Ciara’s New Album May Be Shelved

Ciara’s ‘One Woman Army’ album still has no release date, and according to industry insiders, may never have one.

After three singles: ‘Sweat,’ ‘Sorry’ and ‘Got Me Good’ failed to chart in any significant way, rumor has it L.A. Reid is considering shelving the entire project if the next single doesn’t perform better.

Fans have been begging for Epic to release the infectious ‘Overdose’ and it appears that will indeed be the single chosen to decide the fate of Ciara’s hugely publicized return to the music scene.

Asked via Twitter to respond the rumor, Ciara has so far had nothing to say.

In a happier bit of CiCi news, the singer’s ‘Got Me Good’ performance, taped back in October for Jimmy Kimmel Live, finally aired on television.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.


  1. Poor Ciara! I hate it for her. I was hoping that with L.A. Reid in her corner, she would be able to make a major comeback and put out some great music, but that does not appear to be the case. How sad. I was really rooting for her, but she has not brought about a significant change…

  2. The music industry has completely turned on Ciara and I don’t know why. Granted, I don’t think any of these new songs are that great, but I also didn’t think her last two albums deserved to do as bad as they did considering some of the great singles that were released.

    Anyway, if they want to release ‘Overdose’ they should do it sooner rather than later. ‘Sorry’ isn’t gonna do any better on the charts, so its just time to move on.

    More promo from Ciara wouldn’t hurt either. We should be seeing her on TV every week.

  3. I agree with Sista in that I don’t understand why the music industry has turned on Ciara. I get that she is not the strongest singer, but she is a dam good entertainer…there are weaker voices out there.
    Maybe it’s just the cycle out there with music.

  4. The music industry has completely turned on Ciara and I don’t know why.

    Because… *in my Sean Conner Highlander voice* … there can only be one!!!

    And such is the thinking of the music execs. There can only be one (or two or three) of “us” in the limelight at one time. I love what I’ve seen from Dawn Richard. She obviously has the drive and the talent and is a formidable force in the making. Ciara has the chops to entertain. Brandy, too. Janelle, Elle, Chrisette, etc. So much talent throughout, but mainstream seems to only be able to deal with a few of us at a time. I don’t understand it, though I have somewhat of a theory… I’ll refrain from spouting my dogma here in this forum on that lil’ bit of info.

    I wish Ciara well, I truly do. Though I may not listen to 90% of what “we” have to offer, I do love watching a creative soul blossom and flourish. I love seeing an artist with an artform giving to us what was in the universe given them.

    If you have the drive, the will, the determination, the talent to succeed you SHOULD BE SUCCEEDING. Again, I wish them all the best. Happy Monday everyone 🙂

  5. My thoughts on Ciara are that she and her label tried to take her career to a place it wasn’t ready to go to a few albums ago (the ones that didnt do well). With music constantly changing and R&B slowly being phased out (with the exception of certain artist), it has just become hard even for the talented artist to get air play. With that being said, I don’t care for Ciara’s dance/pop tunes but she is a talented dancer. I feel she should really stick to R&B/hip-hop music and just coast a bit. However, the longer she stays gone, since her current tunes are not doing great, the harder it will be for her to come back. “Sorry” is actually a cute record…but I just don’t care for her voice at all. I feel like her and Christina Milian are in the same boat…Im almost tired of hearing the word “come back” in regards to these two but I wish them both luck

  6. Y’all don’t think Ciara’s dancing is kinda old and stale? Every time I see her perform its like I’ve seen it a million times already. Most of her performances now just leave me feeling kind of blah. Definitely not as exciting as they used to be.

  7. I agree with HONEI 100%. Ciara has to leave the dance tracks alone and try more mature R&B material. It seems like the record label is just focusing on her grabbing that 106 & Park audience again; but even they aren’t buying into her compared to when she first came out. I hate to say it but I think her career is about to flatline …..

  8. While I’m not a Ciara fan, I really don’t want to see her album shelved. I’m sure too much time and money went into it. Hopefully, the next single will make a huge splash. Get ’em CiCi!

  9. I agree with popeye salt, I think her career is about to pull an Ashanti-DONE! I hate to see it happen but it is. Another thing about Ciara, I can not stand the walk she talks…her voice seems to wierd to me and so fake..I heard her speak the other day and I was like, “what the hell!?”.. But anyways, just a pet-peeve. Im sure she is super sweet and yes, I also agree that they only want her to nab that 106 & park audience. Although I think she is a great dancer, like I mentioned in my previous comments, I really can’t relate to her moves lol…I do feel like I have seen them before. Not sure really what esle to say about Ciara….I kinda been done after she did that “promise” record which I really liked. I think she should focus on modeling because her acting sucks! That “Momma I wanna sing” movie, was terrible….or just plain extra average.

  10. KANYADE said it best…there can only be one. Rihanna is doing the damn thing right now…she is even starting to dance and sing much better. When Beyonce returns..the baton will be passed and Beyonce will be the ‘it’ black girl again. With them two females doing it soooo big, there really is no room for a Ciara or a Brandy or a anybody else. Thats just the way it is these days.

  11. HONEI, real talk, the “Mama I want to sing” film was the final blow to Ciara’s career. Although the Great actors Lynn Whitfield and Ben Vereen held the film together (sort of) Ciara was destroyed by the great gospel artists in the film and her unsatisfactory acting. On another note, the reason why you have an issue with the way she talks is because she has nothing to say, but for some reason she thinks she has something important to say. You are 100%, she needs to model and maybe go the T-Pain route and sing hooks for people. Above all, Ciara, Brandy, Monica, Ashanti, And Christina all need to figure out why they have lost their mojo and what is keeping Rihanna and Beyonce on top. Oh, put Elle Varner on your radar; I think she will be hitting it big in due time…..

  12. To quote Rihanna ” Good luck booking that stage you talking of” she ‘s a one trick pony that back bending shyt from the last century is over with. Rihanna will survive because she’s not stuck to one genre of music. This album she switch it up more dubstep hip hop and RNB but still have something for the pop audience.
    you cannot just cater to RNB crowd and expect to survive. Black ppl don’t buy Music for Label to spend a lot of money on you. Rihanna has big budget she may sell a million in the USA ,but she’s going to sell 3 million outside of the USA. Her Tour are going to make money. Just this week Her Diamond tour in Paris sold out not the arena the Stadium 80.000 not even beyonce ever done that. She wil be doing lots of stadium on this tour.Ciara can ask beyonce or Rihanna for a dancing spot on her next tour biils need to get payed.

  13. Ciara should allow God to lead her because the pressure to succeed is so tremendous and even the top performers are struggling…Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna, our main heavy hitters can structure deals, like AK did with MasterCard to save her from flopping, even though, she greatly underperformed. AK and others go to radio, tv and print with cooperative sponsors (Revlon, Coty, P&G,Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Apparel & Liquor Brands, Live Nation, Record Label, etc.) whom have an interest in them succeeding, so they can pump millions into their campaigns (product advertisement, promotion and placement) while underperforming and still maintain their stature!

    I recently took a new media class and in writing papers, this whole game is so controlled (a big machine), my heart goes out to Ciara because unless she creates new interest, a serious buzz in this personality…celebrity crazed business and environment (Nene Leakes)…she’ll have to make good on her developing brand and stack some cash and make sure to keep lucrative revenue streams coming in that will afford her some autonomy to greenlight some projects on her own…a great place to be in and she’s still winning!

  14. @Kanyade

    Your are so right! Then it’s only those of a light complexion, so they can mainstream their images.


    You also hit it on the head, black people don’t buy enough music for labels. Then Ciara can’t headline a tour yet, so it’s a tough spot to be in! But, Ashanti and Christina are still on their grind, doing big things that only a chosen few even get to do!

  15. I’m starting to get a funny feeling Ciara will be on a reality show in due time….

  16. 1. The marketing and promotion is horrible. I live in Baltimore, and I must say tht I only found out about ‘Sorry’ when I STUMBLED across her video on youtube.
    2.If your genre is R&B, WHY on earth would you constantly release these dance tracks???? The urban market has never taken to this type of music and for some reason Ciara and her team keep tryna force tht dance music on us….its not gonna sell ur album CiCi!
    3.Who is the head of her team??? She changed labels and STILL can’t get a obviously its the TEAM falling short. Same issue tht Kelly Rowland has..
    I am a HUGE fan of Ciara, but I don’t understand why her people controlling her career just dont get it. Every time she releases a dance trk I think, “oh boy, here we go”…its not rocket science…Sorry was the PERFECT first single and they slept on it…coming from a die hard fan of music AND an artist myself, everyone knows tht when you wanna make an impact, the SLOW love singles is what you need to really press on, followed by a fast(not dance), then right after release the album…don’t believe me?? Look at Keyshia. Trust and believe did way better than enough of no love. Melanie Fiona released 4am as her single Kelly’s ‘motivation’ was the #1 single at on point if I’m not mistaken, her promos just sucked and she did NO live performances. Ciara I want you to win soooooo bad, but SOMEBODY around you is droppin the ball. You are just as talented as the rest tht are selling millions, so there is NO excuse…change ur team, make some good r&b, and promote, promote, PROMOTE!!!

  17. Ciara is the best dancer ever there is nobody better than her and she is a great entertainer and she will be coming out this winter she just want to put the right song out and its going to happen please believe it!

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