Ciara “Rides” A Bull

Last week we here at BrownSista posted some blurry shots of Ciara on the set of her “Ride” video; however now we have a few more which look to be a bit more official. These new pics show the singer riding a mechanical bull, while last week’s images showed the dance diva posing next to car. I think we may next get images of Ciara riding a big wheel (lol). Whatever the case, riding things- not a man- is clearly the theme of the video- despite what some of the lyrics had many thinking.



  2. Stans get really happy when they see their female idols get naked. If you all think Ciara’s single is going to be a hit because she is butt naked you can think again. She tried that the last time and it didn’t work. We already have the bimbo field covered. Ciara needs to go back to the sexy b-girl image that made her famous. Put you sneakers back on Cici and then come back and kill’em.

  3. @ HMMMMMM at u wasting your time writing that essay. if you don’t like Ciara why did u even bother sweetie. What an ignorant statement “If you all think Ciara’s single is going to be a hit because she is butt naked you can think again.” Ciara has had hits without going naked. CIARA PRINCESS HARRIS 2010 BITCHEZ!!!! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  4. I’m anxious to see this video. This song has a double entendre kinda like Beyonce’s “Ego”.

  5. Beyonce Already Done This In The Suga Mama Video…. But Anyway Can Wait To Here The Song.

  6. And Madonna and Shania Twain rode bulls in their videos before Beyonce. I am sure even more people have done it that we don’t know about. Beyonce is not the be all to end all in video making. To think that Ciara decided to ride a mechanical bull because Beyonce did shows just how sick and pathetic her fans are. The thought of another woman having any success literally just kills yall.

  7. CICELY- Now don’t stereotype. Not all her fans act that way…Well I atleast speak for myself.

  8. I saw girls riding bull so many time and it doesn`t need to be a beginer or follow. But all I knew is Ciara`s got great legs! :hifive:

  9. This pic looks familiar… hmmm….. oh yeah. Beyonce’s Suga Mama video. Dang Ciara, first Ego and now Suga Mama?! Get off Bee’s junk!

  10. ^r u serious? LOL SMH

    She looks nice in the pics I guess it will all come together in the video.

  11. Clearly some ppl had Never seen a music video until Beyonce came round. For those of us who watched music videos before (it really did happen ya’ll) this is not soo exciting. Anyway, good luck Ms. CiCi C

  12. Oh please! Beyonce did not create the concept of bull riding, but if this was the reverse, Ciara’s stans would have swore Beyonce was copying Ciara. Let’s not act brand new, just like they swore up and down that Beyonce copied Ciara’s “Like a boy” concept with “If I were a boy” even though she wasn’t the first to do that either. And Beyonce fans are sick and pathetic? Wow, I’m a fan so I guess that makes me pathetic. Just wow, to single out one group of fans when some fans of other artists act the same way. By the way not all of Beyonce’s fans are like that (me). End of rant… On topic: I heart Ciara. She’s the best dancer in the game, and her legs are SICK. Look forward to seeing the video and wish her luck on the new album!

  13. Wow! Now I’m a “disgusting human being.” Just keeps getting better. Why do people only call out Beyonce’s fans, when the fans of Ciara, Rihanna, etc. do the same exact thing? I don’t see anyone calling them out, reducing their fans to “sick and pathetic,” and “disgusting human beings.” Maybe it does not apply to any on this site, but the Ciara and Rihanna fans are just as bad (some not all). Oh but I forgot though, this is Beyonce we’re talking about. It’s only sick and pathetic when it’s concerning her.

  14. I am Beyonce Fans and also Janet, Toni, Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah and so many artists.But most of all, I am not a hater. Please don’t be a stereotype. :stop:

  15. Amen @ just a thought

    the same people calling beyonce fans all these names, are the same ones doing what they claim the beyonce fans do when they stan for their favorite artists.

    this is a great blog but there are too many hypocrites commenting.smh

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