishments but you can`t compare her or ANY artist to Michael.. He`s the only BLACK billionaire artist ever and it goes without saying the most powerful…

    “They Don`t Care About Us” by MJ

    Skin head, dead head
    Everybody`s gone bad
    Trepidation, Speculation
    Everybody allegation
    In a suit, on the news
    Everybody dog food
    Black man, blackmail
    Throw a brother in jail

    All I wanna say is that
    They don`t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don`t really care about us

  23. Repeat Micheal Jackson nor Beyonce had reach superstar status in their first 7 year in the industry. Ciara will also be a BILLIONAIRE but she want change the color of her skin and deny her true roots. All that you mention is what Mike had,he allow the media to dethrone him on his last interview on 20/20. In the words of CHILL DUMB, DUMB,DUMB, MICHEAL had his time and refuse to interacted on any black awardshow,he was the best. The time is here and now the GOODIES QUEEN is the present and future day of this era. C-era is the one who has replace him and his baby sister. CIARA IS COLD BLOODED ON STAGE, NOBODY IN HISTORY HAS GIVEN THE ENERGY SHE POSSES. True greatest comes along every 20 years or so,then she will be replaced,until it CIARA’S TIME

  24. I think once you are 30 and older, no one wants to hear about you and your shoes! Nelly needs stay out of the clubs. It is time for him to bring meaning to his music, not just the summer’s latest song.

    As far as Ciara, she is a very talented Sista, but by no means is she an ICON. To compare her and even Beyonce for that matter to Michael and Janet is Blasphamy. Ciara owes her career to Janet, not to mention Aaliyah as well. Janet is the standard that Ciara lives up to. It was mentioned all the different ventures that Ciara has, but Janet has been successful in music and acting only. She does not have clothing lines, makeup lines, hair care products or anything else. She has always allowed her talent to speak for itself.

  25. @Torya
    If Ciara owes her career to anybody its Michael!!! Have you ever seen Janet or Liyah pop lock or moonwalk??? MICHAEL is the so-called “standard” Ciara lives up to!!! You can easily compare Ciara to beyonce!!! Hell Ciara is only bout 4 yrs from her!!!

    @ Smooth Criminal
    I think that other person didnt try to say Ciara is better than Michael. I think they was tryna say shes ON HER WAY to becoming an ICON!!! We all know Michale is the KING!!!

    As far as the song goes its okay but I LOVE Ciaras part!!!

    And DEAD at “bajan” monkey a$s!!! Ciara wrote “And I”, “My Love”, “Like A Boy”, the theme song to The Proud Family(got paid serious money at 15 for that), “Got Me Waiting”(Fantasia), co-wrote and co-produced Tiffany Evans cd, co-wrote every song she recorded, and a plethora of other songs!!! Git Wit It, Or Get Lost!!!

  26. And as for everybody trippin on Nelly, he might be mainstream but I rather him talk about shoes than talk about fighting, shooting, and gang banging!!! Under all this mainstream stuff he do he actually got some deep songs!!! Like “Over and Over”, “N Dey Say”, and “Nobody Told Me”!!!

  27. thank you all for holding ciara down like this (speaking to the fans)
    CIARA is definately the real deal and i could spend all day explaining why!
    ppl dont get why ciara fans are so faithful until u become a fan yourself.
    shes definately on her way. i see her as completely original even though she is infuenced by the jacksons that doesnt mean she wants to be them…even michael is influenced by someone.
    she is definately no ones puppet and takes her music in her own hands and craft them. she wants to be a part of everything she does because she is a true artist. she doesnt just take whats handed to her like these other ‘stars’.
    shes a performer, singer and dancer….the ultimate performer just like michael…and she deserves respect for that…not to mention writer and producer too

  28. Plz. Everything ciara does Janet did it already. From the clothing, hair styles, make up, n more. Yes Janet pop locked during her performace of throb n other songs. So if u gon talk shit know wat u talkin b4 u do.

  29. @sean2008
    Ok now didnt Michael do all that you just mentioned Janet did before Janet??? How can Ciara copy Janet when Janet is also a female version of Michael??? From pop locking to clothing and more!!! And dont worry, I know wat the f*ck im talkin bout!!!

  30. HOW OLD is Nelly???

    STOP wearing these kiddie styles for goodness sakes!

  31. nelly made “Stepped On My Js” because MJ released 1000 pairs of his Air Jordans for Nelly’s charity ..4sho4kids..

    Nelly is 34 actually..
    Nelly only has 2 kids not 3..actually he has 4 because he has custody of his sister’s 2…

    Nelly also has mature songs but no one hears them because they are never released as singles…

    In My Live
    Die For You
    Over and Over
    Fly Away
    Another One
    Midwest Hustla

    Everything isn’t always as the media portrays it. .. In STL nelly runs a health fair through his charities..and he owns a development company and a restaurant ..he also does other things including promoting the city…and he buys things for schools and supports food pantries.. same with JD, Ludicris and others.. just because you don’t hear about it in mainstream doesn’t mean they don’t do it.. The southern rappers where first moving material and wealth when Katrina happened…through David Banner… not the government .. and all you so where the white actors who went on TV ….research them .. and you will find that they do more.. than you realise.. they are never given credit for it… and they ae all business minded .. folks just don’t know…

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