Ciara Visits Much Music To Promote New Album

Ciara’s highly anticipated new album, Ciara: The Evolution, hits stores on December 5th. and features her new hit single “Promise” as well as all new tracks produced by Pharrell, Rodney Jerkins, Will.I.Am and others.The album will also include a limited edition Bonus DVD where you can learn Ciara’s moves for “Get Up”, “Promise” and much more.You can check out Ciara below as she visits the Much Music Studios in Canada to promote her new cd.Don’t forget to check out Ciara’s gallery to view the hq version of these pics.
Ciara on Much MusicCiara on Much MusicCiara on Much Music


  1. She just doesn’t do it for me.She’s like a dancing robot-no feeling at all to her performances :thumbsdown:

  2. Ciara’s new video is the ish.She’s gonna be what Beyonce was suppose to be this year :booty:

  3. The microphone scene is nice but other than that the vide is just okay.Some of the dancing seems out of place and much too fast for the song.Ciara is no Beyonce because she lacks Bey’s stage prowness.Good luck to Ciara and all but no need to try and make her out to be more than she is.She’s no Beyonce, Janet or even Aaliyah.

  4. She definitely is no Aaliyah and I hear those comparisons all the time. :noway:

  5. I think she is a much better and rawer dancer than either Janet or Aaliyah.Janet is more charasmatic though and so was Aaliyah.There is room enough for all their styles and I love(d) them each in different ways.

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