Ciara’s Latest Rocawear Ad

Ciara For Rocawear Rocawear has debuted another ad featuring singer Ciara and I am now officially convinced that someone gave an eighth kid a camera and sent him out to take these pics. When I first saw this pic I wasn’t even sure if it was Ciara or not but apparently it is. This pic is the latest in a long line of uninspiring print ads Rocawear has rolled out for their “I Will Not Lose” campaign. However, unlike in the other ads, I can actually see these clothes a little bit better and they are not half bad. Actually I love the creamy beige color. It’s a color I and most brown skin sistas tend to look good in. Not feeling those manly boots though, it completely takes away from the femininity of the outfit.

Still, even with this one cute outfit, I think Rocawear should revamp the entire look of this campaign.


  1. People talk a lot of smack about Kimora but I think she knows how to make women want to go out and buy her clothes. She sells an entire lifestyle and it it looks fabulous. Rocawear’s ads look dark and gloomy and cheap and yeah even a little ghetto. Ciara looks like a hood rat in that ad. Very few young women I know are going for that look. Kudos to House Of Dereon too. Say what you will but the clothes are cute and feminine and that is what women and men like.

  2. I’m convince BROWN SISTA is not a fan of CIARA. CIARA is posted on CELEBRITY NEWS WOW. ROCAAWEAR sales are doing great. JAYZ is a very smart man who has link all three beautys under his coat . I’m a CIARA fan only and eveytime BROWN SISTA post on THE GOODIES QUEEN it BIAS. BROWN SISTA when will CIARA get a CATEGORIES ? You guys are doing the exact same as BET dividing our sister. CIARA looks flawless in every pic, she is a natural beauty. I will state it for the record ROCAWEAR is a small part of CIARA business plan. CIARA will be launching her CLOTHING and JEWERLY LINE soon.

  3. She looks great. I like the hoodie she’s wearing.

    And yeah Brownsista your bias shows every time you post about Ciara. So obvious. Stick to wrting about Janet and Keyshia. We understand.

  4. I like the way Ciara looks in this ad. She looks sexy and confident. Young women living in urban communities (ghetto) are fashion pioneers who own their own looks. No matter their size, race or economic status they know they look good and you can’t tell them anything.

    The boots with this outfit are perfect and reflects the true contradiction of urban females. Sexy and street smart, feminine and rough around the edges. Not every woman is dainty and predictable and want to look like Kimora Lee or what Tina Knowles think we should look like. Hell, I know I don’t 🙂

    The ads are probably dark because the ghetto can sometimes be a very dark place. And, that’s real!

    Go, CIARA!

  5. I do not like the Rocawear ads. I tolerated the first but quickly became bored with the dreaded look and lack of style and originality. Brown Sista does not deal in hate or bias towards Black women so please don’t accuse us of it. Am I personally a Ciara fan? No. But I’m not a Beyonce or Rihanna fan either. Everyday I come here and report on people I have absolutely no interest in. A quick search of Ciara on this site will show dozens of neutral or flattering stories about the sista. Note how I refer to her as “sista”. I didn’t call her a man, hermaphrodite or any of the other horrid names some Black sites have called her. This site has plenty of articles posted about Ciara that are quite flattering and speak well of her. The BET Awards post is a perfect example of that.

    Btw, if I didn’t like Ciara, she would not even be posted here. She would be on ignore like Remy Ma and countless other low class women who do absolutely nothing for the image of Black women.

  6. Everyday I come here and report on people I have absolutely no interest in.

    ^^^ Stephanie if you feel that way then what is the point of you having the site? smh. As I was reading the assessment you wrote on ciara’s ad I was thinking Why so much negativity? Just stick to writing about black female celebs that you have ‘interest’ in please.

  7. It’s called un-biased journalism twa. My goal for many years has been to create a site that focused entirely on Black women. To only post about women I am a personal fan of would leave dozens of people out and I am not just running this site for self but for anyone who loves and cares about the representation of Black women. If a sista is positive she gets a spotlight here. As for the negativity in the Ciara post, I see none. I think fans are overly dramatic. I mean, I was once accused of being a Beyonce hater- imagine that. Hundreds of threads about this woman here and someone came here one day and saw something that made her think I was a hater. I don’t post about people I have no concern for or “hate”. I think we have more than enough sites doing that. Take the post for what it is- my dislike of the ads, not the woman in the ads.

  8. BrownSista is one of only a handful of gossip blogs I can stomach. So what they don’t like the Rockawear campaign. I distinctly remember them saying in another post Rockawear had no idea how to showcase this beautiful sista. That was their exact words. Keep doing what you all are doing Stephanie and Debra. Black women always looking for ways to take a good thing down. Half these chicks hanging out on blogs that call Black women all types of bitches and hoes on the daily and I bet they ain’t made one complaint about it. Get over it already. Ain’t nobody feeling those busted ads that don’t even show the clothes. Most fashion blogs saying the exact same thing. Geez.

  9. All this hoopla over these tired azz ads. I’m not feeling the clothes or the campaign with all those boo hoo stories. So what if the blog writer doesn’t like the ad or Ciara for that matter. They aren’t required to kiss Ciara’s bony butt. Truth is Ciara is boring and shouldn’t even be allowed to model socks if you ask me. She has the personality of a fruit fly and lacks style. She looks at the camera the exact same way in every photograph. She is definitely not model material. They wold have been better off choosing someone like Cassie or Meagan Good.

    @ Stephanie, please don’t take this as me hating but if anything you need to grow a backbone and stop sugarcoating stories. I understand wanting to be positive but all is not positive and you always find a way to spin things in favor of the sistas even when they wrong. Making excuses for why Beyonce made those statements in Latina magazine and making a joke out of Meagan Good walking out her house naked are a few things that come to mind. You may think you are being positive but in actuality you are sending a poor message to young Black girls who may be reading your blog.

    Just my opinion and I still love the site.

  10. Personally not one of these Rocawear ads with Ciara on them has made me want to go out and purchase the exact same thing. The clothes she wears look plain, boring and doesn’t have much style to them. Not just the Ciara ads but most of the rocawear outfits I’ve seen hasn’t been so cute lately. Not like it use too anyway. However I did notice that the brand outfit’s Ciara been shown in, it seems like something she wears on a regular basics. Have ya’ll even considered that stylist for the ad might be going by Ciara’s personal style? The boots she has on look very obvious. Ciara is always shown looking very casual, except for the glamorous award shows. Now if this was Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, or Kimora appearing on the ads, I can guarantee we wouldn’t be seening this look on them. We would be seening more glamorous and chic looking outfits because that’s their style.

  11. whatever haters. if you come on hear and bigup house of da wrong then i know you have no style. ciara is fly and all that. the line is for a round a way girl. that embodies ciara’s image. she is not trying to be jlo like beyonce and rihanna, she’s doing her own thing. if it’s not for you fine but to say if one of those lames were in the same clothes you would be interested then that means you’re a hater. period and end of discussion

  12. ^^Fine Ne, go buy the outfits. Whatever suits your fancy. Everyone has a personal style, that’s what makes the world go round. But I think the word “hater” is being used too often now and it’s becoming very old and senseless now. Just because everybody doesn’t agree on the same thing does not make them a hater. People don’t have to agree on the same thing. If you like Ciara’s style fine, if you like Beyonce’s style fine. End of discussion.

  13. Personally I love Baby Phat But that just me.As for rocka wear i tend to agree it’s hood but that’s what you like I’m not mad.Well that just mean Jay and his team need to find a new ad agency to push those clothes and the slogan because i don’t see were it’s catching on .

  14. These ads are a hot holy mess. No way anyone is really going gaga over these adverts. Maybe the clothes when shown in stores look good but we aren’t talking about the clothes, we are talking about the ads and the ads are not compelling in any way. I love me some Ciara but these ads do nothing for her and she does nothing for the clothes.

  15. OMG, this is actually the BEST of the promo shots I’ve seen so far for the Rocawear ads!
    I don’t mind the dark background with the light colored clothes. The ones I saw before had dark colors so its was just…dark…lol
    I love the entire outfit- (upon enlarging the pic) the jacket is pretty, and I would definitly rock it. I won’t wear the jeans and boots, but I like the overall look.
    I think Ci looks great as well (compared to previous promo shots) She looks great with color rather than the neutral makeup they used previously.

  16. Kudos to you, Stephanie! I love!!! Keep doing your thing!

    Why do ppl go to blogs like this one, ConcreteLoop or YBF and get mad because the blog/site owner states their peronal opinion? Make your own fansite or blog about the celeb of your choice and have some respect and class when visiting blogs that ppl take out time and put work into.

    May God bless each and every one of you.

    With mad love,

  17. Thank You STEPHANIE, You answer why CIARA don’t have a cateogorery. CIARA was asked by a white radio dj , HAS ANY OF THE RUMOR HURTED YOU PERSONALLY. CIARA RESPOND NO, NONE OF THE RUMOR WERE TRUE. CIARA PRINCESS HARRIS IS ALL WOMAN///// CIARA only share the name of the famous CIARA- PRONOUNCE CI- RA that the reason why white media want address her as SIERRA because they want people to think it her. I can expect that from white media CIARA has accomplish her sucess in a shorter time than BEYONCE and MICHEAL JACKSON. White media want RIHANNA to by pass both BEYONCE and CIARA. When RIHANNA album drop rumor began with beef with her and CIARA. CIARA went from selling 3+ million U.S. TO 2.6 MILLION -FROM 2+ MILLION WW
    to a total sales 3MILLION WW. If you are not a fan of CIARA you would believe what you read. CIARA GOODIES ALBUM has sold 5+ million ww and she has the platinum dics to prove it. White media don’t want us to suceed. BLACK MEDIA want support their own. CIARA has faced the adversity that most of us would have end our career over. CIARA represent hard work and determination. CIARA lived by I DETERMINE MY DESTINY. CIARA believe in GOD first and refuse to have SEX before marriage, so white media make up story to sell . CIARA top the chart ever since the day she started, and refuse to be a ONE hit wonder predicted by the media.

  18. I like Ciara; she is very pretty and is a great performer. Roc-A-Wear, I have NEVER liked; but then again, I’m not too much into urban trends. I can see Ciara fans going out and buying this stuff; particularly the wee ones, but I’m not moved. She looks good and I kinda like the chiaroscuro (sp?) of the images. 😉

  19. @knocckey

    are you fucking serious? so ciara became a star earlier than michael jackson? wow talk about delusional
    i`m a black man and i go through numerous predominantly black blogs every day but what you just said is one of the most idiotic stuff i have ever heard in my life time about ciara and her evolvement as a star at an earlier age than michael jackson
    i guess when michael jackson was singing a…b…c….. he was 40?

  20. CIARA looks pretty in that photo, but honestly i don’t really see any one wearing roca-wear it’s just irrelevant to me in the fashion industry it’s really not my fashion sent LOL i don’t even see beyonce wearing anything roca-wear…………. even though she has her own clothing line house of dereon but still it’s like ok somethin’ is lookin’ a little cheesey to the clothing just my opinion the only thing roca-wear i have is a green roca-wear clutch bag and i bought that because i thought it was cute and i like the design on it


  21. Wow, you think House of Dereon is better and you think RocAWear is “irrelevant” yet you OWN a bag? LOL Wasn’t Beyonce like a spokesperson for RocAWear clothing a couple of years ago? HOD is just as ghetto-urbane as the rest of these lines; yet they want to call it ‘couture’. Baby Phat too. SMDH.

  22. It’s called un-biased journalism twa.

    ^^^ stephanie if what you claim is true, I’d see remy ma on your blog. But she isn’t because your so called ‘journalism’ is biased and you fail to realize it. The fact that you call this journalism is just humorous to me. This post in particular was nothing but a mere rambling of your opinion, which obviously doesn’t count at least not to me. I could care less if you like ciara’s rocawear ad or not at the end of the day she is a good representation of what it means to be a hard working black woman in the entertainment industry and no I’m not not one of her dillusional stans.

  23. I’m just curious as to why some people have their own categories(Meagan Good) and Ciara still doesn’t have a category.

  24. SHAWN it has nothing to do with age. The Jackson Five work years before becoming famous as well as Destiny Child. Ciara and 50 cent are rare few who became sucessful from the begining of their career. What Ciara has acomplish in three years in term of money and sucess the other took longer to reach. Micheal and Beyonce were no where close to being millionaire in their first 3 years out.

  25. UMMMM ACKRIGHT U SHOULD ACKRIGHT AND GET YA FACTS RIGHT (LOL)………………this was my personal opinon about roca-wear, let me break it down to you . i said i have a roca-wear clutch bag not roca-wear clothes (LOL), and i said that i don’t see Beyonce wearing roca-wear because she has her own clothing line house of dereon i never said that her clothing line is better than his it’s just that they both got there own thing goin’ on with there style. (DUH) read between the lines before you comment on somethin’


  26. OH and yeah roca-wear makes nice clutch bags , i just think the clothes are irrelevant



  27. look rocawear is just about the hootest clothing out there for young black america. I think Ciara is a role model for the youth. Beyonce is 25 years old and doesn’t know the first thing about grammar. Ciara speaks as if she is a grown women. Meaghan good is a nobody Ciara is bigger than Beyonce at this time. Give her a chance.

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