Ciara Rocks The Pages Of Maxim Magazine

There is a lot of Ciara news coming down the pike tonight. Earlier today photos of the singer shooting the video for her “Gimme Dat” single were made public, and now pics from her Maxim magazine photo shoot have been released as well. Ciara has been featured in the magazine several times and let fans know a few weeks ago that she would be featured again.

As always, Ciara’s dedication to the gym has paid off handsomely. The 5’7 beauty looks great in her bikini shots and I doubt Maxim had to employ any photoshop to make her look that way.


  1. Omg,the chick is flyy! These photos are sexy and NOT slutty! Im loving it. Go Ciara!

  2. Wow….these are exquisite photos and yeah, Ciara truly could have been a model alone ’cause her body is honestly Bangin’! Like for real. lol. Dancers DO have the best bods. Excited 2 see her new vid 4 Gimme Dat ???

  3. Don’t like the poses in the gold bikini. The red looks like bra and panties. Love the pink and the leopard; her posing is on point, but in the other images? Not so much. And yeah, I need to run BACK to the gym just like everyone else LOL

  4. Can we say gorgeous?? Love how she kept it classy but still a little sexy.

  5. I love the animal print bikini. Ciara has blossomed into a beautiful woman and it’s great to see natural beauty in Hollywood (so much botox that your face is rigid, lip injections that look like bee stings, and surgical procedures that make you look unrecognizable) and you can tell she’s dedicated to the gym.

  6. Wait now in the first pic, am I the only one who sees how they misplaced the girls nipples back onto her implants? Also, I think maybe Ciara just might get her dose of Botox injections among other things, look at her when I was 17 documentary, something is off about that face.


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