Ciara Says “Ya Girl Is Back”

Ciara gave her first live performance of her single “Ride” over the weekend at Ludacris’ Hot 107.9 ATL Birthday Bash. The singer stepped onto the stage as Luda’s surprise guest and gave the type of performance she needs to give on live TV. I personally think Ciara should have received an invitation to perform at this year’s BET Awards. Every time Ciara has taken to the BET stage she has killed her performances. If nothing else CiCi still knows how to put on a good show and a great live performance would definitely help elevate her record on the charts.

“I love ya’ll and let me tell ya, your girl is back. Don’t get it twisted,”- Ciara


  1. Yeah I agreee BET is tripping on Ciara right now. I was watching her videos on VEVO the other day and she has brought much to the game and its too bad she is struggling right now. I don’t think there is another female out right now that can pull off some of the moves she does.

  2. She can really put on a show. I hope she does well.

  3. Her outfit was pretty fly, and she moves like a spider in those boots. Loved it.

    Now the audience…is it just me or were they really dull?

  4. BET is a conundrum. I agree Ciara should be on the roster for this year’s awards. She has a single out, a new album coming. Of course she should be listed!

    I’m beginning to think there’s some black-balling going on. They ban her video for ‘Ride’ yet continue to play videos (when they do play them) that are in my opinion far worse. Rappers can rap about this and that and have video vixen poppin’ and grindin’ in their vids, yet CiCi rides a bull in a wife-beater and she’s banned.

    I don’t know what I’m saying. I hate that she’s not riding the waves of success as well as she could be. ‘Ride’ is a good song. It’s more to who she was as an artist when she first came out. And her dancing is insane. You’re right, she can put on a good show; she has solid performances.

    Meh, I don’t know. BET is owned by Viacom. Viacom owns MTV. MTV is more about reality shows than music. Blech.


  5. yeah BET def Is trippin’ cause I’ve seen waaaaay more raunchy videos other than Ciara’s ride video and 4real the video wasn’t even considered raunchy she was just dry humpin’…..any other time when BET had (((BET uncut))) sarcastically speaking 🙄


  7. I don’t think her song is struggling. It’s been 9 weeks and she is creeping(Up)the charts at a steady pace. It’s #7 on the R&b charts, 56 on Hot 100. It’s a really good song to me. She’s doing her thing. Oh, and besides all that coochie poppin(i’m old school,that’s a bit much for me), I dug her performance. She would turn it out at the awards show.

  8. I hate BET and MTV. Period.

    Anyway, pretty good performance, Ciara 🙂

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