InPhotos: Ciara & Rihanna

Ciara Both Ciara and Rihanna are said to be in the studio putting the finishing touches on their next albums. That however isn’t stopping these sistas from putting in the required time at random Hollywood parties and events. With her musical carer put on hold temporarily, Ciara seems to have set her sights on the modeling world- showing up almost weekly to one fashion event or another. Last week it was the Victoria Secret flagship store opening in New York city and this week it was the Miu Miu (Prada) Cocktail party. Ciara hasn’t completely forgotten her musical roots however- and recently gave fans a behind the scenes look at the making of the art work for her new album and also went into more detail about the Super C persona that she recently introduced to the public.

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Moving right along….

Rihanna made an appearance last night at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball. Her fan sites reported she would perform at the event but as of yet no pics or video of her performance have made there way online. What I do have are pics- check’em out below.


  1. Ciara looks great! Rihanna looks good, but needs to lose that toupee on top of her head!

  2. What’s with the smiley faces on the nails? And then the sad face on the middle fingers? Hmmm…….ok Rhi Rhi.

  3. Ciara is average with an Average look. Now Rihanna is fly. She just looks different from every artist out there. I love her style. She is Hotness.

  4. Riri is such a little girl…or pretending to be…with the smillin faces on her nails…how cute… 🙂

  5. i seriously cant believe riri is about to put out another album! dont get me wrong i wont be mad if i get some new hits from her soon but dang! this girl be on the ball!

  6. Mario, who said Rihanna was putting out another album? I hope she is, actually! Her stuff is upbeat and it’s a scientific fact that it helps with endurance…I’ll need to work off the weight I gained over the holidays for sure! Bring on the techno/dance stuff, Rhi! And I love her look! The nails are hot, in my opinion. I find them believable and true to the really anarchic state of things in fashion right now.

    As for Ciara, do you really have to campaign to be believable as a model? Doesn’t one merely have to model? 🙁

  7. They both look great. I’m actually hoping that Ciara comes out with a hot album because I love to see her perform. People always complain about her vocals, but I’ve seen Ciara perform live 3 times and she really puts on a show.

    Rihanna is no Whitney, Mariah or Celine Dion, but I honestly like her music. I also like to see what she’s wearing. I wish these girls luck with the albums. People are hurting financially and buying CDs aren’t always the first thing on our minds. Too bad this stuff wasn’t out for Christmas, because I have a good feeling that people will opt for gifts under $20 and CDs might be a cheap gift of choice.

  8. Both girls looks great and I hoping for two hots albuns because Rihanna and Ciara are the next year for discute the titlle of queen and princess of the Pop and R&B. I don`t suport more time the Beyonce super ego!

  9. I saw pics from Rihanna’s performance and :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: she looked amazing…. I think we will have to wait a while before we hear new music from her… I can’t wait though!!!!

  10. Ci….I’m not really checking for anymore, but I still wish her success.

    Ri-still beautiful as usual, but I’m not feeling this look at all

  11. I love Rihanna and Ciara. Ciara is a great entertainer and I would love to hear some new music from her and I hope she has great success with her modeling. Rihanna must have taken a lesson about staying in the public eye because not only does she stay on her grind, she is coming out with a new album and her Good Girl Gone Bad – Reloaded is still getting great play. Gotta respect their work ethic.

  12. Ciara looks pretty, but that’s it, she’s so boring and NOT a model. Rihanna just commands it without even trying. I’m ready for the new Rihanna cd, because I know she’s going to bring something fresh, new, and fun. She’s only 20 so I expect nothing more or less from her. Beyonce has let me down with her latest album Where’s the growth ?!? Learn from Janet’s mistakes because once you fall off that running high horse your riding on, it’s hard as hell to catch up.

  13. I love CiCi’s look, she is absolutly fantabolous and gorgeaus!
    Super C?! I see that Beyonce starts a new alter-ego trend! :thumbsup:

    Lol at the middle finger of RihRih manicure, that one is not laughin’ if you mess with it! Lmao


  14. Cici looks fantabolous and is absolutely gorgeous! I love her look! :thumbsup:

    Lol at Rihrih middle finger not smiling
    he gets pissed if you mess with him :lol2:
    time goes slowly at work…

  15. Ciara must be getting some on the daily because her hips are wide lol jk. Rihanna looks nice and hope to hear the next album

  16. Those are some heels Ciara has on. She is already tall, so I know she is touching the ceiling in those! lol. Cute pics.

  17. PUNCH, Queen Ciara!!!!
    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! :bowdown:

    Whoeva said shes “average”, when you are yo fav gon do it??? :hater:

    rihanna looks like the fake FeFe Dobson….as usual!!! 🙁

  18. Cant wait to hear new stuff from both of them although perhaps Riri wants to take Jay-Z’s advice and take a break as she’s seems to have been working non stop since Umbrella. ( perhaps go to Barbados for a couple of months and come back a bit darker like how u were in S.O.S and Unfaithful… just a tip) What happened?

    i wish them both luck anyway because they’re on their hustle. :thumbsup:


    RIhanna As usual Killing too! I love her look!!!
    Its Ci Season lol she is EVERYWHERE and just getting STARTED!
    Brown Sista yall missed photos from Friday her and Luda performed and out today January Issue of Elle Hot azz Couture High Fashion pics!
    She is just getting started!!!! 3months of promo coming up March 2009 Fantasy RIDE!!!
    Oh and new single NEVER NEVER produced by POLOW Da DON aka Mr Promise Man lol
    is due out in January! So YEAH!

  20. Ciara oh wee mama look at those legs hot and simple looking so good!
    Rihanna she never fails I just love her I swear Black Women are soo beautiful!

  21. LMAO! At the comment Ciara hips are wide she must be getting some daily!
    They do look wider can’t disagree!
    Anyways I love Ciara and she is so FAB! And So is RIHANNA!
    Man 09 starting to look like a good year already Fantasy Ride Rihanna and more Usher Chris Brown and cant forget my girl Monica!

  22. ciara looks good shes looking alot healthier these days she is very fabulous she is a great buisness women she’s a singer and a dancer producer she writes she has her own talent agency now she is adding model to her long resume go ahead girl i guess she is the true definition of a go girl lol!!!!!

  23. not really checkin for the albums, however both ladies look great

  24. Both are very pretty :brownsista:
    Wishing both continued sucess :thumbsup:

  25. I love these two ladies both original and they are not trying to upstage anyone like some girl who wants to get an Oscar bcoz someone stole her shine last time……its good to see brown sistas working together….like Fantasia and J-Hud…..keep up the good work rhirhi and cici….rhirhi thanx 4 bringing back short black hair and cici thanx for bringing back real dance moves.

  26. I just notice this, but that necklace Rihanna has on (that is a necklace, right?) is bangin’.

    I am so lovin’ this women’s style of fashion. She may be just a pretty face to some, or many, but she is definitely bringing the heat in choice of style…so elegant and refreshed.

    We both are Aquarians, too! 🙂

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