Future Calls Ciara a Bitch, Says He Must Go Through Lawyers to Visit His Son

FUTURE CALLS CIARA A BITCH SAYS SHE HAS CONTROL PROBLEMS AND THAT HE HAS TO GO THROUGH LAWYERS TO SEE HIS SONWhile Ciara appears to be prepping for the second leg of her North American Jackie Tour, her ex, rapper Future, appears to be prepping to take the singer to task on his next record.

Future took to Twitter just moments ago to lash out at Ciara, claiming his one-time fiancée is being paid $15,000 a month in child support, yet he has to go through lawyers to see his son. Future also called Ciara a “bitch” and says she has “control problems.”

Ciara has yet to respond to Future’s hateful tweets, but given their past interaction, it’s only a matter of time before she takes to Twitter or Instagram to issue her own statement.

Celebs airing their dirty laundry online to gain fans and followers has become common place these days. Few seem to realize how foolish they look or how personal squabbles made public rarely add to a celebs brand in any meaningful way.

I also can’t help but note how none of this surprises me? Didn’t Ciara know Future was a loser? He has multiple children by multiple women, and has married none of them. He had a child just a year before he got with Ciara. Most of all, his music. His music is filthy. No decent man worth laying with would say half the things this man raps about.

The signs were there, Ciara just ignored them. And I’m not making excuses for Future’s behavior. He’s a loser, but he didn’t lie about being a loser. We all saw it. Ever woman and man with an ounce of common sense knew this guy was trash.

The saga continues…



  1. SPOT. ON. I agree with every single word!
    I don’t comment a lot but I visit your site almost on a daily basis, because I really appreciate your writing style and your honesty even when I don’t agree with you.
    All the best and Happy New Year!

  2. I have actually been trying to keep my comments to myself, but every time Future goes off on Ciara all I can think is ‘didn’t she see this coming?’ I hate to stereotype rappers, but many of them are like 15-year old boys in the locker room. They love to brag and tell all their business. I didn’t think they’d have a nasty break-up, but I did believe after they broke up he’d probably rap about sexing her and all the things she did to him. Rappers are just childish like that and most have little to no respect for women. Future’s own music proves that. Ciara made a bad choice in men. That doesn’t mean she deserves to be degraded publicly, it just means that this is what comes with dealing with a thug. Thugs aren’t good for anything. Not for a quick roll in the hay and damn sure not for making babies. If Future was a good father, he’d never call his son’s mother a bitch openly. That’s something he would keep to himself. His hatred of Future’s mother will have serious consequences on the child when he grows up. It is all a shame really.

  3. The comments are spot on and I love Ciara with all my heart but she knew what kind of person he was. It’s going to be alright because this she will continue to stay classy and keep moving forward. I disagreed with her being with him from the jump but what has happen doesn’t make me look down on her because we make mistakes as humans but we can always move forward and learn from them. Future is a fool but his actions will catch up with him sooner or later.

  4. She was his fourth baby mama..she know what she was getting herself into…no need to disrespect the mother of his son. However, Future need to get new attorneys because $15,000 a month you did not establish visitation rights? Really? I think Future is mad because the sister not only move on but she moved on to a man that signed an $86million dollar contract..he would have to rap for the next 20 years to make that kind of money!! I salute Ciara for moving on many women stay in these situations.

  5. Didn’t we all bet on this happening?…..and got called haters?

  6. Everyone saw this coming exept for Ciara. She’ll be okay though. Hopefully she’s over her thug phase and will continue to date quality men of character like Russell. I wish them and Baby Future nothing but happiness.

  7. I’m glad this little boy has Russell and Ciara’s father in his life. Hopefully they’ll be able to counteract the buffoonery he hears and sees when with his club hopping daddy.

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