Check Out Ciara’s New Movie Trailer

Check out the trailer for Ciara‘s new flick “That’s My Boy.” The movie stars Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live. With a mature rating and plenty of nudity and four letter words, this film definitely ain’t for everybody. However, if that type of thing turns you on, check out the preview below.


  1. with adam sandler in it, at least she can be sure the movie wont go straight to DVD…

  2. it amazing how these guys get money to make the same dumb movie over and over again and Red tails almost didn’t get made if .smh

  3. Good for Ciara!!! This Sandler flick seems a bit over the top …I do like some of Adam Sandler movies…outrageous comedies…some of them can be hilarious…Ciara should focus on acting and modeling, hot singles and getting on a soundtrack, write a cook book, etc…look at what Mary J. Blige does…which is a very distinct and amazing brand…continue to build her career and brand for the remainder of her 20s…if she keeps evolving and staying out there, good things will continue to happen for her! As is does for all of us!

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