Ciara Shoots Two New Videos

Despite the many push-backs of her “Basic Instinct” album, Ciara continues to move forward with promotion and recently tweeted her plans to shoot two new videos. The singer will be releasing ‘Gimme Dat” and “Speechless” as dual follow-up singles to her hit “Ride” and plans to release both in September. Basic Instinct is tentatively scheduled to hit record store shelves on October 5th and features production from The Dream, Tricky Stewart and Jermaine Dupri.

And check out these new promo shots of Ciara, released by photographers Gomillion and Leupold.


  1. Ciara is so fit. She should look into releasing a fitness CD or something like that.

    As for her album, her label is going to screw her over by changing the release dates. The further back it gets pushed the more likely it is that the songs will leak.

  2. I like these photo’s of her…representin’ for the slim chicks 8) ayee!!!

  3. She has a Urban Hit with “ride” for some odd reason I think “Basic Instinc” will do very well!!
    Love me some CICI!! 😀

  4. Yes, this girl is sooooo fit!!! Great role model and inspiring for slim sistas, everybody ain’t thick and the camera adds 10 pounds…I hope “Basic Instinct” does well…all artists aren’t going to sell multi-platinum in today’s very accessible music market, however she will still be quite relevant…celebrity is created witht slightest headline…the whitehouse “gate crashers”… “over the top flight attendant”… “basketball wives”…So, Cici will be around…when a door is resistant to our pressure, pushing and pulling…it only means that there’s another door, purpose and reason for all the detours…success in this industry is going to be redefined over the next few years…so, regardless of how many Ci-ci sells…there’s a place with her name written on it in the music and entertainment industry… “if you faint not”…we’re living in times when we can’t afford to look to the left or the right, to what others are doing, being or having or at obstacles, instead maintain tunnel vision with the utmost joy, peace and adaptability…for all of us…

    I was watching Ciara’s older videos…it is curious how much the industry has changed…how challenging it is for even the “superstars” with gigantic marketing machines to stay on top…the consumer is different and distribution can be almost impossible…for a commodity that wasn’t meant to be sold…music is magic…not sales and marketing…Janet and Madonna with lite vocals, slayed…not waiting on hot tracks from top producers…Janelle Monae would have still been Janelle who?…if she hadn’t applied years of love, passion and hard work, along with talent, not depending on her producers to deliver her a hit (s)…instead using her imagination, influences, fresh approaches instead of singing over tracks. If Ciara and others were to just get a band and go on the road and sing to live audiences, play wherever they can, the smaller the better…regardless of money…reconnect with her audience…work her show around her vocal ability which is limited…record sessions…not opening up for some big name artist…but, just hit the road…6 months…then go into the studio with some undiscovered and established producers and make a cd and see what happens…today’s artists don’t take control of their careers the way many actors do!

    The old music marking paradigm is only working for a select few and they have powerful machines behind them…we all need to affirm God as our ultimate marketing machine…favor…grace…most of all comfort as we walk through life’s challenges!!!

  5. Love the pictures, I’m a bigger sista, But i love love love her body and lines.

  6. Ciara is the nicest girl, and a great entertainer. She is the total package of beauty, brains, talent, and hard work ethic. I cant wait for her to shoot all the way to the top where she belongs.

  7. Ciara Harris is a great performer. Ciara is the total package, she has the ability to be one of the greatest female R&B singers.

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