Ciara Shows Off Her New Look

Ciara and her hairstylist, Kiyah Wright, debuted the singer’s new super short pixie cut earlier today via Twitter. Clearly there is something in the air that has all these sistas cutting their hair off- and I like it. It’s nice to see sistas losing the weaves and not clinging to the notion that they must to have super long locks in order to be seen as feminine.

Kudos to Super C for chopping it all off and looking ten times better in the process. The sista can definitely wear a short do.




  1. Omg, she looks great. But i love ciara so i guess im a little biased, but that hair is laughable, hope it is a wig.

  2. dis is da best hair cut i’v fits her so well love it

  3. Her ear is…wonky.

    It’s an okay cut, but not really feeling it ON HER.

    With that said, change is always good (half the time) so, do you CiCi!


  4. New cut? This is a wig, but it looks really good on her, it fits her face. I never thought she’d look so good in a cut, and I’m glad she dropped that ugly a55 ponytail.

  5. :stop: im all for change but thas not a good wig at all. I cant wait til she finds herself and stops lettin other people influence her into foolishness.

  6. Is Ciara just a look these days or does she actually perform? :brownsista:


  8. it suits her..i like it and its better than the others i have seen.. its more posh spice and hope now she can change her stlye like her as well..cici can be hot, she just needs to find what works for her.. this hairdo is a good start… :thumbsup:

  9. I think it’s a wig and there just seeing how the short cut would look on her. But if not a wig ciara can pull it off

  10. Bad wig,if you are gonna cut your hair…..CUT YOUR HAIR! Not a good look IMO

  11. It’s not a wig. She clearly posted on twitter that she was getting her HAIR CUT. Even if it is a wig it’s still cute…it fits her face and she looks fierce!

  12. Is this new music so terrible that anything they can do to take away attention from their music they will do. Which buy the way picked up Maxwell new cd and i have to tell you amazing. It was worth the wait.

  13. Posted on her twitter?

    That’s a damn wig, if not she got more extensions than at&t. I agree with whoever said it’s a wig and they are testing it. Either way I think it fits her.

  14. Wig or had her tracks cut, yes… Haircut, no…

    If she keeps it longer than 2 weeks, I will then make a decision about liking it.

  15. I thought it was kind of cute from the pics above. However, Ciara just recently posted 2 more pics of her new do and it is Hot. IT fits her well.

  16. :brownsista: She looks gorgeous! She has the bone structure to pull this fit off!

  17. I love ciara but hate this hair style on her. she’s been going for a sexy look. on her she needs the weaves to pull it off

  18. Haters BOO! Your faves could NEVER EVER!!

    Ciara is killing it! Her Jaw Line Cheeks and eyes are killer! She is model! LOVE IT!

    YES! The long raggedy weaves *cough BEYONCE cough* is out dated and takcy.

  19. Loves it. I thought it was a wig too..who knows? It looks good either way. I’m thinking of chopping mine off too.

  20. The cut is okay but i don’t like it on her. Too drastic of a cut too soon. She shoud have done it gradually – but me no likey.

  21. Now all she needs is a pile of fresh fruit on her head and she’ll look like Carmen Miranda.

  22. Wow I can’t believe so many people hate this. This cut is hot on her. Ciara looked like a german shepard with that tired pony tail. This cut is very sexy and perfect for her face.


  24. i actually really like it!

    But has anyone noticed all these girls cutting their hair off and shit?!

    its coz BEYONCE owns the long flowing honey-coloured hair look!!

    people are just trying to stand out from Beyonce’s shadow lol!

    it worked for Rihanna!(love her)!

  25. James you sound dumb…Bey wasn’t the first to have long hair and she won’t be the last…..she doesn’t even do it well with those tacky ass wigs.

  26. Give it a week tops and she will be rockin her weave again. Celebs show off their new short cuts one week and you never see it again and Gabriel Union and Kelly Rowland are prime examples

  27. hmm at first I liked it, but now that I look at it again, I’m not feeling it so much because it sorta makes her ears look big!

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