Ciara Says Jennifer Lopez Is Her Muse

Givenchy muse, Ciara, says she has an idol of her own she looks up: fellow actress, turned singer, turned mogul, Jennifer Lopez. During a recent interview Ciara said looked up the Puerto Rican diva because of her entrepreneurial skills.

“I don’t have many style icons, but someone I do love is Jennifer Lopez. She always looks great and is amazing. I would love to have my own fragrance like she does. I want to do everything. I want to be one of those entrepreneur type people who do a bit of everything.”

CiCi recently tweeted about an upcoming Givenchy photo shoot she has coming up and told her fans to look out for a big announcement about her album this Monday.

Stay tuned…


  1. Ciara may want to be a entrepreneur and “do everything” but her career is a at standstill and it’s been that way for quite sometime now…smh 🙄

  2. Jlo Is Fierce, Lookwise, good think she doesnt llok up to her musicwise, she “HAD” A career but no mo!! were is she? no one cares!!

  3. Lol yeah J-Lo is like Beyonce, just without the singing career 🙂

  4. There is just something about Ciara that screams NEXT!!! Idk why but this girl is just so lame to me. It’s like she desperately wants to be “Hollyweird” I used to really like her and her music but she fell short somewhere along the line. Maybe she needs to move back to Atl… or hell, maybe it’s just her age and I want her to be mor mature than she’s capable of… idk, anyway NEXT!!!

  5. Jlo is a great muse for Ciara…with the economy and a fickle industry…Ciara should study a die-hard survivor!

    Contrary to what some people may believe…just because Jlo isn’t flying high on the music charts, doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have star power and a great celebrity ranking…the latin community is very supportive and when you see her grace a cover, it means the magazine’s advertisers will want to be in the issue and it will do well on the newsstands…”her people” will always be behind her…along with aging gracefully, she’s a solid actress, successful businessness woman, wife and most important, a mom…Ms. Lopez has the whole dang cake…you can have all it all, just not all at the same time!

    Who knows if she’ll top the pop and rnb charts again…if Madonna can make 6 mil a night without killin’ the charts…I’m sure Jlo will continue to have a music career on some level…when she’s not making spanish language albums and duets with her husband!

  6. Jennifer Lopez? Really? Well I guess we can respect her hustle and that’s about all because her acting/singing is horrible, she’s good dancer. If it weren’t for Puff-Dodo she would have been pushed under the rug.


  7. ^^^SELENA (the movie) and “The Fly Girls” dancers on “In Living Color”.


    And her first couple albums were good. She’s a dancer, an actress, a bidness woman. Her perfume lines sell very well. She’s rech! LOL


    I loved her in “Out of Sight”…which is an awesome movie, by the way; a great cast, too.

  8. @ Cynthia…I totally agree with you. I think Jenny is a perfect muse for Cici. She is successful all the way around. And just because she isn’t in the public’s eye here in the states doesn’t mean she is old news…She and Marc are royalty within the Hispanic culture. And Marc is very wealthy by his onwn accounts. In fact he has more money than Jenny.
    Now she is a success story. She made it in this tough ass business by doing everything, ie, singing, professional dancer, acting, business woman, etc. She just surrounded herself with people who could help her get her carrear going. Although, I’ve heard some awful rumors about her, but one thing for sure, she made it happen and is still considered an A-lister around the world.

  9. Jennifer Lopez is a bonafide icon and she changed the game in many ways. Beyonce admitted her love and respect for Jennifer’s hustle ten years ago when she was still in Destinys Child. Jennifer was doing the damn thing before most folks knew what the damn thing was. Her accomplishments can’t be swept away simply because she isn’t as hot as she used to be.

  10. No way in Hell do’s Marc Anthony have more money then her! She made 25+ Films, Working on her 7th Studio album, clothing line, perfume industry, spokesperson for Lux shampoo in Japan,Lopez owns the film and television production company Nuyorican Productions,She is the richest person of Latin American descent in Hollywood according to Forbes, and the most influential Hispanic entertainer in the U.S. She has sold over 25 million albums worldwide, 11 of which were sold in the US.

    Marc Anthony – 10 Films
    13 albums,five-time Grammy winner has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide.

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