Ciara Shows Off Her Baby Bump for W Magazine


Crunk n’ B diva Ciara is showing off her ever growing baby bump inside the pages of next month’s W magazine.

In a short interview, that includes fiancé Future, Ciara says she’s been “having a lot of food fun lately,” but insists that once her son is born and she gets the okay from doctors, she plans to head right for the gym.

“I’ve always taken great pride in my body and keeping it healthy,” she tells reporter Sarah Leon. “Plus, with a new born, I’m gonna need to keep my energy up.”

Ciara also speaks a bit about her new album, saying it’s “coming soon” and it will be her best to date and “I will go on record saying so.”

As for the wedding, CiCi says those plans will come after the gym. “I plan to fit into the tiniest wedding dress I can find,” she says. “Hopefully I’ll be my normal self by July. I would love to have a fall wedding.

To read Ciara’s full interview you can click here. To see her photo shoot, look no further than below.


  1. She looks great, but I still think she could’ve done better. It’s hard to get excited for ole boy, when he just had a baby not even a year ago with a another woman. I hope it works out for her. smh.

  2. Her happiness is so beautiful and she’s at her best right now, the most important job in the world and it brings the greatest pleasure! I hope she does a kids’ line of clothing and they model together, mommy me apparel!

  3. I really like Ciara and I am happy for her. She looks good. She is all belly. She will bounce back well because she clearly hasn’t gained a massive amount of weight.

    On another note, I hate that she constantly has to explain away her fiancé’s faults. She damn sure could have chosen a better man than Future to become pregnant by.

  4. Ciara looks amazing! Glowing happy and is ready to take on motherhood.

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