Ciara, Tracee, Garcelle & More

Below we have actresses Garcelle Beauvais and Tracee Ellis Ross who both showed up for the grand re-opening of Decades Two, a popular Melrose vintage clothing shop. 80’s super diva Jody Watley also made a rare appearance.

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  1. I can’t help to feel like melyssa ford is not those black women to be proud of but hey its not my website so…

    Other than that can rihanna stop being that gorgeous
    janet and beenie i remenber she is still so pretty
    ciara: so sexy

  2. Melyssa Ford is just as worthy of praise as any Rihanna or Ciara. Melyssa hasn’t done anymore jiggling than they have. As a matter of fact Melyssa doesn’t jiggle or dance in the videos she appears in. She just plays the role of the pretty girl and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

  3. Ciara and rihanna are way far to be the queens of jiggling i know that much there is only one official jiggler in the game and we all know who that is and where that jiggling took her

    Antiway Melyssa is a skinnier deelishis no what i mean
    Ciara is so so pretty i love her legs
    Riri is plain dang gorgeous dont hate because some look like a pig with lipstick its not even a fake make believe beauty you gotta be next to rihanna to realize it tha gal is rocking
    Love keisha

  4. Yeah all the ladies look nice. :thumbsup:

    Keyshia Cole, I’m loving the new do and even though black/brown hair is the new ish she still looks nice with the blond.

    I think it would be awesome if Ciara and Janet do a duo like Beyonce/Shakira.

    Rihanna deserves her props, I know it’s nice to be the “it” girl now.

    Melyssa use to be real pretty but she’s still cute.

  5. They all do look GREAT and Ciara’s legs are amazing.

    But Melyssa Ford isn’t worth praising to me. She slept her way to the top and that’s not I want people to think Black women are all about. But I must say her body is Bangin! Gotta give credit where credit is due!!! LOL to them!!! 🙂

  6. “I think it would be awesome if Ciara and Janet do a duo like Beyonce/Shakira.”


  7. Stephie i’ma disagree with the comment that you made

    I wasn’t there for sure
    I wasn’t there when R.kelly had sex with a young girl
    How do i know That he knew she was a child?
    I wasn’t there with michael jackson and those kids when he so called raped them
    how do i know he is innocent or guilty?
    I wasn’t there when Dc broke up
    how do i know it wasn’t beyonce’s fault ?
    i wasnt there with tisha and duane
    how do i know they did not break up?
    i wasn’t there when eva was caugth on tape how do i know it’s really her?
    I wasn’t there with diddy how do i know he did slept wit sienna miller?

    Gossip its all gossip but when you don’t kno the people personally
    you can only judge by the way they handle themselves
    Melyssa is beautiful indeed but when game rap about her saying she slept her way trougth the top and i see her in his video huggin him and all i can believe it

    My point is sure no one should be judge by their apparences but if the way you look and act is the first thing people see
    You might as well Act and look welll

    Don’t you think?

  8. And you believe The Game? When did his word, the word or a murderous gang member become worth listening to. And I edited out my were you there comment as it wasn’t meant for this post.

  9. i dont believe game sister im saying someone calls me name there is no way on earth i’m talking to them

  10. Let me say something else right quick. Once upon a time the women who appeared in videos were not referred to as bitches and whores. But again, as thug culture took over rap, the way women were treated and talked about degraded and that included the women who these men employed to be in their own videos.

    The Game’s words mean little to nothing to me. Here is a man who raps about killing and selling drugs to his own people and he asks that we understand his plight and why he had to do what he did. On the flip side he also talks about women being bitches for trying to use men for money but we are not asked to understand their plight. Po folks use what they got. He being a man used his strength and force to commit crimes to get what he wanted. Women however don’t have that so they use what they do have to “make it” and that is their bodies.

    Neither is better or worse than the other but men like him seem to think so. However, Melyssa Ford is not some poor girl from the hood who needs to sleep with anyone to pay her bills. She has endorsements and does quite a few things most folks know nothing about. But because she is a “video girl” brothas like to take shots at her like they do all women. Face it, Melyssa Ford was considered a whore before she put on her first bathing suit and strutted in front of the camera.

    Might I also add that The Game used, of all people, a known industry whore to appear in his video talking about so called video whores. How funny is that? Gloria Velez openly admits to being a whore and yet never gets called one in the rap world. Neither does Vida Guirrera for that matter. Gloria performed oral sex on the woman on tape in the middle of the street and yet Game put her on and prolly paid her well. Hypocrisy at it’s best if you ask me.

    I refuse to allow the hateful natures of rappers or Black men in general to harshly judge other Black women that I do not know. So until Melyssa Ford says or does something that I find offensive I will continue to have no problems posting about her.

  11. Btw, Game ended up apologizing to her claiming he was going by what he heard and what he knew personally. Talk about a total loser :loser:

  12. “Hypocrisy at it’s best if you ask me.” i sure can agree with that
    even tho he did apologize by dignity she should be ignoring him as the lady she is supposed to be idk if you understand my point that is how you teach those men respect wether if he apologized or not you need to show him the path to respect and hugging him all over it’s not a way

    “I will continue to have no problems posting about her.” that is your absolute rigth this is YOUR website you do wht you want whoever is not happy with it can leave i’m not attacking you know that
    i’m just being myself with the little time i have i love to hang out with my sistaz wether its on a club on the internet or at work i like being around my sistaz that’s why i stay here even tought some are really “off mined” if you know what i mean but anyhow feelings and taste can’t be debated you like what you like

    :iagree: :bowdown: :hifive:

  13. I don’t know if Melyssa slept her way to the top but i do know that she is not the kind of woman that other females would want to model themselves after or respect. I also know that she does not have the most prestegious job in the industry which is….I wouldn’t even call that a real job cuz she doesn’t do music videos anymore, all she does is pose half nude in mens magazines. Can’t even call her a model, just a vixen which alludes to video hoe these days, not because of how rappers treat or degrade women but how these women choose to portray themselves in these videos. and stephanie have you ever seen that documentary on VH1 called “confessions of a video vixen”. Alot of “video vixens” would do whatever it takes just to get a cameo in a rapper’s video & get money i.e superhead.

  14. Everyone looks nice. Although, Melyssa Ford looks different without her weave. I can see why some women swear by it :lol2:

    It will be interesting to see how some people will turn and begin to degrade Ciara and Rihianna as their performances are sometimes provacative and they too are all over the internet, on video shows and in fashion magazines.

    I know I don’t have a problem with anyone, especially a sista, getting her grind on!

    WORK IT OUT! :dance: :dance:

  15. Wow Jodi Watley looks good! I used to think the world of her back in the day.

    Garcelle is a beautiful pregnant woman. She has that glow that is undeniable when one is happy and content. :thumbsup:

  16. Ladies are doing big things 07. Ciara is representing Roccawear well, Iknow sales will increase , Ciara was a very good choice.

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