Ciara’s “Fantasy Ride” Gets Pushed Back Again

Ciara’s new album has officially been pushed back again. Orginally scheduled to be released on December 9th, Fantasy Ride was was then pushed back to January 2009 and now according to Entertainment Weekly, has officially been pushed back even further, to Spring of 2009. As we previously reported, the first single from Fantasy Ride, Go Girl, failed to spark an interest with fans, peaking at #78 on the Hot 100 chart before falling off after only four weeks. “The response to ‘Go Girl’ wasn’t strong enough to ignite an album,” says a rep for the Zomba Label Group. “It’s a nice setup single because the video introduces Ciara’s new look and her new body, but it’s not the opener.”

Another setback: Pressure to match the multiplatinum success of her first two discs, 2004’s Goodies and 2006’s Ciara: The Evolution, plus stiff competition from Britney, Beyonce, and the Energizer Bunny known as Rihanna. “Ciara opened very wide with her first album, which gave her a broad audience and crossover appeal. Her second album was a little more urban. With Fantasy Ride, they’re trying to strike a balance [between pop and urban] while looking for the right single.” So, what’s CiCi’s latest release date and just how firm is it? “Right now, we are anticipating it for spring 2009, but we’re not gonna put another date on it.” Goodness gracious! Sounds like this Fantasy Ride has become quite the bumpy journey.



  1. That’ s a smart move, the recession is killing people only a few very devoted or very crazy people have money to buy multiple cds even 50 cents push his back!
    When she’ ll finally release it she’ ll be ready

    “the Energizer Bunny known as Rihanna.” LOve that one

    I mean people slept on rihanna and she crept up and straight killed it, I think we are sleeping on cici but when her time is right she will slap the competition Down, Now britney? the only competition to britney is alicia keys and christina aiguilera

  2. Stephanie i would love for you to do album reviews and give your opinions :thumbsup:

  3. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 2 Thumbs up 4 me. This girl dances like no one else!! Do your thang CiCi! :bowdown:

  4. @VOICE :iagree:
    I want Stephenie to do album reviews so bad to! I love when she comes in the comments and states her opinions

  5. Albums delays are the death knell for careers these days … she’s done. Next.

  6. Ciara perform at wild jam on nov 12, 2008 as always she brought down the house. Some how you chose to post negative on her first and foremost. As a male I’m confused to why she don’t receive the same love as others. For the record Ciara is the greatest entertainer alive and Beyonce and Rihanna don’t come close in looks or performance. You stated you will support Ciara but you chose to divide the female, black blogs still don’t get it . You have the right to make a change on how we are view by other, but you chose self hatred. Peace πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  7. Good luck to you Ciara. :brownsista: Like someone mentioned, this might be best for her.

    Also, I agree with the two ladies above, PLEASE do Album Reviews Stephanie! I’d LOVE to hear what you have to say :brownsista:

  8. “the Energizer Bunny known as Rihanna” πŸ˜†

    “As a male I’m confused to why she don’t receive the same love as others.” I love her, I just don’ t love her music just like i love beyonce I just don’ t love her music πŸ™„ That’ s not hatred πŸ™„

    An album delay is better than a suicide I’ m not worried about rihanna or beyonce as her competition because they each have their fan bases, I ‘ m concerned about britney spears ,She is their beyonce and their rihanna once she is out Unless you have a strong fanbase Like bey and rih, you don’ t stand a chance they will purposely give everything out to her, rather the album is good or bad. :loser:

  9. knockkey “For the record Ciara is the greatest entertainer alive and Beyonce and Rihanna don’t come close in looks or performance.” if i was you i wouldnt make comments like that….

  10. :iagree: they have to push it back. Go girl was too super techno, t-pain is played out, and urban r&b fans saved thier $13 big ones for the worshipped Sasha Fierce, and yeah that album was dissapointing, dull, lacked guest, and ambition. :thumbsdown:

  11. Kim :iagree: on the dull, but i think it’ s better for her to have no guest on the album she can save that for her pultiple re release so her fans can knock themselves out loool

  12. I think Ciara’s label is underestimating her fans. She might not be the best singer (but neither is Rihanna or the Bey chick) but she can dance her behind off and she’s beautiful. They need to push her videos more that would help record sales.

  13. i think this push back is a bad idea. if you remember ciara’s album was suppose to come out today. head to head with b. then it was pushed backed to january now another push back. lets all take a moment and think on kelly r. and how all those push backs affected her album sales.

  14. Wow! spring of 09? thats really bad, she is getting straight Ashanit’d on this project

  15. poor thing , reguardless she will still be loved………well throw u up and catch u later!!!!

  16. hmmmmmmm this is starting to sound like the Eve situation( it’s been almost 2 yrs & the album has never came out). I wonder if “Fantasy Ride” will ever see the store shelves πŸ™„ .

  17. I always worry when I hear the news about my favorite artists’ album are pushed back. Most of the pushing backs lead to the low album selling. πŸ™

    I hope this pushing back will come out a great surprise! πŸ™‚

  18. monie…im sorry not to hate on ciara but u said it yourself that she doesnt have that great of a voice but she can dance her butt off…tell me how dancing your butt off can make you have good album sales…i for sure aint buying an album just because she can dance….i cant see her dance while listening to her album…now its something different if you were talking about the selling of a concert or something….

  19. I hope it does album sells. I like ciara but I never knew she had a song out. These radio stations rotate the same songs. I listen to the radio everyday but didnt hear her song.

  20. Mario

    I guess my point is that most of the R&B divas don’t have much talent singing wise, Rihanna, Bey nor Kiesha Cole can sing any better than Ciara. So it’s all about marketing. And if you want to market Ciara you need to market what she does best, dancing.

  21. ok monie i understand now and :iagree: if dancing is what she does best than that is what they should be promoting the most

  22. honestly… Ciara CANNOT sing. and i’m really tired of people thinking that R&B is about how high you can jump on a stage or how hard you can roll your hips. R&B is about the MUSIC and the SINGING and if Ciara would go learn to SING , maybe then I would care if her album dropped or not. I know I’m personally not about to spend $15 on an album in which the beats are the only things keeping me interested…

  23. Ms Hershey

    $15 on an cd? Where in the heck are you shopping? Lol I haven’t spent more than 9.99 for a cd ever.

  24. ms. hershey

    rihanna beyonce alicia keys ciara ashanti mary j blige keyshia cole

    Who’ s pop who’ s r&b?

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