Ciara Not Giving Up On New Album

If you thought Ciara and her record label were giving up on the singer’s “Basic Instinct” album, you can think again. Despite poor sales, it appears Def Jam thinks the CD still has legs and plans to release the Usher assisted track, “Turn it Up,” to radio on March 8th.

Since its release on December 14th, “Instinct” has sold less than 100,000 copies and presently sits at #123 on Billboard’s Hot 200 albums chart. Despite these dire numbers, a tour in support of the project is on the horizon for spring 2011. Ciara has been tweeting about rehearsals and said in a recent interview that she hoped to be the type of artist who could tour and make money despite chart position or record sales.


  1. I knew she was going to pick that as her new single. It’s a good song, but honestly it’s the only one on her album that’s mainstream enough to make it onto pop radio.

  2. When did Ciara sign to Def Jam? What happened to Jive?
    Where the hell have I been?

  3. I’m am so proud of Ciara and I’m happy to be a proud stan for this remarkable woman. Haters always stay #MAD but if you are HUMBLE and RESILENT your will remain RELEVANT. Despite low album sales she’s making a good move. I can’t wait to see her on tour again.:)Turn It Up will be SMASH. Hopefully Jive will get thier shit together and be there for Ciara. I wonder how she’s feeling these days. Anyway I’m hoping for the best and we’ll see what happens. Love u Ciara Princess Harris. :):)

  4. Good to see Cici still riding it out. Honestly this album is not bad, I actually like it, much better then Fantasy Ride.

  5. What good is a tour with no fans??? Don’t you need fans in order to fill the seats at a tour? Oh well keep trying until you disappear.

  6. @ XEDOS and @GOODNESS

    Fools! If you think Ciara is giving you the satisfaction that she is a failure you’re BOTH wrong. You have negative remarks about her but you still yet to click on a post about her. Both of you BYE ——->

  7. @ ClUELESS

    Sis, bad management and last minute promotion caused her to get sidetracked. But it’s gonna be okay Ciara is working very hard to get things straight. After all she’s not giving up on this project because it just came out so CiCi will be fine. 🙂

  8. Don’t ever give up…Ciara’s living the good life, no matter how well she charts…young, beautiful, talented, articulate with a solid brand…life is good…God is good!

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