Ciara Parties In Monte Carlo (Updated)

Is it me or is there an awards show being held for something every other week? This weeks round of shows include The World Music Awards which will be held in Monte Carlo tonight. And as always award shows are proceeded by pre-award show parties, which is where Ciara was spotted. And before you ask or wonder, YES, 50 was there too. I believe both Ciara and Rihanna will be performing at the show which will air in America on November 22nd. But in the meantime you can check out Ciara above looking oh so fabulous. I love her dress, the hair- and the pose. Sometimes a siata just know when she looks good and I think Ciara knows that she is wearing that dress- WELL.

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  1. There are way too many awards shows and I cant be bothered to watch any of them.

    Ciara looks beautiful.

  2. That dress i seen that dress before? on a popular singer that we know well???. :confused:

    but she look’s real beautiful go ahead and do your thang Ciara! 😀

  3. ciara? wow she is so beautiful…
    so much for those who say she look like a man….

  4. I think she looks great but I like her with Black hair better. she’s a very sexy and talented lady.


  6. All these girls staying jacking from each other. Hence the regular “Who ran it?” posts on most gossip blogs.

  7. @ Patricia Williams. yup.. yup.. you got it right she remind me of her too 😎

  8. Yeah it is funny how Ciara got the same hair-style Beyonce had while wearing that dress. 😎 Even though both of them looked real pretty and neither one of them originated the hairstyle or any style for that matter.

  9. Duh Beyonce looks better. Ciara doesn’t even have a body shape for real. She’s shaped “like a boy.”

  10. This is the dress Beyonce wore to her Grammy afterparty! Ciara even has the same hairstyle and haircolor!! YIKES!

  11. ciara looks so beautiful.

    I think she rocked it better than bey because bey’s dress looks too plastic, but they both wear the dress well and have nice curves.

  12. ciara, cassie, adrianna lima, and beyonce wore this dress. beyonce did not wear it first, cassie and adrianna lima did, cassie had the same hairstyle and everything

  13. come to think of it dolla bell you is right about that ..i did see cassie in a magazine with that same dress on… my bad 😎

  14. No, it’s not quite the same dress…but close enough, I guess… Ciara looks much better with a fuller figure…I don’t understand how her body looks so different from picture to picture…She should gain weight…

  15. ciara, cassie, adrianna lima, and beyonce wore this dress. beyonce did not wear it first, cassie and adrianna lima did, cassie had the same hairstyle and everything

    wwell that should quiet down the beyonce stans. they act like the bitch is original

  16. Everyone wears this hairstyle to show off the back. Having hair hanging down would totally defeat the look of the back of the dress.

  17. Ciara looks pretty in the black backless gown- I mean, really pretty. I loved Beyonce in it best, though. She has the (mad) body for it! Rihanna is such a doll in her pix! I absolutely adore her in the green gown and the red lips and polish is just BANGER! Reminds me of Christmas- I wish I had that dress for one of the many upcoming Holiday parties.

  18. wow Ciara has out and about lately for her birthday celebrations. That’s what I’m talking about!

    (I think she got a boob job by the way)

  19. Who cares about Beyonce wearing it first……………Ciara looks good in it…Yes Bee does have a killer body, but I like it on Ciara better, hers isn’t so extra…..her makeup even looks better. They both have on thoes lacefront wigs though! I read that Ciara’s dress is Gucci and Bee’s is Cavalli…………yeah everyone is in love with Bee so they will pick her, but CiCi killed it! :thumbsup:

  20. Ciara look really nice in the grey dress to I’m loving the look…………I like RIhanna’s look too just not the red lipstick!

  21. I doubt these designers make just ONE DRESS. Who cares who wears it once, twice, all day, whatever? I kinda like the dress and the look. On the whole, great images all around. :brownsista:

  22. I swear this girl has lost her uniqueness. She dresses like everyone else now. Even her music is getting bland

  23. Ci-Ci getting her grown woman on for real. She look really good in them picture. Ri-Ri alway look good that my girl. Grown and sexy women.

  24. The rich and famous love to hand out awards to each other, lol.

    Stylistically, she sort of looks like… a Beyonce clone.

  25. beyonce look like a skinnier version of her mom and it aint a compliment cici kinda has a manly shape but she is trying to work on it so we can apreciate that :dance2:

    rihanna no matter how much i dislike her is beautiful!no she is gorgeous those eyes those lips are killer and she is young she stink youth a mile away and that’s so cute awwwwwwwww :thumbsup:

    beyonce is old that 26 y.o gimic wont work for long she do need to hurry and get her money and disapear by the time she is “30” before wrinkles pour over and ass go down! 😀

  26. With all do respect… PLEASE PLEASE stop bringing up Beyonce’. If she is not “all that” stop making her the standard of every woman in entertainment. The article is about Ciara. If you want Bey to go away, start with yourself!

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