Cindy Herron Is A Dreamgirl

Jennifer Holliday, Cindy Herron & Kiara Bennett If that name does not sound familiar to you then you are obviously not a fan of 90’s R n’ B like I am. Cindy Herron or Cindy Herron- Braggs as she sometimes goes by, is or was 1/3 of the greatest female singing group in history, En Vogue. While browsing WI this morning I immediately saw pics of a Dreamgirls revival that is showing in Atlanta and to my surprise Cindy has been cast to play the role of Deena Jones and Jennifer Holliday, God bless her soul, is once again playing the role of Effie White.

More pics from the Atlanta revival can be seen below.

Jennifer Holliday, Cindy Herron & Kiara Bennett
Jennifer Holliday, Cindy Herron & Kiara Bennett

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  1. Envogue; what a blast from the past. Wow, what happened to the days of good R & B music when there were a variety of great artist and groups on the radio airwaves?

    What happened to the days when artist were just plain talented and didn’t need videos and over exposure to sell their music? What happened to the days when success was based on the fact that you could actually sing, belt it out or just make good music that could make you want to break out and dance in your sleep? It just seems like the ones that are successful today is because of their looks and physical appearance. And for that reason, these new artist will be popular for a season and not have the longevity that those before them have.


  2. I loved ENVOGUE!!! THey wera the S*** when I was a little girl. I’m happy for her, at least she still at work doing what she knows best acting and singing. Good for her!! 🙂

  3. En Vouge was the premier girl group and everyone else aspired to be like them. Class, vocals and style. I remember when their “Hold On” video was out and folks lost their dang minds at how beautiful these girls were. Cindy was always my favorite.

    I truly and honestly enjoy watching the clip of Jennifer Holliday’s performance in 1982 that won her the Tony – her singing was beyond amazing! But I have yet to hear her voice come close to that soul touching sound in her last two TV appearances. Still, I’m glad she is doing what means so much to her – performing the role of Effie in Dreamgirls – because she seemed so hurt at not being able to contribute to the movie in 2006.

    Best of luck to both of them!

  4. I really miss those days were you could turn on the radio and hear really good singing voices. Now all we hear most of the time is garbage. That’s why I don’t listen to the radio or look at the videos too much. Naturally I have En Vogues cds as well as other r&b girl groups from the 90s and that’s what I listen too when I want to hear good music.

  5. I don’t listen to the radio either TinaMiranda. At least not until 10pm when the Quiet Storm comes on 107.5 WBLS in New York.

  6. I saw the play Dreamgirls last week and Cindy was really good

  7. I checked Cindy’s IMDB profile and she has been very busy these last few years acting and even has a project coming up next year. It’s nice to see a member doing well but I will always wish for them to come back. They still look and sound good so it is possible. The hard part is getting any support from radio and video stations. It is so sad that everything but talent determines whether you will get on the radio these days.

  8. Jennifer Holliday finally got to play the role of Effie again. All I can say is good for her. She whined and complained and now the role is hers again even if it shouldn’t be. Why can’t she step aside and let the younger girls have their time now? She is an aging diva who doesn’t know when it’s time to give it up.

  9. Cindy is no spring chicken herself. Her biography says she is 46 years old. She and Jennifer are only a year apart with Cindy born in 1961 and Jennifer in 1960. Age wise younger girls were obviously better for the film but Jennifer doesn’t automatically have to go away just because a new crop of girls now want to play the Dreamgirls roles themselves. I think Jennifer came off bitter when the movie was released and that is why people want her to go away. You must remember that Dreamgirls is Jennifer’s only legacy and it’s not so easy to give away the only thing you have that brought you fame and let the world know that you were here. It’s only natural to not want to be forgotten and that is what Jennifer is doing. She’s trying to not be forgotten.

  10. Dang, Stella – that is cold :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Ok, now I have to get up off the floor 😆 😆 😆

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