Ciara Signs with New Management


Ciara Signs with New Management Company

Managers for Alicia Keys and John Legend have joined together to form a new management company and have recently added Ciara to their ever-expanding roster. Ty Stiklorius, whose managed John Legend for almost a decade, and Erika Rose Santoro, whose managed Alicia Keys’ career for almost as long, recently partnered up to create Friends at Work, a new management company that features a 20-member staff that includes five female managers.

If you recall, Ciara parted ways with her longtime manager, Linda Ellis, earlier this year. She also voluntarily chose to leave Epic Records, according to label president, L.A. Reid.

2016 has been a very volatile year for Ciara musically. She postponed her Jackie Tour for the second time back in February, telling fans she’d instead chosen to return to the studio to start work on her next album.

Since then, all has been quiet on the music front. Ciara, however, did sign a modeling contract with IMG models, and as you all very well know, recently wed Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson.

So, what do Ciara’s new managers have in store for her? We’ll all probably have to wait to find out, but given how stagnant John Legend and Alicia Keys’ musical careers are, I don’t know if Friends at Work is the right choice for Ciara. CiCi needs people with fresh ideas, people with a track record of creating and maintaining the careers of the people they manage.

John is off busy dabbling in film and television, while Alicia is just kinda drifting. Her music stopped being interesting about two albums ago. Still, I won’t be a complete negative Nelly. Jackie was a solid album and Ciara has always put out quality singles. With the right management and a razor sharp focus on promoting the next album, and touring, I can see Ciara returning to the music scene bigger and better than ever.

But like I said, razor sharp focus. Ciara needs to put together a killer tour with killer costumes and then give killer performances that have both fans and critics squealing alike. Some new choreography wouldn’t hurt either. CiCi is too robotic. She needs to loosen up a bit. Image is also key. I’d like to see Ciara shock fans with a whole new look. Nothing outrageous, just something to get folks attention.

Lastly, I wanna see Ciara not give up. Canceling a tour is never good. Abandoning an album because it doesn’t top the charts straight out the gate is never good. It’s hard out here for artists today, but those who continue to thrive, if only on the road, do so because they never give up.

Come on, CiCi, I’m rooting for you.


  1. Ciara needs to put together a killer tour with killer costumes and then give killer performances that have both fans and critics squealing alike.

    Aye, and there it is. You hit the nail on the head. She has material (past) and has a fanbase. Just TOUR, tour and tour some more and like you said make it BIG and entertaining and engaging and maybe even interactive. Tour and show the talent she possesses. Strengthen that fanbase so that they are ready for new material when the time presents itself.

    The music industry is quite narrow these days, in mind and matter.

  2. I love this post because it speaks positive volumes about Ciara. There are a few miserable people that don’t want to see this woman thrive. Regardless of the things she been through Ciara is one of the genuine and humble artists I grew up watching since 2004. She needs a FRESH start and NEW everything involving her career. Musically I think Ciara needs to STEP it up further but I have all of her albums which proves she has loyal fans. Ciara needs the right direction with her management and I think she’s on the right track. The issue is Ciara needs the RIGHT people behind her every STEP of the way. To be honest she had to cancel her tour because of the b.s. surrounding her personal life. I agree with strengthening her fanbase and cater to new fans.

  3. I really appreciate you taking the time to write an article about one of my favorite artists. I love Ciara’s ingenuity and the one of a kind quality to her projects. If you think about it every single one of her albums are very different from one another. She always has a break out single either going gold or platinum like she recently did with “I Bet” in fact she is the only female R& B artist go do so for the year of 2015. I wouldn’t describe the era spanning 2016/2016 as volatile but I would say it’s been productive she has branched out into television doing variety shows like “I Can Do That” and hosting she has also covered the Rolling Stone classic “Paint It Black” to glowing reviews. She’s also left Epic behind which was a bold move and has made some really promising inroads into her fashion game by signing to ICM Models. She also saw two of her videos get over 100 million views (Vevo certification) and it looks like her Dance Like Were Making Love visual is about to do the same. All of her media platforms have seen growth from youtube (2 million subscribers and over One BILLION views), snapchat and twitter and she just signed to be a part of a collective of celebrities providing special content for instagram. I enjoyed the article but there is a correction needed: Friends At Work with be managing social and media aspects of Ciara’s brand NOT her music career. Neither Alicia or John are managing her music. As for her “giving up” as you called it I find it pretty obvious that she hasn’t given up considering all the obstacles that she’s had to go through from her previous labels industry politics and the misdirection and mismanagement from Epic….the truth is they were the ones who pulled the plug on the tour for her 5th album and they were indecisive about which single should be released after “I’M Out” featuring Nicki Minaj. Ciara wanted to mount a second tour for Jackie and even had dates in places she hasn’t toured before but she lost her sponsorship due to the character assassination going on in the press because of the lies put forth by her ex. In her typical fashion since she started in this industry a long 15 years ago she has clearly not giving up and revealed on her husbands FaceBook Live that she is currently working on her SEVENTH album. We have all struggled in our chosen careers but “Not Giving Up” may just replace Ciara’s middle name of Princess. Lol!

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