Ciara’s Latest Movie Poster

As hard as it is to believe, we first reported of Ciara landing the lead role in the film adaptation of the Broadway hit “Mama I want To Sing” more than two years ago. Since then the film has seen cast changes, re-shoots and false reports of release dates and even rumors of it being released straight to DVD. I don’t think anyone can say for sure when or if this film will ever be released- but every now and then I continue to be sent new information on it- including this poster below- which is said to be official.


  1. This movie better be GREAT if it takes two years to cast, edit, and most importantly shoot.

  2. How do you know it will flop. You have no idea what God has given her. Figure out what he hsa given you RUSERIOUS and work on that. Don’t assume what other people will go and do. It seems outside of one artisist you don’t think anyone else should be a success. Shame on you get some happiness in your life child.

  3. Even if Ciara is just alright, the surrounding cast and storyline will make it a good film, many have seen the play, it’s just a familiar story. It’s always refreshing to see a story that projects our images, since it’s not the majority of the time!

    Distribution is the most difficult aspect of getting a film to viewers, very competitive!

  4. @Bee- wow was it that serious, i thought it was almost unanimous Ciara isn’t know for her vocals but her dancing. Can cici really hold a candlestick 2 real singers but i admire her dance moves. Acting-i saw a trailer and wasn’t moved. And i don’t have favorites or pit these mainstream clone artists against each other. i know where y ou were goin with that comment. Cici is the best dancer out and a mediocre singer. Relax boo stop letting the entertainers have such an impact on your emotions.

  5. lol. it will flop indeed. nothing against her. i enjoy her talent(dancing), but there is a reason why it took 3/4 years to come out. and why are y’all acting like you don’t know how they treat black hollywood actors/actresses??? seriously. chill out.

  6. Plain poster without telling anything but “Ciara starred this movie”and we gotta admit that Ciara has passed her peak. Not an insult ,but as I consider, it will flop.

  7. Oh my, my, my…I will watch this on the telly. I usually don’t rent movies like this…

  8. I’ll watch it Ciara is a sweet beautiful young woman who has never harmed anyone…..she can sing it just may not be your standard of singing.

  9. Ciarra is a beautiful lady…..model material and she can dance. I hope the movie does well. Her singing is mediocre just like Beyonce so go figure :-/

  10. I wish her the best. It’s not too many black movies and TV programs out these days. Let us be supportive.

  11. Well if ya’ll actually go see it it wouldn’t “flop”. This movie is more aimed at the black community than any other but because most blacks are so damn judgemental and don’t give things a chance they will probably have to try to market to a bigger audience. Thats why Ciara will probably be in ten other movies before this one comes out

  12. Bey has range as a singer , CiCi is a better dancer by far. I would only want to see this because of Lynn Whitfield anyway.

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