Ciara Pans ‘Basic Instinct,’ Readies World Tour

Ciara at 106 & Park, April 22, 2013. (photo: John Ricard / BET)

During a recent interview with the BBC to promote her new self-titled album ‘Ciara,’ the pop diva found herself discussing her previous venture, 2010’s ill-fated release ‘Basic Instinct.’

According to CiCi, she had little control over what songs appeared on the album and found herself having to fork over her own money to shoot a video for ‘Gimme Dat,’ the project’s lead single.

“I was forced to release an album I knew wasn’t set up to succeed,” Ciara said. “Timing is everything and I learned from that time period. You have to learn what not to do when you have experiences like that.”

Ciara also alluded to being coerced by her label into recording songs she didn’t feel comfortable with. “I won’t say what song it was, but there was a time in my career when I was kind of forced to do a song that I didn’t want to do. Till this day I remember those times and I am thankful now that I am with a label that allows me to put forth my own voice.”

Ciara credits her new label, Epic Records, with her new outlook on music, saying “L.A. (Epic President) believed in me and in return he made me believe in myself. I’m excited again.”

CiCi plans to take her excitement on the road, saying she is working on mounting a world tour and plans to totally switch things up for her fans. “Expect the unexpected. We are making sure this tour is something fans will never forget. Excited isn’t the word. It’s going to be crazy.”


  1. OMG! cant wait. Please come south. I heard she performed in Virginia for 30,000 fans and the show was amazing.

    I actually loved Basic Instinct as much as I do Ciara’s latest CD

  2. The most beautiful talented lovely lady in entertainment today. Love her.

  3. The most beautiful talented lovely lady in entertainment today. Love her.

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