Ciara Sighting+America’s Next Top Model News

Entertainment Weekly’s Hollywood Insider is reporting that Ciara will make a special guest appearance on Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model.

Also scheduled to be on hand will be Clay Aiken, who will act as a guest judge. Ciara will be brought in to help out with a photo shoot and possibly appear alongside the models.

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  1. I like her weave the color of it is cool, ciara is such a pretty girl, Good for her

  2. America’s Next Top Model is really hiting rock bottom bringing Clay Aiken in. What the heck does he have to do with fashion?

    It will be fun to see Ciara on the show.

  3. She looks almost pretty in these pictures. Almost but not quite there yet.

  4. She loks really beautiful.
    Lol at whoopie everytime I see this woman I have to laugh…just can’t help it!

  5. Why will Clay Aiken be a judge on a Top Model again?? I just don’t get.
    Oh, okay. Because Tyra is crazy and done lost her damn mind??!!! What in THE hell?!! 🙂

    Anyways, I luvs me some Top Model!! Can not wait ’til the 25th because I have nothing to watch on Wednesdays right now {aside from Idol… for a little while}. It’ll be interesting to see Ciara on an episode since she’s been trying to do her model thing as of late.

  6. Ciara looks really pretty, but that is just way too much weave on her head. I will be so glad when black women go back to wearing their own natural hair and stop wearing those weaves. That is why I admire Michelle Obama – she is an all natural sister.


  8. yeah she looks so good in her never ever video.

    i like her dress down minus the weave! she can’t decide between the two colours, blond or black, not a bad combo and style, just looks too heavy.

    how come nobody does red hair anymore? eve and charli baltimore used to rock that hue perfectly!

  9. Ciara my baby she sexy, smart, and cool i can’t wait to see her on america next top model and the clay aken thing you how they always do something weird on the top model show and they both singer so we see what the show has instore for us……also Ciara hanging out wit whooppie maybe she might be on the View……….

  10. Good for Ciara . Did you guys know that Melinda Doolittle (from American Idol) has an album out called “Coming back to you”? Her people don’t seem to be doing any promo because I havent seen her on any TV shows. The album seems to be mainly remakes but I love the retro sound.

  11. Clay Aiken is one of Tyra’s good friends, so that is probably why he is gonna be on the show.

  12. how come nobody does red hair anymore? eve and charli baltimore used to rock that hue perfectly!

    I was just discussing that on LHCF. I love seeing red hair on black women, it’s so gorgeous. Not the ghetto/kool-aid red, but the natural auburn colors or as long as it’s the right shade for certain skintones.

    Ciara just fell off, sorry.

  13. she really doesn’t need all that weave ….celebs kill me they all try to look so hollywood be urself !

  14. Well I usually don’t care for her, but I love the hair, she’s tall enough for it. And sitting next to whoopie makes her look really pretty.

  15. @ Truthteller

    You’re so bad! LOL

    I think Ciara looks cute here. Her hair color is so pretty.
    I love Whoopi, she is hilarious.

  16. yes i think she would do a brillant job concidering she is a lil model herself, she pretty

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