Ciara Performs On Ellen & Jimmy Kimmel

Ciara Dance diva Ciara is not letting her #3 debut on the album charts stop her from promoting her new Fantasy Ride CD. The singer gave two amazing performances yesterday, one on the Ellen Show and another as the featured performer for Jimmy Kimmel’s Live Outdoor Concert Series. For her performance on Ellen Ciara donned a afro wig, sparkly black leotard and thigh high boots. The singer gave a performance that was part Super C, part tribute to James Brown and all sexy. Not particularly known for her vocal ability, Ciara gets major points for singing live and yet still attempting to give her fans the amazing dance moves they have come to expect from her.

Both performances can be seen by clicking the links below. Because of ASCAP restrictions Brown Sista no longer posts videos on this site. The links below however are direct and will take you straight to the performances listed.

The Ellen Show-> Love Sex Magic Performance (You Tube)

Jimmy Kimmel Live-> Love Sex Magic Performance (You Tube)


  1. The Ellen performance with the afro was just like the video. Loved it :koolaid:

  2. She is the most energetic and flawless entertainer, all of her moves just flow…………

  3. She is doing well for herself and I happy she is continuing on with what she wants to do. I personally like Ciara and her new direction. I don’t think she was the first to get sexy and surly won’t be the last. There is nothing wrong with embracing your woman hood which is what she seems to be doing lately. She may not have a powerhouse voice like some other artist, but that is what makes her Ciara. I love strong singers like Chrisette, Jill, Patti, and Anita to name a few. I also like fun music like Janet, Aaliyah, and Ciara. Actually I like all genres of music, LOL! I wish them all positivity and longevity in their careers. :brownsista:

  4. Say what ya want about her singing, the girl can dance her (_y_) off :bowdown:

  5. YO!!!! Ciara killed it. She’s a great performer. People been raggin’ on her voice, but I tell you one thing– she captivates people while on stage. I’d pay to go see her in concert. Great job Cici.


  7. her moves are very clean and effortless,she must never ever give up.

  8. i wasnt feeling it that much this time, but it may have just been me, i dont like her singing and dancing, honestly the performance would be ALOT better if she was just dancing to a back up track and pretend to sing. its sad because i bet one of her back up dancers probably sounds better than she does live but someone with that talent may never be discovered as a singer…

  9. @Mario, how many times are you going to show your disdain for Ciara?! I mean we get it, you don’t like her. I bet if you continue to post under ciara related posts that you will slowly find yourself becoming a fan. I mean you keep saying she can’t sing, but yet you watch her performances over and over. I’m just saying…..

  10. LaLa i find it funny when people like you point me out when i say something about her that i dont like but as soon as i post something positive about her people like you have nothing to say, i have said things that ive liked about her before, of course im not going to like everything ciara does because im not that big of a fan but do i think shes a bad entertainer? no, do i think she needs alot of work? yes, but i still like her every now and then i could see if i was sitting here talking about how “she cant dance or perform and shes to skinny blah blah blah” do you hear me saying that? no because i give her credit for things shes best at, dancing so dont come at me with that bull go back to the last post of ciara performing and you will see i left positive comments

  11. Seeing all this performances make me MAD AS HELL at ciara and her management, FOR REAL? She should have done all that a while BEFORE the album released,she’s been having the best performances i’ve seen in the while :hifive: she should put some clothes on, putting itout like that for all them people to see, But i can’ t deny i love the dancing, it’s however too late imo,she could have done those earlier :thumbsdown:

  12. to add, you say i said she cant sing but yet i watch her performances over and over, last post about ciara performing i actually admit that her live vocals have improved, go back and read sweetie so you are wrong, secondly i watch her performances because ive never once said she cant dance, isnt that apart of the performance? in fact thats the only thing that carry her performances which is enough reason for me to watch it :loser:

  13. @voice i agree i was thinking, why is she doing all this performing after the album has dropped? i mean better late than ever but all this should have been happening a week or two before the album dropped we know performances boss album sales

  14. @ Mario, Okay darling I hear you loud and clear! :hifive:

  15. Shes great on stage. I like Ciara because as much as people hate on her (ever since she came out really ) she keeps it moving and works hard for her fans. :thumbsup:

  16. Ciara was awesome! :bowdown: :bowdown: I cant wait to see her on tour!

  17. Umm doesn’t it make sense to ‘continue’ to support an album even AFTER it’s come out? LOL. I thought she looked amazing. Love the song; but still love the video even better.


  18. @kanyade no i believe its good to still perform the songs after the album im just saying that i think she should have done more performances before the album droped not more after it was out to promot it thats all

  19. maybe she can pull a rhianna and keep the album on the charts.


  21. Her vocals on Ellen’s show were terrible, and Im not just saying that to mean! This performance was much better…Ciara can perform her a$$ OFF, but vocally she has A LOT of work to do. ANYWHO she did a really good job on The Jimmy Kimmel show

  22. Ciara is doing great! and i’m soooo proud of her!
    with all the negativity and hate she gets for no reason she’s still on her grind and WORKS! for her fans and i love it. and her album is stellar, too bad most consumers actually listen to what blogs have to say without checking out the album for themselves.
    this girl is one of the most talented in the biz and i hope she continues to do HER.

  23. Ciara can not sing! What performing?! I never thought I would say this but I’m with you on this one Mario… :hifive: If she didn’t have backup dancers she would be garbage!!! :thumbsdown:

  24. I think people get her packaging mixed up with talent. She can kinda dance but she’s doesn’t perform any highly techical dance moves to me…don’t let the smooth taste fool ya! Ok I’m telling my age… 😆

  25. @Nicole
    so what would you call a Britney Spears or Rihanna then? Or do you also believe they have no talent in performance?
    Ciara is a dancing performer like Janet so dont expect Whitney vocals from her. i dont think janet ever even sang live in her day.

  26. :iagree: w/ Nicole, w/o back up dancers Ciara wld not b as good as she is! But I wont hate…the girl got BIG dance moves :bowdown:

  27. @ nala Britney is not even worth discussing and Rihanna IMHO is more palatable than most of these broads that are package deals. They look good, can keep an 8 count when it comes to dancing but none of them are some innovative, mind-blowing talent. And I don’t blame you guys for falling for the mainstream artist the way you do…it’s the sign of the times and the nature of the beast (the music business). And as far as comparing Ciara to Janet…it’s a no go sista, come again. Not to mention, just the fact that Janet is the gauge for all of these wannabes, makes me convinced that they are reaching for something that they aren’t innately disposed to but it’s not their fault. Janet was and always will be an innovator and the rest imitators. So, I’m not comparing vocals when it comes to any of these chicks because none of them have those kind of vocals but as entertainers, the things they are doing have soooooooooooo been done before and better. Now, if you can concretely post some minutes and seconds of Ciara’s video that’s comparatively good or better than any predecessor (Janet and the like), please by all means, help me see what you see…

    @ Virgo please show me the money…what bigger dance moves? A split or two, plus a little grinding? Please…

    And as for anyone who’s quick to holla haters…I understand the drone life when you only listen to the radio and watch videos but the music/entertainement world is so much bigger than what these radio stations, videos channels and blogs bring to you. And when you challenge people who have seen bigger and better than mainstream and aren’t willing to sell out because they want better than what is actually being thrown to them, you have to trust and believe, we are willing to eat the term “hater” for breakfast, lunch and dinner because I know better. “Amos and Andy” was entertainment for a minute and had the masses co-signing that tomfoolery as entertainment…and you thought the minstrels were over. Minstrels are in full affect in 2009…


  28. :lol2: :hifive: @ NICOLE! But You gotta admit Ciara does have some hot dance moves, Im not a fan of Cici’s anymore, so by any means IM NOT A FAN but I can give credit when its due. Ciara can definitely dance that a$$ off! She can’t come for Janet or JLO :noway: but the girl can move like no one’s buisness! That doesnt make me any less of a music lover b/c I love everything beyond and under the mainstream music and or artists. Ciara lacks vocal talent and thats what she doesnt have. I like dance moves but Ill pick someone that can sing like hell over a person with just hot dance moves.

  29. Nicole:what is in your ipod? What is real music to you?

  30. Algebra Blessett
    Alicia Keys
    Alison Crockett
    Amel Larrieux
    Amy Winehouse
    Angie Stone
    Anthony David
    Anthony Hamilton
    Black Eye Peas
    Bob Marley
    Brand New Heavies
    Camp Lo
    Chrisette Michele
    Conya Doss
    Corrinne Bailey Rae
    Dionne Farris
    DWELE :thumbsup:
    Emily King
    Eric Roberson
    Faith Evans
    Foreign Exchange
    Frank Mccomb
    Fuzz band
    Glenn Lewis
    Gnarls Barkley
    Heather Headley
    India Arie
    Jazmine Sullivan
    Jill Scott
    Lalah Hathaway
    John Legend
    John Mayer
    Joss Stone
    Lauryn Hill
    Leela James
    Lizz Wright
    Martin Luther
    Monica Blaire
    N’Dea Davenport
    Peter Hadar
    PJ Morton
    Raheem Devaughn
    Raphael Saadiq
    Stephen Simmonds
    Strange Fruit Project
    Vikter Duplaix

    Some you might know, probably many you don’t…and that’s not the half of it. Plenty of “brown sistas” in the mix actively doing their thing and could give any of the hot girls today a run for their money talent (singing) wise but I guess nobody’s interested in those sistas… :thumbsdown:

  31. we all have a opinion obviously ciara doing something right peoples still supporting her inspite of the negative energy. the girl has real potential a great dancer the best out. i like her voice its smooth every artists doesn’t has to have a powerful voice or hollerring to be a sucessful artist. she very humble and intellegent.

  32. @ nicole what know beyonce come own now my other girl is #1 now bey has a strong voice. put my girls bey and ciara in your list LOL.

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