Ciara Resurfaces

Ciara quickly became the talk of the internet earlier today when images of her in a wheelchair appeared online. The 25-year old dance diva was spotted last night wearing a cast on both feet as she was wheeled into the ‘2011 Roll Over Hunger Charity and Skate Jam’ in Atlanta, Georgia.

Though the singer did not give an explanation for her condition, rumor has it she may have had some sort of corrective surgery in response to hurtful comments made online about the appearance of her feet.

At the time Ciara brushed off the the criticism via Twitter, however no one really knows how deeply those comments may have truly hurt her.

Whatever the case, I hope she’s up and on her feet soon.


  1. she might have been in pain and I’m not an animal, I can empathize since I’ve had life long issues with my legs. Hope she feels better.

  2. Let me clear this up quick. I meant lol mainly at the last sentence (no pun intended huh?) It probably wasn’t meant to be funny at all but I though it was.

  3. And if she did get some type of foot surgery because of what OTHER PEOPLE were saying about them shame on her. She’s beautiful and nobody’s perfect, and most “imperfections” are what makes you look even better.

  4. Well ppl will certainly be watching the next time she steps out in some open toe’s lol

    I personally like Cici, maybe she hurt them practicing. IDK but I certainly wouldn’t risk my money makers over some morons comments online.

  5. Okay so if people find another secret flaw she’ll tweek it,there is nothing as painful as a toe, can’t imagine how it must have felt reconstructing all ten them,just hope this will make her feel better from the inside out.Wishing her a speedy recovery

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