Ciara Steps Up

Ciara is reminding me so much of Aaliyah these days.Not in the sense that she is copying her style, but rather she too started off very much as a tomboy, but overtime has turned into such a young lady.Here Ciara is pictured at the “Step Up” Los Angeles Premiere showing off her new more feminine style.



  1. To me…there can only be one Aaliyah! I love them both and a huge fan but Aaliyah shall be untouchable! Ciara looks good for once at the premiere. She’s perfect 4rm head-to-toe! Go Ci-Ci!

  2. She looks pretty, but can she act.Are there any reviews for this movie out yet?

  3. She is mad at Janet Jackson because Janet said on 106 that Ciara reminds her of herself.Ciara didn’t take kindly to that is now screming the name of Madonna claiming she is a Modanna fan and modeled herself after her. What a bish 😡

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