Ciara Shoots “Go Girl” Video+Disputes Vibe Cover

R n’ B diva Ciara would like to set the record straight about the photo spread she shot for the October issue of Vibe magazine: She was not nude, and yes, she’s very upset by the magazine’s depiction of her as such — but she is not planning any legal action against the urban glossy. “I think, at this point, I’d rather just be quiet about things such as that but I definitely want to make it clear that I was going in to do something artistic, and I was upset that when I saw the photos, everything was gone,” the singer told MTV News last weekend, from the set of her forthcoming music video for “Go Girl,” which features a cameo from T-Pain. “It’s very, very upsetting and somewhat misleading.”

Online rumors have suggested that the singer was not nude during the photo shoot but instead wearing underwear, which the magazine allegedly airbrushed out. Vibe Editor in Chief Danyel Smith recently commented to New York’s KISS-FM radio station that not only was Ciara shot au natural, the entire idea behind the spread was the singer’s.

“I’m actually really sad,” Smith said. “Almost any photo you see on the cover of Vibe or any magazine is airbrushed [to some degree]. What I was thinking of doing, actually, was releasing the untouched photos [on Vibe’s] Web site, so people can see what the hullabaloo is all about. I have so much respect for Ciara, and Ciara was so happy when she pitched this idea to us, and the photos are actually striking and beautiful. It was pitched to me in a way that it was time [for her] to grow up and be beautiful and be free and be all the things she wanted to be.”

Ciara said she’s still hurt by the photos and was quite shocked when she finally got her hands on the October issue.

“I walked into the Vibe photo shoot very excited about making an artistic expression,” she said. “And when I saw the photos, I was a little bothered because the photos appear as if I was nude, and I wasn’t nude. I reached out to [Smith] — I sent her a letter — and I was a little upset, too, in the fact that she didn’t respond to me, and that happened prior to me reading her quote on the Internet. That definitely bothered me, just because of the fact that I wasn’t nude. I walked into the photo shoot to do an artistic photo shoot, so I was excited about that. I just didn’t like the fact that I saw the picture and now, stuff is gone.”

Ciara said the idea behind the entire shoot — at least on her end — was a celebration of the human form and that she’d walked away from the shoot thinking that everything had gone great. “When I saw the pictures, that wasn’t what was discussed or what we were going in to do, so that definitely bothered me,” she said. “I think the body is something beautiful, and I wanted to celebrate that. And unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what it was in the photo shoot, and I’m looking forward to moving forward.”

No matter what Smith or anyone from Vibe says about the shoot, Ciara said she knows exactly what went down that day.

“I know what was there, I know what was taken, and I know what was done. And then to look at the book and go, ‘It’s gone’ — it was just very upsetting to me,” she said.



  1. This really pisses me off. Not because I am against Ciara, but because she won’t stick to her guns. Artistic means nudity and we all know it. Last week she was on You Tube talking about how happy she was about the shoot and now she claims she has been victimized. Truth is, Ciara is catching heat from the Black community as sisters do when they are too overt about their sexuality or bodies. Non Black women can pose nude all day every day but when one of us do it we are whores. Ciara can’t take the heat and is now back peddling all over herself. She needs to own up to it and stand her ground no matter what anyone says or thinks.

  2. Yeah right Ciara…she’s speaking out against it because the reaction to the shoot wasn’t very encouraging. She thought it would give her some buzz, and she only garnered criticism, and now wants to lie about it to regain fans? I agree with Dana–if you did it, you did it. Ciara’s grown, she can do what she wants, but don’t back down because it didn’t work out the way you wanted it. Now she looks like a fool, where before people just felt ambivalent or confused by the shoot.

  3. I feel bad for Ciara because she made a mistake. The problem with mistakes is that you have to suffer the consequences. She just has to move on from this and refrain from letting this bad publicity get to her. We’ll forget about this in a few weeks.

    An “artistic shoot” means “nude”. She has to learn that you can’t trust everyone in the media, especially when it comes to magazines and television because they’re thinking about creating a next “buzz”. They really don’t care how the “buzz” can ruin your life. If she wanted to do a racey shoot like this, she should have done it with trusted photographers that she hand-selected herself. Then she should have made the photographer sign over the rights to the pictures so that he couldn’t put them out without her authorization. I guess this is easy for me to say in hindsight… What’s done is done. She’ll move on.

  4. I’m sorry but I have to say that I don’t believer her, as much as I’d like to, I don’t. She is still not really clarifying what had gone down, she just keeps saying this is not what was supposed to happen, I know what was done etc. I could be wrong but I don’t think so. The whole things just went sour and I think she regrets it. Think about it, if you did a photo shoot with clothes on and pictures of you show up NAKED…………….YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SUE THE MAGAZINE?????? Please.

  5. Ooh cici i hate cowards that’ s y i dislike who u know so much

  6. I agree with Liyah, she is not all that upset if she is not suing. And how little were the clothes to begin with if they were able to photoshop them out of the picture? I think she didn’t like the response she was getting. If you are going to play in the game, then own up to it.

  7. Ooh cici i hate HATE DETESTE cowards that’ s y i dislike a lot of singers so much when you do something just assume it YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT A SUPERSTAR LIKE YOUleave a photoshoot without even expecting the pictures you just took?especially if creativity was your goal? you know people got a different view of creativity each time, yet you leave without even checking the pics? When are you people going to stop taking us and your stans for abrutis? damn that pisses the hell outta me ! why would vibe photoshop your clothes off? you outta all people? vibe is a pretty big corporation why would they risk getting sued by you? explain that to me! i hate it io hate it like when people misteriously appears lighter or skinnier on their add or cover and act like they don’ t know anything , we are not dumb asses we are americans enough! you have to see your pictures before leaving no one will ever convince me that you only see your pictures when they come out
    Please stop takking people for fools some of us actually have an education

  8. Whatever CiCi. We knew you were an attention whore when you were dry humping on that car in your videos. You did it so live with it.

  9. I too agree with what you ladies have stated and also, what was so “artistic” about those poses? The poses are more “artistic” w/o some lingerie on so… how would she explain the poses??! *sigh*

    I think this entire…. everything w/ Ciara is a facade! I think she either may have or may not have posed nude, then she {or her ppl rather} spoke with everyone at VIBE and came up with this story about being upset about the pix and planning on suing and making sure everyone goes along with the story. All of this, just to sell some albums. That’s exactly what I think- could be wrong. She could’ve been mislead but…. I fail to believe someone is that dumb or that her “people” would let her be that dumb and not be clear on what is going on and what will be portrayed. And VIBE wouldn’t take chances of being sued or disappointing yet another artist, would they??

    Hell, I’m spent… Ci Ci and crew need to get it together- & soon

  10. Well if this isn’t the situation of “throw a rock & then hide your hand” if I ever saw one LOL. Ciara needs to go sit down somewhere. Now that ppl are like WTH & WHY @ the pics she took, NOW she wants to be like.. it’s a set up.. I had on panties. The editors airbrushed, girl plz LOL. The truth of it is that Ciara knew she was down for what the photography was to entail, but I suppose she didn’t expect for the reaction to be this way. So now she wants to play the role of being tricked. But once again the egg is on her face b/c ppl KNOW what she is tryin to do w/ this move & they don’t believe her. If she made the decision, be about it & own up to it, but right now it shows she wants to play the grown woman… but deep down inside she is still a lil girl.

  11. i hope cici pulls through this i didnt think she would stoop to the nudity level.

  12. Cici made a mistake, obviously she regrets doing what she did. I don’t believe she wasn’t nude, in fact she HID EVERY SEXUAL PART OF HERS, so if she wasn’t nude she wouldn’t have hidden her boobs for example. You’d see the bra. I really don’t have a problem with artistic nude, I just don’t think it looked artistic. It looked raunchy. Guess you live and learn, everyone makes mistakes, I hope she learns from it and moves on.

  13. I like ciara, i really do, but something tells me that shes lying. even the editor of vibe said that she had the unphotoshopped pics and that she was going to realease them,but she didn’t want to do that to Ciara. I think Ciara is just saying what she said because most people didn’t like the pics

  14. @Dana i agree with you too it seem like when white women yes i said it pose like that it beautiful and american can accept it but if one if us do it dirty and nasty we hoes and other thang that do not go with beautiful picture. Ciara you knew what you was doing when you took all your clothes off. So do not cry now u want to shake it up alittle and you did now it a big thang. Ciara just come out with a good album and dance your ass off.

  15. Yeah Yal right why wouldn’t you sue vibe if they had you naked she just want some attention she was already doing too much in the “Can’t Leave Em’ Alone” video so girl come better

  16. Ciara won’t sue because she is lying. Ciara is full of it! When you use terms like “artistic” and ” celebration of the human body” those are code words for nude. She knew exactly what she was doing and I do believe it was her idea.
    Ciara did not like the press she was getting now she is throwing Vibe under the bus. It is one thing to pose nude and regret it after you did’nt get the response you wanted but she is sunk to a new low when she threw Vibe magazine under a bus by lying about her underwear being airbrushed off. Photoshop experts say that it is not possible to airbrush clothes off a photograph.

  17. Ciara get over it. That was your stupid fault. Quit trying to be something you are not. One minute you want to be innocent and then the next a freak. YOU ARE NOT JANET!!!! Her little publicity stunt blew up in her face. In order to compete in today’s society, you at least need to make up your mind about what role u want to play and stick with it. Vibe has been around for many many years and now all of a sudden they pull a scam like this. Right??!! No editor, or any other professional would stoop this low by creating a lawsuit on themselves. Get over it. Hopefully this is a lesson learned. Trying something new does not mean bending over provacatively or being half naked in general. EVERY artist/wannabe artist have done this. Moving on…….

  18. I am not defending anything btu lets not bring the race up in here
    have you seen christina aiguilera nude pics? they are stunning
    the fact is that a lot of us in the media either act like or are video whores people expect us to pose nude and will be quick to point every detail out but honestly generally speaking white women [ minus the visual prostitutes] take artistic [nude] photos better than we do and it looks hella good too and i am secure enough to admit it it does not take away the fact that i am a strong beautiful black women but come on..

    people already see naked black women in every video of rap musicthe last thing we need is some of our entertainer adding her name to the list ciara was bending all over like she was waiting to receive something it was distasteful now look at the danity kane chick? I was the first to call her every name in the book …We are women we are suppose to be in “synchronization” with our sexuality but the truth for the matter is people know we have much more talentand can do better than that so either way we will be scrutinize


  19. Photoshop experts say that it is not possible to airbrush clothes off a photograph.

    yes it is but it has to be a bikini or lingerie

  20. i didnt realize vibe had such amazing computers to airbrush a pic to the point where they can make a person look completely nude even though they had on underwear!…wow….*sideways glance* who does this broad think shes fooling? i saw the pix last night at a magazine stand and umm, sorry but chick was naked. all those celebs do that….she figured everybody would think the pix were hot but since she got some backlash she all of a sudden had to flip her story…dont try to ruin the credit of a magazine b/c you cant handle the consequences of your actions! if the pix were edited that much homegirl wouldve sued! i know i would have! her song isnt that hot so shes doing anything to get publicity…real classy ciara…real classy! *shakes head* just sad….

  21. LOL @ this story. Ciara is funny. She is basically getting what she wanted in some shape or form because we are all talking about her lol. she put herself out there when she went au naturel for the vibe mag (if anyone has this issue, she is “nekkid” more inside) and for her to try and go back and act shocked about “airbrushing”…come come now. point blank she is getting press, AND vibe is getting more issues sold. everyone wins. lol

  22. She says she wanted to take an artistic picture. So she went to Vibe? You do that for magazines like Vogue or Vanity Fair. Sorry I don’t believe her. But the pictures look great.

  23. i beleive her! if she was nude why would she tell the media she wasnt knowing that 9 times out of 10 Smith would make her look bad by speaking the opposite of what she’s saying?

  24. I really hope that all of you were at the shoot since you all seem to know what went on.

  25. Humm I don’ t Like people that can’ t take responsabilities for their actions Ciara has an amazing body many women wish they had [behind the whole Curves are in Facade] she has a pretty brownish complexion and is flexible as a pice of gum .Her denying her nudity is just as punk of a move as beyonce saying she didnt mean it like that when she says she wished she was latina!
    Take responsabilities ladies Everyone go through bad moments just keep your heads up!

  26. She didn’t make a mistake, she’s doesen’t regret this, she’s not gonna sue, she’s not upset and you can bet she ain’t crying. The pics and her denial is doing exactly what they were designed to do. Keep folks talking.
    She takes her clothes off for a hip hop magazine(creates outrage), but keeps her clothes on for a mens mag.

    The word superstar should not be used to describe her.

  27. Ciara’s talking in circles…which she does quite a bit if u’ve ever listened to her interviews she want to seem eloquent and intellegent and she comes of sounding as if she has nothing to say. I believe that she did do the shoot nude and then reniged when she thought of how that would be percieved by the public. (btw this is the same young lady that was p-poppin on top of chevy in “oh”) She seemed trained and in a bad unauthentic way. Like this im a good girl i swear image but it jus doesnt seem believable. ur dating 50 cent…ur grinding chris brown’s face with ur crotch and we’re supposed to now believe ur too squimish to take ur clothes off for a shoot that so obviously doesnt look photoshopped. the slopes and lines look like a real picture ive seen enough photoshopped pics to kno the difference. I think she’s a punk and for someone who wants to walk in ms. jackson’s shoes she needs to learn what true extrovertism is and kno how to mean what u say while still keeping some things to urself. back to the drawing board ci-ci. Oh n btw who wouldnt sue a major corporation for falsely altering them like that so blatantly……..exactly nobody, stop lying ur not good at it, this isnt highschool. give us credit for not being that stupid.

  28. She really is lying. She knows exactly what she did and is clear misaccusing vibe in stumbled clauses. This is gonna hurt her already cursed first week sales.

  29. @Celina,

    Celina, bringing that Beyonce situation into this doesn’t really compare. Hell, I’m black but I can say I wish I could be Japanese because I love the culture. There is nothing wrong with Beyonce saying that, it’s just showing love to other races. Now, if I was Clay Aiken and I released statements saying that I was gay, and then decided to do videos saying that I am not gay, and the magazines screwed me over even after I read them and approved them, then that would compare.

  30. Hey, I must agree with the females on this page, but with more finesse than some. Because half of these people obviously didn’t proof read their comments. But anyhoo, this is about Ciara… “Ms. CiCi” as she likes to be called. I, for one am a big fan of her, I support her in all that she does, BUT I dislike how she handled herself in this situation. Ciara, you know exactly what you were doing when you took those pictures! You are known to be daring!! I figured that you became a little throwed when you saw the reaction of fans when the issue came out, so you panicked, and lied to cover your tracks!! And thats what you feel that you had to do oh well!! But don’t lie about a prominent magazine misleading you!! Its clear as day that you didnt have any “full” clothes on…maybe underwear, but you didnt have a bra on!!! You were clearly topless!! SO what do you say to that!! You are gonna have haters!! Get use to it, Not everyone is going to like the choices you make for your career, so get over it!! Keyword was YOUR, Im sure that you have plenty of true fans, who saw nothing but creativity, and you as a grown ass woman!!! People are gonna talk, but you are great if you can overcome the bullshit and still do you!!! They will get over it, especialy if you show that you really don’t care about what they say, and that you are doing you!! I mean I’m still your hugest fan!! I just don’t like how you lied!! NOT COOL

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