Ciara Unveils New Music at Grammy After Party


Though she wasn’t up for any awards at this year’s Grammys, Ciara still showed up for the event to support her work with Degree Women, who recently teamed up with the Grammy Foundation to help support fitness among young women.

One of CiCi’s duties for the evening was performing at the official Grammy after party, where she debuted a new single, which she says is a love song of sorts to her fans.

The new single, titled “Anytime,” features CiCi’s fiancé Future and lyrically is obviously just as much about each other as it is the singer’s notoriously loyal fan base.

“Baby, I’ll go to war for you/ In this life/ Baby, I’ll give the stars to you/ I’ll be there anytime/ Anytime you need,” the pair croon.

Ciara also revealed she is back in the studio working on a new album, and that there’s some “really cool stuff” she thinks fans are going to enjoy.

Give the song/performance a listen below.


  1. OMG! so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes, the same way that Future/Miley/Mr. Hudson song, REAL AND TRUE, does.

    Future is bringing out all the best in Ciara. God bless their union and professional collaboration. Cant wait to play this song for my man.

    Still misty eyed.

  2. She killed it, i think Ciara is pretty dope and she does not get the credit she deserves. Great post

  3. nice to see her just sing instead of the same tired dance routine every show. maybe this pregnancy making her sit still will help her focus and master her vocals since she cant distract with great dancing for a few months…

  4. I truly think the song is beautiful, however I believe it would be even better just audio/studio/video version ’cause sadly as much as I love Ciara, she just isn’t that strong of a vocalist to promote a new single on live performance primarily. Wish her all the best though.

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