Ciara Performs In Las Vegas

And the “At Least I Still Have My Looks” award of 2011 clearly goes to Ciara. The singer’s career may not be killing the charts right now, but her body is definitely killing the competition. One look at Ciara’s thighs and I would say she is an eye popping size 0. She is definitely running neck and neck with Rihanna in the best body department.

Ciara showed off all that body last night while performing at the Chateau Nightclub & Gardens in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 25 year old singer reportedly started her show at around 2am and performed a medley of hits that included ‘1,2 Step,’ ‘Goodies,’ ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Superbad.’

Will upload video of the performance when it becomes available.


  1. Yea Ciara has the ideal women’s body, best one in the business for me…

    But are legs are a LITTLE muscular but that’s still aight lol.

  2. love the jacket! What makes Ciara’s body so great I think is the fact that she works with what she has, and makes sure that she has as little body fat as possible. And I swear *every* time I see a pic of Ciara, I always get the urge to go for a run. She just looks so healthy and toned.

    Sista mentioned Rihanna and I think it’s the same thing too. Like Rihanna is thicker than most other pop starlets but she doesnt care, she just dresses accordingly and with confidence. (if you ever read the comments about her on mainstream yt blogs, people are always talking about her thunder thighs and big butt, but on black blogs, its always ‘omg she has no a*s’ haha)

  3. She looks beautiful in these pics..stop hatin on slim & sexy black women..Basketball playaS be after this chic I heard..

  4. Her body is sick! Not a fan of her music bit, I give credit when its due.

  5. I envy her abs but I just hate the hair…Ciara is always trying to look like the other girls (too much weave) when she should be standing out.

  6. Cici’s lookin’ good,but it’s time for her to get her music game right.She has too much potential to be floating.

  7. re: Muscles and legs don’t sell albums.
    Ciara is a beautiful brown skin girl who has went platinum so she must have sold something..


    Ciara by now has SOLD over 10 million albums plus 19 million records. Three #1’S, 11 top ten r&b hits. Ciara is on her grind. Three years she’s been getting flack because of the poor management from her label. Ciars is fine. She’s NOT bothered by #PRESSED Lessors who have #NOTHING to do but hate. It’s okay. Album #5 is gonna change all that. 😉

  9. If I had a bod like Ciara, I would walk around naked all the time. Just kidding but she has nothing to be ashamed of her body is RIGHT!

  10. Yea Ciara has the ideal women’s body, best one in the business for me…

    But are legs are a LITTLE muscular but that’s still aight lol.

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