Ciara Reveals All to Fuse

Ciara RevealedSuperstar singer Ciara is set to be featured on tomorrow night’s episode of Revealed, a Fuse original series that looks at the back story of some of today’s biggest artists.

For her episode, Ciara chronicles her rise from girl group-wanna be, to global celebrity. “Our management at the time knew I wanted to be a solo artist,” Ciara told Fuse. I eventually got the call and from there was introduced to producer Jazzy Pha.”

Long story short, Ciara’s debut album Goodies went on to sell over five million copies and garnered the singer four Grammy nominations.

Things haven’t always been rosy, however, and Ciara gladly talks about her failures, including 2009’s Fantasy Ride.

Her recent break-up with Future is also touched upon, as is the birth of her son, which Ciara calls her “greatest accomplishment.”

You can view a clip of tomorrow’s episode below, as well as several more on Fuse’s official website.


  1. I will be tuning in and I love this chick!!!! I know people try to always come for her and tear her down however she remains her place as a resilient individual! I see you CiCi! =)

  2. I actually adored her ‘Paint It Black’ cover and I feel like she should delve outside of her R&B comfort zone and do something different with her next album. I would love for her to create sounds and melodies that nobody has heard before. ‘I Bet’ sounds like a million other R&B songs out there and ‘Dance Like Were Making Love’ also sounds vaguely familiar…she is better than that. Its time for her to truly evolve and take control of her career.

  3. @Laveaux
    I agree with you and I’ve been saying this since the “Fantasy Ride” era. She needs to expand and grow because her fanbase is getting a little too weary for my taste! I’m a supporter and loyal fan and I need for her to take things to another level!!! I think it’s time for her to go back in the studio and make things more FRESH and dope because she is one of a kind when it comes to her music. Although, I’m pleased with the “Jackie” album I want her to take up a notch! I respect your opinion and that’s cool you like “Paint It Black”. =)

  4. There is nothing Ciara can do to get her career back on track. The industry has changed quite a bit over the last five to ten years. It’s all about image and branding now. This is especially so within the urban music scene. Artists like Ciara and Keyshia Cole once sold 300,000 a week and topped the charts. Now they sell less than 50k and rarely if ever make any significant moves on the charts. Outside of Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki, no one can sell records. And those artists are mainly known for their image. The music is secondary. Beyonce discovered this and adjusted accordingly, releasing a visual album and great videos to accompany utterly horrific songs. Rihanna is doing the same. To really move to the next level, Ciara is going to have to up her visual game, not her music game. Her songs don’t suck anymore than BBHMM or 7/11.

  5. @JBL
    It’s the music business fault! The reason why Ciara or Keyshia isn’t as popular within the mainstream market is because they’re not selling out and as of today people are not supporting more than one artist!!!! I don’t care about the marketing or so called “branding” because the brand is suppose to be your music! These artists work so hard to put their stuff out and for some reason people are not supporting. Beyoncé and Rihanna and Nicki are really just putting out want the public wants but their music is mediocre and I wish people would just support the music and not the gimmick stuff. Ciara will be fine and she’s expanding her brand in fashion, media, and I think the next album she will definitely come through full force because as of right now she’s going through a transition and that’s fine! I just want her to do what she loves and continue to be at a happy space! This is coming from a loyal and caring supporter. =)


    While I blame the industry as well and it’s obsession with image, I don’t know if I would call what Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki do selling out. Like I said, I don’t think they’ve done anything better than Ciara or Keyshia or any of the other girls. I do think they have mastered the art of hype though. Even within the pop market, few acts are gaining ground. They’re selling what urban artists are selling. I think only 2 or 3 albums released this year so far have gone platinum. That’s saying something. Outside of Adele, and a few others, you gotta have the right image and brand to sell today and ppl may hate to hear it, but truth is, fans are also to blame. They want pretty acts. Pretty things to look at and pretty ppl to stan for.

  7. @JBL
    I understand and yeah I do blame her fans that aren’t stepping it up and supporting he because she’s capable of selling as much as those artists. It’s just that her team and management are at fault and I need things to change. I think her image is fine because she’s not going too overboard but I respect your standpoint.

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