Ciara Shoots ‘Got Me Good’ Video

VH-1 News caught up with Ciara on the set of her new video ‘Got Me Good,’ which is scheduled to be released this coming Thursday, October 25th.

‘Got Me Good’ will be the third single released from Ciara’s ‘One Woman Army’ album, reportedly set to be released on December 18th.

Check her out below, joined by America’s Best Dance Crew contestants 8 Flavahz.


  1. Urrmm that dancing looked kinda corny for cici… Maybe I got confused with the valley girl accent! * shrugs shoulders

  2. Dancing seemed a bit corny for Cici .., or mayb I’m confused with the valley girl accent!! *shrugs shoulders…hope Itzs a hit!

  3. lmao! yeah, that “accent”……no bueno. I hate that we sometimes feel compelled to have to do that.

  4. Maybe Cici is taking acting classes, trying to lose her southern dialect? I noticed the change too! I always thought she had a nice speaking voice, articulate, enthusiastic…I hope this project does well!

  5. Happy Birthday Ciara… Love you, just do your thang and i will support you i will be buying the album.

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