Classic Brandy

With the release of Brandy’s new “Human” CD right around the corner, I decided to show our beautiful Brown Sista some love and post up a classic video of hers from the 90s. You guys know how much of a fan I am of 80s and 90s music, and no one reminds me of the 90s more than Brandy. Miss Norwood was the Rihanna/Hannah Montanna of the mid 90s. Brandy was a teen actress and singer and excelled equally at both. With an estimated worth of 10 million dollars in 1995, Brandy was the spokeperson for Candies, Covergirl and a host of other companies. Topping the charts with multiple hits from her first CD, producer Babyface tapped Brandy to appear on the soundtrack for the film Waiting To Exhale and out of that collaboration came one of my favorite songs.



  1. Waiting to Exhale soundtrack had to be the best soundtrack for a movie! sometimes i just watch the movie for the music! I’ve always loved Brandy

  2. Now that brought back memories. Brandy used to be so pretty. :brownsista:

  3. brandy use to be my girl seriously…before i feel in love with Aaliyah (and still is) and then Beyonce…brandy was first in my heart…

    i miss the old brokenhearted and sittin up in my room…this was my song….haha my mom use to tap my hands and tell me to stop tapping my hips to the beat like she does towards the end of the video….lol i guess momma even knew back then :bag:

  4. this is the song right here…i mean i guess that goes for anyone that grew up in a certain age….i will always miss the 90s because that was my youngin age… just like my parents like new music but they always go back to what was there when they were growing up…i wish i can turn back time because this brings so many memories

    thanks much steph

  5. This really brought back memories. Brandy used to be my favorite and I thought she was so pretty. I used to beg my mom for braids like hers but we couldn’t afford it. LOL. I love her voice. Its been so long that I forgot just how successful she was. Brandy really used to do a lot. I hope she has continued success with this new album.

  6. YES THIS USED TO BE MY SONG!! i was only 8 when waiting to exhale came out, but i could probably post the soundtrack right now, but i don’t feel like it. lol

  7. i LOVE BRANDY,that used to be my jam, I love right here, and they need to bring moesha back

  8. dark sista wasnt moesha getting good? someone was pregnant than it never returned for the next season….it was so angry because i watched that show from day one…i wonder whats her real reason why she didnt want to do the show anymore?

  9. i think waiting to exhale came out when i was 7 or 8. my mother wouldn’t let me watch it, though i could name all the people in the movie. i saw a few parts of the movie but i just got to see the whole movie when i was 17 or so. i’m 19 now so….
    lmao….mama got a strong hold. when she says no she means H3LL NO! lol.
    but brandy was my girl. still is. they used to call me brandy. my aunt said i looked like her( don’t see it but mkay) and my mother said that because i always wore braids or twists. actually i think i was called moesha more. but yeah.

    this is my jam. used to :booty: when ever i heard this song. damn………missing the 90’s hard right about now. 🙄

  10. oh and yes they should brought back moesha.
    they can’t even do a reunion or anything because the guy who played hakeem died.
    sorry i forgot his name. dag….what is his name?

  11. Loved this song :brownsista: That entire soundtrack was on point, though.

  12. Brandy my girl. That’s that real music right here-got to give respect where repect is due! :iagree:

  13. I was grown when Brandy came out with her first album I really enjoyed it. I will be getting her new cd. I really have enjoyed her music. I use to listen to it with my little sister. She was a teenager and I was probably maybe twenty three. I took my sister to her first concert it was Monica and Brandy. Listening to that song brings back great memories I had with my little sister.

  14. I loved Brandy, this was my song! Like the rest of you, Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack was too good! I loved Brandy’s braids. I would love to see a reunion show of Moesha.

  15. Mario: Yeah it was starting to become very interesting then they cut it 🙄

  16. I really hope this cd is a success so maybe the industry can start focusing on other black female artisist.

  17. I love Brandy’s voice (singing and speaking) I hope she gets a second chance. She is also a really really good actress.

    Also, she needs to get her hips back, not everybody looks good skinny.

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