Ciara Remixes “Diva”

Ciara R n’ B diva Ciara is back again with another remix of another singer’s song. If you all remember, Ciara put her unique spin on Janet Jackson’s Feedback single earlier this year- and now she has done the same to Diva- Beyonce’s latest single to be released from her I Am Sasha Fierce album. The Diva remix will supposedly be featured on Ciara’s Fantasy Ride Mixtape. As you all well know by now, the release of Ciara’s own CD has been pushed back numerous times and as of right now is tentatively scheduled for a Spring release, with no official date actually being given. This is of course forcing CiCi to find new ways to keep her name out there and a mixtape with a remix of a hot new single by another artist is just one way to do that.

Diva is already climbing the charts and I personally purchased the single twice on Christmas day for my daughter (Rhapsody) and her friend (Itunes), who both got MP3 players for Christmas. I wasn’t feeling Diva much when I first heard it but R n’ B radio is eating it up and something tells me digital sales will be brisk as well. High sales and airplay equal another hit for Beyonce and Ciara is smart to latch on to that in some way or another.

Click here to listen to the remix if you haven’t already heard it.


  1. I don’t feel sorry for Beyonce. Besides, Ciara sounds better. Taste of her own bitter medicine.

    I LOST ALL RESPECT FOR BEYONCE for the way she always say “I wrote” instead of “I collaborated” making it seems that she is the originator and only person who work on a song taking away from the hard work of so many artists. Her name is on many of the songs when all she contributes are small additions, ohs and ahs. She only acknowlege the artist after she is busted.

    1. Irreplaceable – by Ne-Yo
    2. Once In A Lifetime – 2008 movie Cadillac Records- by Scott McFarnon (Golden Globe nomination, she did not add enough – only three writers can be nominated).
    3. Listen – 2006 movie Dreamgirls – (Golden Globe nomination, she only did vocals -only three writers can be nominated).
    4. If I Were A Boy – BC Jean
    5. Halo – was written for Leona Lewis
    6. Smash Into You – Tricky Stewart and The-Dream (Smack Into You changed to “Smash Into You” that’s the part Beyonce wrote in order to receive that coveted writing credit).
    7. Crazy in Love – by Eugene Record of the Chi-Lites (1969)
    8. Independent WomanPt. 1” – authored by Samuel J. Barnes and Jean Claude Olivier, tweaked by producer Cory Rooney
    9. Say My Name – written by Rodney Jerkins, his brother Freddie and Rodney’s writing partner LeShawn Daniels
    10. Bills Bills Bills was written by singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss and producer Kevin Briggs.

    Source: Vanity Fair Sept./Oct. 2005, various interviews and concerts where Beyonce make these
    claims. This is sad.

    What has made me totally dislike Beyonce is the way she talked smack about Janet Jackson and
    Aretha Franklin. Then the way she handle the situation with Jennifer Hudson’s family lost. She
    could even reach out for so many days to a person she not so long ago acted with to give her
    condolances. Ciara is next on the list. This is sad. She is a fraud.

  2. Ciara & Beyonce performs @ The House Of Blues On December 30, 2008 .In Las Vegas. Please Post Photo . Ciara Killed Diva Remix, Straight Fiyah. IKept Waiting For Ciara To Emerge In The DivaVideo That Would Have Been Crazy. Happy New Years Everyone, Also, Ciara Is One Of THe Writer On Beyonce Album, And On Jamie Foxx And Chante Moore

  3. Still not to keen on the song but Ciara makes it sound loads better, it fits her vocals better.

  4. i totally agree with u IZZIYES even when i hear halo i imagine leona singing it not beyonce the only song beyonce ever wrote was bootylicious and you can tell from the lyrics that she wrote it.

  5. Whoa IZZIYES. I hear ya. I can’t be mad at the truth. Beyonce is a great performer, but the lying is NOT cool. Lying about writing a song, takes credit away from the hard work songwriters put into each song, and changing one word doesn’t count. She can add her name to a writing credit after writing a hook or at least 4 bars. Anything other than that is pushing it. I dunno if I like Ciara’s version of Diva better. I’m used to hearing Beyonce sing it. I just hope Ciara has a good album sales. I’m ready to hear someone else’s voice on the radio now.

  6. I listened to it a few more times and I actually like Ciara’s version.

    If Bey wasn’t so hard up for recognition all the time I think I could actually enjoy her music.

    But like it’s been stated, all the lying, backstabbing & shots & the jacksons shows her true side…and its neither cute or fierce.

  7. ciaras is ok its not better than beyonce in my opinion…also i know that its just a song and just a mixtape but ciara doesnt have any bragging rights to say she is a diva…. also there is alot over the internet about how ciara is trying to “come for” beyonce…i dont see that its more of her giving props to bey and saying how she is a diva as well…again it sounds pretty good but i would go as far to say it sounds better than bey… :lol2: at yall that says she sounds better yall must REALLY not like beyonce in here…

    oh yeah and if you “co-wrote” something that means you “wrote” it which means you are allowed to say you wrote the track…if ne-yo wrote irreplaceable doesnt that mean he “co-wrote” it as well since beyonce “wrote” some words of the song…it but people still say ne-yo “wrote” it… it goes both ways…get over it

  8. :thumbsdown: umm not really feelin’ it, sounds like a 12 year old wrote it

  9. beyonce is played out to me im sick of her music the lyrics and the way she acts :thumbsdown:

  10. i agree with a lot of you, a few years ago i mentioned that i thought beyonce’ was over exposed and that some of the stuff i heard wasn’t cool (dc drama and song snatching). people called me a hater and everything but a child of god. i like beyonce’, but everything can’t be mathew’s fault. and please don’t forget the stunt she pulled with desiree(?).

  11. I love the Beyonce Diva. Ciara, not so much. You see, Ciara CAN NOT SING. I am over the whispering artists like Ciara and dare I say Janet Jackson who cannot sing, but whisper/talk sing.

  12. I love the version by Ciara because that is more her style. I really hold beyonce up in a different category than just doing booty shaking songs. I see her as someone like Celine Deon, Whitney Houston, and the other songstresses. And she is getting older so she needs to start doing songs that show her growth in life and experiences or even things she has heard about life will do. Needless to say, I enjoyed listening to Ciara’s version.

  13. Although I never cared for this song……I will say that Ciara was WAY better. :bowdown: The song suits her best. Beyonce is killing me with this cocky/wholesome image. PLEASE?! Just not really feeling Beyonce nowadays. My opinion though……I guess the delusional and dumb stans will attack my comment. Moving to a new post..

  14. haha didnt ciara say her first single is coming out in like jan? what happened to go girl? lol enough said ill let yall carry on with the excuses of why that wasnt considered the”first single”

  15. You people are hilarious! Do you all have jobs to be so concerned and mad at someone in the music industry! People in the music industry have been doing this for years! GO educate yourself before making comments!!

  16. Actually from what I heard this song was originally written and produced for Ciara. The “Diva” remix fits Ciara better, but overall this song is bad.

  17. Well, what goes around comes around. Based on what you are all saying, Beyonce has some repenting to do. :thumbsdown:

  18. 😆 @ these comments!!!

    Ya’ll want to blame Beyonce for changing a few lyrics, vocal arrangements, or melodies and getting publishing credit? It’s the way of the music business! Don’t be mad at her because she’s a smart businesswoman! :brownsista:

    I am totally not feeling Ciara’s version at all! Her lyrics are corny and her thin airy voice is no match when compared to the original. :thumbsdown:

    Originally, I didn’t like Diva, but as I continued to see the hate for Bey on various blogs(the reason I became a stan), I began to like it!

    ??Stop the track let me state facts.
    I told you to give me a minute and I’ll be right back
    Sold a million round the world and they said I couldn’t get it
    I done got so sick and filthy with benjis I can’t spend
    How you gone be talking sh!t?
    You act like i just got up in it
    Been the number one diva in this game for a minute.
    I know you read the paper the one that they call the queen
    Every radio ’round the world know me cause that’s where I be. ??

  19. People in the music industry have been using other people’s materials for years. The exception with Beyonce is she is credited as writer most of the time. Wasn’t that the same problem with Des’ree’s song? Des’ree was credited as “co-writer” and she got mad. But then again, I’m not surprised, Beyonce is even received writing credits on “Silent Night” so it’s all about getting royalty money for her and her camp. If she is listed as a writer then she would make more money. Celine Dion doesn’t write any of her songs even if she puts her personal touch on them and she has never claimed to have been a song writer ever. Just a thought.

  20. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Beyonce continues to have haters circle like flies! Loves it! I’m sure Beyonce appreciates the free publicity from Ciara! It’s flattering!

    Diva is doing it’s thing on the charts! It has debut on Billboard Hot 100! It’s been a Billboard Hot R&B for the past few weeks! This will definitely be another #1 on Billboard Hot R&B!

    😆 at the haters who don’t understand how the ASCAP. If you don’t know you should ask someone or better yet google.

    :stop: IZZY, you are too deep into Beyonce! Get a life or some real friends!

  21. Ok, I honestly didn’t like Beyonce’s version of “Diva” in the beginning, but it has grown on me. Ciara sounded ok doin the mixtape version of the song. However, I am not really a mixtape version, but I have followed a few like Lil Wayne b/c I think everyone knows that he is notorious for the mixtapes. I own a few of his mixtapes& ALL the songs on the mixtapes are NEW songs . Which brings me to ask the question, aren’t mixtapes supposed to be songs that no one has heard? You know that one song that you hear by a artist & you like & you go thru all of their official albums & you can’t find it. So can someone clarify that for me?

    On to CiCi… **sighs** once again no it is NOT uncommon for artist to use the materials of others. We all know that Bey has done so herself, but once again I think that aloy of this material “borrowing” depends on timing. Right now it really looks like Ciara is reaching. 1st she comes w/ the superhero alter ego & now she just goes right on the limb & mixes one of the songs. I believe that CiCi feels the pressure of what may really lie ahead of her in 09′ when it comes to her music & she is tryin to stay revelant. Like I said YES ppl do this kinda stuff, but it is all about the timing…

  22. How can you claim “Silent Night”. :bag:

    As for this “Diva” song, I don’t like Beyonce’s version and I don’t like Ciara’s. :thumbsdown: on both fronts. 🙁

  23. lmao…for all you HATERSA saying Bey hasnt wrote ANY songs?? PULEASE that makes no sense…irreplaceble, halo, smash into you, and If I were a boy she has taken no credit for, if you check the CD credits out her name is no where near “If I were a boy” nor is it by “Halo” she sang it ang probably put some of her touches on it. which would make her a CO-WRITER Bey sings better then almost any rnb chick in the game EXCEPT for Mariah. CiCi is DESPRATE for sales is why she TRIED to pull a fast one. And then she comes out with HER alter ego”SUPER CI” cooome ooon That is the WHACKEST sh!t I EVER heard. BEY KILLED “Diva” Ciara cant even sing the hook right sounds too low and over thought. Ciara is NO diva she’s a DIVO man face ass!!!! LLS

  24. Beyonce sang that song waaaaay better. Ciara does not have the swagg to get on this track. Nice try though! What happened to “GO GIRL” I bet you if Bey would have sang it she would have ripped it and it would be #1 on the charts. Ciara is about to pull an “ASHANTI” sorry your dancing will not save her this time.

  25. @IZZIYES
    yo….what do you mean she talked smack about aretha franklin and janet jackson? what did she say? :loser:

    maybe it’s just me but mixtapes are lame. rnb mixtapes are even lamer. i remember when amerie did that and i thought it was silly. i didn’t know rnb artists made mixtapes but hey, whatever. industry is what industry is……whatever happened to just putting out a song and a video and not having it attached to an album. lol.
    :hifive: i’m playing though.
    hope all is well with ciara. 🙄

  26. @ KEEP IT REAL :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


  28. Lmbo @ someone who said Ciara doesn’t have the swag to pull this song off. I won’t even address that person because obviously they are stuck on stupid. My granny and my friend (who is 41 by the way) say ciara’s version is better because the song sounds more complete. MY GRANNY!?! Well anywho. ….

    Ciara is doing this for promotion and i’m not mad at her. Trey Songz did this to alot of songs (i.e. buss my windows, swagga like songz, love lockdown w/ jin) and nobody said anything.

    I saw and heard for myself Beyonce said out her own mouth in japan she wrote irreplaceable. I knew she was lying because number one that song required a little intelligence and number two it’s been known men write these women anthems. My granny told me if a person would lie about one thing then they would lie about everything so therefore Beyonce will always be suspect.

    BTW………uuuuuhhhh didn’t lil wayne did this FIRST???????? So beyonce did a remix. Me personally would love to hear some rnb mixtape instead of this commercialized stuff. Amerie already did it……..didn’t do so well but ain’t mad at her attempt. Ciara will get there. As far as beyonce…………..(sigh)……….sad……………just sad.


  30. I really don’t like this song period. I hear there is supposed to be some kind of Beef between the two. I dunno. But I guess Bey is getting a taste of her own medicine. I hope everything works out with Ciara, b/c once some one’s album gets pushed back…….so do they!!!

  31. ^^^^ Beyonce is getting free pomotion while vacationing! Trust me, she loves this! Ci Ci has paid her the biggest compliment!

    :lol2: :lol2: @ folks thinking they’re beefing!

  32. @ NUBIANJ..Hunnie you aint gotta beat around the bush sweetie! I know your comment was towards me…and not only is your GRANNY old and DEAF but she must be as stupid as you if you think CIARA can REMAKE a Bey song and make it sound better?? FOOLISHNESS…Ciara aint rolling in dough like that. she’s had 2 cd’s and thats IT…No REAL endoursments, clothing lines, shoe line, make-up NOTHING that bytch has as much money as ASHANTI’S weak ass. 2ndly if your THAT desprate to get sales by trying to REMAKE “DIVA” then not alone are you whack but you lack REAL talent. I say REMAKE b/c even in the hooks is Ciara’s low manly voice, when ppl do REMIXES they just change the VERSES not the hooks. POINT BLANK “SUPER CI” is SUPER WHACK and has lost SO MANY point from me as well as her fans for trying to be a DIVA which she is ABSOLUTELY not. NOTHING about Ciara gives DIVA so with that said you and granny need to visit a doctor a get those ears checked ASAP!!!! Bey already said NO PASSANGERS ON HER PLANE” That includes “SUPER CI” OR CIARA whoever!!! LLS :booty: :booty:

  33. I agree with MoniChris…I’m done with the whole whisper talk/singing nonsense…we need more Jennifer Hudsons and Jazmin Sullivans…….that being said..Beyonce’s version was much better

  34. I read that the Janet Jackson comment came from the national inquirer. If you believe them then you are one gullible person. And Beyonce never retaliated or said anything about Aretha Franklin. I have all Beyonce albums and the songs that were mentioned her name is not on the credits.

  35. My granny always said, The Truth Hurts More Than A Lie, and What Done In The Dark Shall Come ToLight. Lets These Two Beautiful And Talented Ladies Paved The Way For Others Too Follow. Beyonce started in Houston performing at the age of nine, Ciara started at the age of fourteen in the ATl. They are both truly blessed with the ability to entertain. We are spoiled by great singers before them. Just to name a few of the real diva’s who saaaaaangs from the stomach. Patti Labelle, Rachelle Ferrell, Lisa Fischer, Denise William. Shanice, Mini Ripperton, Angel Winbush, Keke Wyatt . Tamia, Chante Moore, Tonya blount,(who hang with Ms labelle toe to toe) Desiree Coleman Jackson, Cheryl Lynn, Patti Austin,Jennifer Holiday , Heather Headley, Whitney Houston, Stephanie Mills true greatness , look them up on youtube.

  36. Ummm, didn’t Beyonce swagger jack Lil Wayne? Yet some of you are acting like Ciara stole from Beyonce. You can’t be serious. You just lost your own argument.

    IMO, both suck. Lil Wayne did his thang and it should have stayed there. Both come out with this whackness and yall arguing back and forth over who did it best. Please, neither did it best. Both are horrid.

    And by the way, neither are “singing”. They are attempting to rap, emphases on attempting.

  37. My issue with Beyonce is that she has the balls to do EXACTLY what has been done before her and try to pass it off as something that she has done special.

    Just face the fact, what Beyonce is doing is not right. It is not right to be all scatter brained, unfocused, and a straigt up thief. She is dishonest…not wholesome and innocent like she tries to portray. Her actions and contrived demeanor are consumate contradictions. She makes you not like her. I don’t like what she stands for as a professional. I wrote a song just today. I can’t imagine someone taking something away from me that was written from my heart. Beyonce does not respect true artistry. As an artist, that makes me sick.

  38. If beyonce was inspired by a decade, and synthesized many looks to make a unique one of her own, no one would have a problem with her. What we have a problem with is the fact that she looks at other contemporary artists, and copies their looks/style from head to toe, in every detail. Then, goes around bragging that she has original ideas and creates her own concepts.”

    You say that beyonce isn’t a copy-cat, even though she steals head-to-toe looks from other artists.

    You don’t think she’s done anything worthy of criticism, even though after stealing her contemporary’s ideas, she brags about being original.

  39. yall kill me, beyonce has said in interviews

    There is no doubt that Beyonce’s intense striving to make the best of herself is one of the things that has made her popular.” “I don’t play any instrument,” she says. “I have writers that I write with, or I have writers that will send me a full song, and I’ll rearrange it – change the second verse, change the melody, keep a chord that I like, and recreate it. Just depends. I might bring in whoever I think can help the song. When I have just a beat it’s the most fun for me. I’ll get somebody to play whatever I hum for the bassline. So I’m creating a whole track with my voice.”

    beyonce as amitted wat yall saying, so get a life, and as far as once in a lifetime, beyonce neva said she wrote it by herself, she co wrote, get a freaking life

  40. If you listen to the lyrics, Ciara even calls Bey a diva, so I doubt if there’s any beef between the two. She paying Bey a compliment.

    How in the world did Bey swagger jack Lil Wayne? Bangladesh produced both beats, so they are similar, but not the same.

    As I said in the previous post….it’s the same people on every post complaining about Bey and writing essays about why they don’t like her. 🙄 It seems these people know more about her than the stans/fans. I don’t recall any interview with her falsely claiming credit for any song. I would love to see any of the interviews if anyone has a link.

    What head to toe looks has she copied?
    Why would Beyonce take your song away from you?

    Desperate attempts to spread vicious lies and rumors around the web, I tell ya! :lol2: This is exactly why I don’t believe none of this crap I read on blogs. 😆 🙄

  41. :lol2: people still coming in running their mouth about Bey as if they know the truth…i mean i dont know the whole truth but i would think that i knew more because im actually a fan and what are you? :hater:

  42. :iagree: ciara sounded better but the song is garbage!!!!!!!! no one near the age of 30 has any business singing that song wtf !!! :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

  43. Hmmmmm, I like Lil Wayne’s version better. Both of these chicks should have just left well enough alone. Diva is a horrible song.

  44. Ciara I like your music but this remixes suck just like Beyonce own

  45. Lola :iagree: and the comment about lil wayne you are right…and the funny thing is these haters ALWAYS run their mouth before they know ANYTHING if they want to talk smack then they should get information on the song first.

    i know as wel as you that Bangladesh produced both beats and usually people keep things similar through songs if they are producing it….

    dont you know a swiss beatz production when you hear it? some people in here do anything to tear this girl down to bad it aint working.

  46. Exactly, Mario!!! I would swear some of these people knew Beyonce personally!!!! I do not spend large amounts of time blogging/commenting/researching on celebs/artists/anything I am not of fan of!!! :loser:

  47. OMG. So people are JUST supposed to like Beyonce’s version better and if they don’t, they are haters???????????? What happened to “having an opinion”?

  48. I like her version! Actually I prefer Ciara singing it ! I don’t know it’s like Bey is trying too hard!

  49. Whispering Ciara sounds better! :noway: Yeah right, she can’t even rap loud! :lol2: :lol2:

    Anyway, just keep adding the spins for Diva as it climbs up the charts! Great promotion!

  50. @ HowisBeycopyingRihanna, thank you for the post. It confirms what I have always known about Bey, that is she is one hell of a vocalist especially with this comment: I’ll get somebody to play whatever I hum for the bassline. So I’m creating a whole track with my voice.

    People are looking for ways to discredit the girl and it don’t work. 😆 I have seen producers, out of nowhere give props to what Bey do especially with her voice and stuff. In fact, there was one who compared her to Brian McKnight as a vocalist. Said both of them have the gift. They need to give the girl the credit that she deserves. It is what it is.

    @ Lola, you go to whatever site. Here, blackvoices, ConcreteLoop, Toyas-world and you will see the same posters who claim not to like her saying the same thing OVER AND OVER again. It is amazing. I am a Beyonce fan so I will go to her threads as well as to her website. I will not go to anyone who I am not a fan of. It makes sense. Then again, we should ignore all of those posters who talk the things they do. Especially pertaining to Beyonce.

  51. curtis you are right…also if beyonce was such a horrible person to take credit for stuff thats not hers and always copying people then tell me WHY I MEAN REALLY WHY WOULD PEOPLE STILL KEEP TRYING TO WORK WITH HER if she so calls “steal a song” why on earth would someone work with her on a new song if they know she is going to “steal it” oh please :loser: get out there were so many people trying to get their songs and productions to bey with this album because they know it can only help their career

  52. First of all, this post is about Ciara, not Beyonce. Secondly, people can go to any blog they want and comment as they wish. If you don’t want to read people’s comment disagreeing with you then don’t read them but don’t tell people to stop going to blogs and commenting. Anybody who disagrees with Beyonce is a hater according to most of you. I don’t think so. An earlier comment called Ciara “a byatch” and bunch of other names, that’s what I call hating cause that’s towards the person not her work or music. Expressing an opinion doesn’t mean hating.

  53. Its funny because Beyonce has a fansite but it seems like none of her fans visit because they prefer to argue with others about their GOD.

    I really don’t get it, if you want to read all praises for Beyonce go to her fansite instead of wasting time on a gossip blog where people are allowed to give their opinions about pop culture. No one is saying Beyonce is ugly,or anything like that then I could see you people using the word hater….but if folks are giving their opinions then leave it at that. Stop responding to others because they dont agree with you. SMH

  54. It’s only a matter of time for her and her family to be done and over with. They have no end to what they would do and what she would do to make her the icon she isn’t and never will be. The things they are doing to make themselves richer will only be their downfall. It’s ashame what the power of money could make people do. :loser:

  55. All I got to say for Ciara is “B!tch Please”, You are not a DIVA, by a long shot. Ciara is merely a struggling artist, who has copied other people for the most of her career. She has no right.

    Beyonce takes credit for writing songs when she shouldn’t, and that’s foul, but she did not copy that b!tch. Ciara is delusional and she needs to quit.

    Like a Boy and If I Were A Boy sound nothing alike, the title is not confusing, and the styles were completely different. This trick needs to get some where and STFU and STFD.

  56. Ciara is just jealous, Beyonce is a better vocalist, she makes better music, she’s a better performer, she’s looks better than Ciara, she can sing AND dance at the same time, she can sing period.
    Ciara is a :hater:
    And when she sees Bey she needs to :bowdown: fall back Cici.
    Ciara is showing everyone the pathetic copycat that she truly is.

  57. I can’t believe some of these comments. Ciara could never pull of Beyonces If I Were a Boy, so she challenged a song where Beyonce didn’t do much singing, that is sorry. On the other hand, Beyonce AND Solange could’ve killed Like a Boy.

    Beyonce could murder all of Ciaras crap
    But that trick could never sing Listen, Dangerously in Love, Crazy in Love, Deja Vu, Single Ladies, she can’t touch Bey. It’s nonsense.

  58. I totally agree with JD, Beyonce fan Ciara fan or Bey and Ci haters, everyone has the right to voice their opinion, people really do take this stuff too serious.

  59. Thank you JD and coco…now that makes sense. :hifive: Some people need a good lesson in tolerance…since when did Beyonce do something so important that some people allow themselves to call another grown person a loser because they have a certain opinion about something or someone. Beyonce is too old to continue with the Destiny Child content in her songs (where is the grown) and the Diva remix is a little more believable coming from Ciara because she younger than Beyonce, so I think she should thank Ciara for keeping her less then inspiring music relevant. And as far as people clamoring to work with Beyonce…that’s all about a dollar, not talent. Everybody in the business of tryna be relevant…

  60. Since there are some who are experts on the definition of a “diva”, can someone break it down for me because I really feel I’m missing something… 🙁


  62. can people tell me what is really wrong with ciaras voice,i find her voice very soothing because her sound is crunky,busy,loud,chaotic so it is very clever of her to whisper otherwise her album wud be a chaotic mess,she does not whisper on her slow jams and her voice is realy nice,thez one song that i hate-go girl is an uglv so with a beautiful video….i feel like listen to her right now….steph can u plz do more stories on keri hilson,i think she is a brilliant and talented writer,she is stylish,i love her duet with chris brown and the song energy is my jam….plz

  63. if cici would have took it down a notch, I think she sung it way too high. I wasnt feeling it.

  64. No, nicole. Some of that is true(And as far as people clamoring to work with Beyonce…that’s all about a dollar, not talent.) but not all or even most of the time. In fact, this is from a producer comparing her on a topic about Brian McKnight because he was comparing her to him: Thanks for being patient. I am actually finishing up a Beyonce mix now, and just finished Brian’s new album a couple of weeks ago. They both have THE GIFT. One thing she and Brian have in common is speed. Both are incredibly fast. Brian probably did all the vocals to “Anytime” in 20 minutes. What you see with him and Beyonce is the tip of the iceberg. Let me start with Brian.

    Beyonce just hears those harmonies in her head. She was born with them. Her dad, Matthew is quite a good singer, and I believe Tina sings also. She usually starts off with the tonic, and builds from there. She does a little experimentation, and then blends them herself with the engineer. I love her timing. She has no regard for the beat, but it always sounds right. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone work harder than Beyonce (maybe Mya). I’ve seen her fly in from Europe, come to the studio, do vocals for 4 hours, fly to NY for concert, go directly to airport for 2 shows in Japan, and on and on. No sleep for days, and just keep going and loving every minute of it. Mya is like that also. I get tired just TYPING about it!

    This was in 2004 and she’s better now, so don’t say that she don’t have talent. You might not like her music or personality but never say that because that’s foolish. Hell, no one should say that Ciara don’t have talent either. They both do. Ciara is more gifted as a dancer and Bey is more gifted as a vocalist but talented all the same. I didn’t mind Ciara’s version of Diva. I think it was pretty good actually. I hate it when people don’t give credit to whom it is due.

  65. Nicole, what Bey was doing was redefining the word and showing why she is one. See, back in the day: Female Opera Singers were called divas, and over time diva became a bad word like the female dog word in order to describe performers that were “difficult”. So Bey is redefining that word so people would know it is ok to be a diva just like it is ok to be a hustler. It is all about what you are hustling for and how you do it.

  66. we all know that bey is hustling for songs and copy right control,oscarz the list is endless….yeah she is a b**** this song suits her well and i give her credit for finaly singing about her trueself

  67. @ Lizz
    you have a good point, it’s not like Ciara can’t sing at all, I just think her vocals don’t stand up to Beys, everyone cant have a loud voice, that’s for sure. But Beyonce has the voice where she can sing anything, and that’s just not true for Ciara.

    Like someone said that Beyonce couldn’t do Promise, just give her a shot, Beyonce can sing anything, and Ciara can’t. If the song doesn’t call for a wisper, Ciara can’t do it.

  68. :lol2: this is like the most comments any artist have ever gotten on this site especially ciara….oh yeah thats because it has a little to do with beyonce…oh well super C good going, i guess a little exposure cant hurt huh? and i guess this is the best way :thumbsup:

  69. Curtis, I appreciate the insight you’ve shared with me but I wasn’t saying Beyonce isn’t talented. I do feel that people are more willing to work with her because they see the $ before they think about her talent, now…I don’t feel that she brings anything uniquely good to the table but that’s not to negate the fact that is talented in her own right. Also, in reference to your interpretation of a diva…I think “redefining” is the key word. I had an inkling to what it was (I always thought it was a female performer that does things “BIG” and aren’t neccesarily “difficult”, per se.)…I personal don’t subscribe to the negative but I do appreciate your perspective, nonetheless.

    @ Mario…I think the content of her songs don’t reflect the swagger of the 27 y.o.’s I know and as a 27 y.o. woman I’d like to think she has had enough life experience under her belt to show more range when it comes to parrelleling the concepts and ideals of most of her peers. It’s the same stuff that she’s been sing about since she was 16. Just like I can tell you’re probably young just by the discourse you have here and how you express yourself. They’re some things that are expected with age…

  70. the song suckz anyway
    who sung da song betta outa cici nd bey
    im go wit cici …it sounded much betta nd plus i dnt like dat screamin ..self center fake grl beyonce …..she copy ever body nd der mom lmao YUP I SAID IT YALL BEY FANS KNO IT YALL JUST MAD TO SAY IT LOL

  71. i dont like the song diva ,but it does sound better with cici rappin it an not beyonces.she is to old for those kiddy lyrics remember when she did “in da club” now i liked when she did that or maybe she should of had lil kim peep’s help her if she was goin that route.

    but n-e-ways everytime i go on a blog it never fails it always somebody.. its always that one person that say: if you dont like her why you comment?last time i check this IS NOT your blog and blogs are better when you have other people that dont see the same things you see or love the same thing you love an the last time i checked the owner of this blog is not a fan either BUT SHE DO GIVE PROPS WHEN PROPS ARE DO so i dare yall to step to her like yall step at everybody else on this blog

    an then it the other quote: if you dont like her why do you do research on her ?you do not have to do research on beyonce she stays in the public eye,on blogs ,mag ,interviews ,tv an shes the only one i know of that get busted out for every lie she tell do people really have to do research on her :noway:


    to me its an even trade they think i’m a person with low self esteem thats not pretty that say things for know reason(yeah right)

    an i think that they have a one track mind with a mental issue that runs deeper than these blog


  72. @ Nicole I must agree 100% there are some things that are expected with age! And trust me you can tell when people are very immature and inexperienced.
    (I’d like to think she has had enough life experience under her belt to show more range when it comes to parrelleling the concepts and ideals of most of her peers. It’s the same stuff that she’s been sing about since she was 16. Just like I can tell you’re probably young just by the discourse you have here and how you express yourself. They’re some things that are expected with age…)


    It is much more of a Ciara song. She sings it well for her style of delivery and her lyrics make far more sense than BeYawSay’s stick up stick up, six pack in the trunk foolery. What is BeYawnSay’s issue anyway? She seems to be all over the place in her catalogue and stans follow her blindly.

    Sorry, but this Sausage Fierce crap is over the top and childish. She’s gotta up her game and get with the program and evolve.

    She wants to be an icon and has not yet done anything to change the game except market and overexpose herself to the point the public has become nauseated with her presence.

    Look at how grown woman she’s looking lately. She is an absolute mess and seems to be frazzled that she is really not the hype anymore. There is nothing but stan rage padding her ego, other than that she has quickly become just another artist.

    Her karma is being felt and witnessed around the world. Sad thing, IASF was only #1 in the United States, and failed to reach the top of the charts in other countries. So needless to say, Rihanna has definitely chewed into her international fan base.

    BeYawnSay got way too comfortable and didn’t realize even her stans outgrow kiddie hop lyrics.

    Kudos to Jazmine Sullivan, Adelle, and Rihanna for breathing fresh air in the game.

    BeYawnSay played herself by suddenly wanting to share minor details about her marriage and personal life. MTV got it right the first time: BeYawnSay is BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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