Clint Eastwood Set To Direct Next Beyonce Film

According to the Hollywood Reporter, those rumors of Beyonce starring in the remake of the classic “A Star Is Born” may not be rumors after all. Despite reports of the singer turning the role down, it now appears with Clint Eastwood on board, Beyonce may indeed be joining the cast. Eastwood has attached himself to the project as producer and director and reports say the script is specifically being written as the next starring vehicle for the “Queen B.”

It appears the only thing holding up production is the search for a male lead. To date Robert Downey Jr, Will Smith and even Justin Timberlake have had their names thrown into mix. However, none have panned out and so the search continues.

Should the film ever come to fruition, it will be the 4th remake, with the original making its debut in the 1930s. It was remade again during the 1950s with Judy Garland and finally with Barbara Streisand in the 1970s.



    Clint Eastwood…he is movie ROYALTY…She would be a real dummy to turn this down..Real Dumb.


  2. Clint Eastwood would legitimize this movie. Beyonce may get that Oscar if she sticks with him.

  3. If not an Oscar..Some credibility. I think she is an ok actress. And lil more acting classes would do and some confidence.

  4. im soooooo agree with you LMAO!!!!a lil bit of practice….hehe

  5. Beyonce does not deserve this becuase she can’t act worth a shit. Clint needs to find a better black actress who has been busting her ass.

  6. I’m hearing they waited for Bey, and from the beginning they wanted only her.

    Clint Eastwood!!!!
    Hell Yes Bey!!!!

    I really hope it’s true!!!!!!!

  7. I totally agree with LMAO Bey would be a DAMN fool to turn this down. If she really works and puts her sweat blood and tears into this the Oscar will indeed come. Happy for her.

    3…2…1….here we go!

  8. Beyonce cannot act! Her heart is not into acting, the chick ONLY wants to act, in hopes of getting an Oscar! Just because Clint is directing this movie, does not mean it will

    A. Be a success

    B. Means Beyonce will act well in the movie

    No wonder Hollyood is not making money, because they hire people like Beyonce to recreate iconic roles.

  9. Clint, is going to likely lose credibility by casting Beyonce in this movie, according to many movie blogs. He should of actually got an actress whose heart is TRULY into acting, a peron who lives and breaths acting, and who actually has a passion for this role.

  10. Who are we to say that Acting is not one of her passions. Many people have many different passions in life.Her heart might not be in it,but do we really know for sure.

  11. @Mimi

    Beyonce can act. She is not the best but she is not the worst. She just needs more experience.

    And no shade..Beyonce can act better than most of these Full time actresses..#JustSaying

  12. This is a plumb role and with Clint Eastwood she will pull off a very credible performance. He’s a masterful storyteller. The only thing is that acting is such a pure artform (the competition is always steep and political) that even Clint can’t make it something that it’s not and if it isn’t superb I think she’ll be good at the very least, Oscar or not.

    Unfortunately, the best don’t always get the opportunities…in this reality age where stars are made overnight…singers turn into actors at a glance…the “Situation” can turn over 4 million in a year’s time, Beyonce will continue to have her pick of choice acting roles and can create her own!

  13. Beyonce playing another singer, no suprise there, that’s the only type of role she can play, she’s a one trick pony, leave the acting to the real actresses and release a new album!
    There is no way in hell that she is topping Judy Garland and Barbera Striesand, the REAL QUEEN B!

  14. yeah she would get more cred – she did a little better in Cadilac Records – but I still wasn’t convinced. Somebody has to pull that robot out of her and maybe Clint can do it. I wouldn’t be surprised. But Clint will not bow down to her and Daddy Knowles – Clint does it his way or no way. That is probably a good thing for any legitimate actress.

  15. Idk about this..Beyonce only seems like she wants to act because “other” people are doin it. She really seems to want to prove critics wrong for some odd why she cares idk..her acting in CR.was ok..the shower scene and her by the fireplace was kinda gritty..but I just feel that she needs to break out of her own character of this mega singer/pop star image and really commit to a role wholeheartedly.

  16. I truly wish they would get a very seasoned actress though. If not I will still watch Queen Bitch Streisand

  17. Her last film was in 2009 and that was shot in 2008. If she was so thirsty to prove herself..Wouldn’t you think she would be trying a bit harder. Like be throwing movies out left and right.

    Still think its a bad idea..A remake that is..But Congrats

  18. I agree with some..Bey does need to dig deeper if she wants to improve her acting and take a few classes..if she does the work she could be a great actress..but I’m not going to be all negative even though she isn’t the best actress she can still tear up the stsge..and has great videos and to me music videos are full of she can act at some level..just neeeds more work

  19. Sorry meant to type “tear up the stage” and “full of acting”..looks like I need to work on my typing lol

  20. No if she was so eager to prove herself she would have hopped on one of those boring predictable Tyler Perry films like a few “other” brown sisters have done….
    She has been doing movies for years now.

    Let her do her, if you don’t like her or her acting isn’t what you go for simply just don’t support it.

    Anyway, if it is indeed true congrats to Beyoncé. I more than happy for her, and sure will be showing my support.

  21. Another remake of this film? Why? Beyonce is following two women who set the bar for great acting — Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand. Call me a hater. Don’t care. Clint must be senile. No matter the vehicle, Beyonce is not a good actress. She simply cannot act. And if she’s not playing some sort of singer in the film, she is downright horrible. Obsessed was painful to watch. This is all about marketing and not about great filmmaking — which is fine. But, she will not be winning an Oscar.

  22. @LMAO

    Your, a stan so of course YOU think she can act! Beyonce can/ and ONLY plays ONE role a pretty singer, she has NO range. She cannot act her way out of a paper bag, she does not deliver lines well at all. She needs to hit up sonme acting classes ASAP!

  23. I don’t know if she can do it justice like Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland

  24. Check the new and improved username after sista blocked my last one…weird considering I am neither vulgar nor rude…wtv.

  25. beyonce baby Please give up the acting . no one but your fans will watch this and that isn’t an accomplishment they will buy your tampons 🙁
    stick to the club bangers girl!

    @someone who don’t know: Maybe she blocked you after your statement of dislike for this website why stay if you’re unconfortable 🙂

  26. “Who are we to say that Acting is not one of her passions. ”

    “Her heart might not be in it”


  27. “And no shade..Beyonce can act better than most of these Full time actresses..#JustSaying”

    NAME 5 with your lying stanning ass.

  28. ROFLMAO! Stans in denial about bey’s horrible acting. The only way she can pull it off is playing a singer…W8..she tried that with cadillac records LMAO! Now that was a flop!

  29. @Becca

    Re-read my statement…or better yet, don’t comment on things you don’t know about.

  30. How is being a drug addict who deals with her pain by singing being pretty. She has made 2 more movies after Dreamgirls. And she didn’t even sing in Obsessed.

    So obviously your just a hater who is spazzing out.

  31. This would be great for her career, I think by the time they start shooting her album will be done so maybe she can focus more on this role. Idk why people try to make it seem like she’s the worst actress they’ve ever seen. She’s not the best but certainly not the worst. Maybe is the dislike for her who knows. But I think she’s gonna really take her time with this one. But congrats. Eastwood/Beyonce? It will be something to check out.

  32. Haters will hate no matter what. Beyonce is not the best actress, but she is a good one. She did a hella good job in Dreamgirls and she got nonimated for her role as Dena. She does have talent as an actress, and if the haters would put aside the hate maybe they could see it. She did a great job in Cadalac Records. She did ok in Obbessed too. Casting Clint to be the producer of this film, he’ll go to great lengths to pulled all he can to bring the best out of her to make her role beliveable. Also Beyonce is well aware of her critics and best believe she’ll work with a acting coach. I think this will be her role yet.

  33. I don’t see why people say she’s so terrible. Maybe I’m blind or just dumb, maybe I should stick to criticizing bad live musical performances, but I don’t think she’s all that bad. True, she’s no Julie Andrews(who’d I’d prefer to have seen in this role instead of Babs or Judy) but she’s no Steven Segal, Keanu Reeves, or Madonna. She has the potential there, I recognized it since Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records. Her performance in Obsessed wasn’t bad either. Clint Eastwood will make sure she does what she needs to do to pull off a great performance, plus with all the push behind this film, Beyonce will work her azz off to make sure she does her part. And that’s IF this is true, because she’s turned down the role once and she’s in the studio now. When that album drops, Beyonce is in album promotion mode 300%.

  34. I actually thought she was good in Dreamgirls, so I guess I’m missing something too.

    I really did though…it was convincing in my opinion.

    What Beyonce needs to do is shake off some of her poise and get to the grit of the character. What holds her back is her own backbone if that makes sense…she never allows herself to LOSE herself in a role, almost as if she’s aware that she’s playing a character versus BEING the character.

    Clint Eastwood will break that hold she has on herself for the benefit of the role. Once she shakes that, critical acclaim is hers b/c she’s intuitive enough to recognize range, facial expression and subtleties in acting (at least in her music videos and the fleeting moments of brilliance in Dreamgirls/Cadillac Records).

    & to whomever said that Eastwood will lose credibility for this, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve read on this thread. The man is a legend…look him up on imdb if you’re that vapid. Even if this movie flops hard, credibility won’t be lost. If that were the case, every director and actor would lose credibility for the one (or two) poor career choices they make

  35. this is a win win for both Beyonce and Clint Eastwood. At the end of the day its all about BUSINESS and who can make you the most money. Anywho, I wouldnt waste my time seeing another remake. Hollyweird has become so predictable that its pathetic.

  36. I don’t believe this it is a story that her camp put out to try and make it true. Just like she was putting those Wonder Woman rumors out. It comes out Whitney Houston is doing a musical with Tyler Perry and now she has to put hers out. She and her camp is sick.

  37. We all have come to learn how Beyonce operates; because a great percentage of people are not in love with her acting attempts. Of course we will now see her trying to prove us wrong. The more people disagree with something about her and put it in writing or words the more Beyonce and her clang will force feed her to us. Even though Clint East Woods’ name sells itself this is a business move. He knows Beyonce is not good but she will fill the seats. Let’s all play a little psychology trick. Let’s just ignore any post about her albums and movies with unfavorable comments about her lack of skills; and just not show up at the box office or music stores to support her. Then the less we will have to deal with her being force fed to us because she thrives off of ego. The more you dislike anything about Beyonce the more she will force herself on that audience. I truly believe Beyonce has low self-esteem issues. You can’t make anyone like you. And no one surely want find everything you do agreeable. If you’re just not their favorite then it is what it is. But undiagnosed mentally ill individuals have to find some sort of way to comfort themselves.

  38. Even if Beyonce does do a superb job, folks still wouldn’t admit it so…

  39. @ Real Talk, the majority loves Beyoncé so IDK what in the world you are talking about.

    If you don’t like her there shouldn’t even be a reason you are even in this post.
    Nobody is going to boycott her you sound extremely psychotic and delusional.

    I enjoy her music and believe she is an extremely talented artist and gorgeous woman.

    There is no reason for vendetta towards her.

    God will continue to bless her, and I wish her nothing but the absolute best.

  40. And if this movie does happen I’m sure Beyoncé will be amazing.

    Clint Eastwood is an amazing director and actor, the will work well together.


  42. @ Absolute Alice please stop posting under an alias name. I will post under any topic I chose to. However, what world are you living in because a majority of people do not like Beyonce. Only the ones like you that live in a small world in your head. You sound ignorant and uneducated. Speaking of delsuions I think that fits your character much better. No one is taking out any vandetta against Beyonce only stating facts. There have been several posts on this site and accross the internet about people not liking Beyonces’ acting. But her stans are as bad and mentally ill as her. If any one has a less than perfect outlook the attacks and name calling immediately began. So grow up and start living in the real world many people are not a fan of Beyonce. But when they are around a stan like you they probably want admit it because they know they would have to call the police on you. Shall we say loco!

  43. @ Tracey D some many Americans and non-Americans totally agree with you.

  44. I love and Respect Clint Eastwood and his work; But how can he turn an horrible actress into thespian? As usual some worshipers are in WAY over their heads.

    Good for beyonce, I’m not buying anything with her name on it , Unless it is a solid product so i don’t really care if she does well with this supposed movie ot not.

    @Real Talk : You keep the children mad, You’re so bad Lol

    Best of luck to her

  45. @Real Talk did you just post that ppl () should stop posting on posts about her buying movie tickets to movies she stars in and buying her records? Yet you’re multiply posting on a Beyonce post? For you to think all that out, how to “defeat” Beyonce and her team, you must think about her a lot? My sister and my brother in law don’t like Beyonce. They don’t see or hear her or her name when I’m not around. So her being forced on the masses is a bunch of bologna. I wonder if Beyonce had mediocre fame would she get all the “negativity”” because i don’t want to say the “h” word, that she receives? Ever since the first Destiny’s Child line-up change Beyonce couldn’t catch a break with some ppl especially black people. I was one of them. The Game didn’t get this much hate and he called another man’s wife a ho. SMH

  46. @Real Talk

    Being a stan has nothing to do awith it. Like you said, some people are not a fan of Beyonce. I REALIZE THAT. But you have to realize that people love Beyonce and her movies. Its nothing about being a stan.

    U sound really bitter and Insecure. It seems your self esteem is low. You make it seem like Beyonce makes films every year. You act like Beyonce makes movies left and right but in reality the last movie she shot was in 2008. Its now 2011, she is not trying to make people like her. Are you kidding me? You are real quick to make no assumptions that make no sense. How about you do your research before you type paragraphs and call other people uneducated.So when you go to the bathroom tonight, look in the mirror and tell your self that your beautiful and your worth it. Your self esteem with reach an all time hight. God Bless.

  47. @SHANICE- I agree completely with you! That’s all it is, she’s reached a level of fame that people (mostly black) can’t take. If Chrisette, Jill, Tamia etc.(all obviously not as successful, but great i might add) had that level of fame as well I’m sure they’d get HATED on aswell. Disagree all you want but I only speak the truth.

  48. And one more thing I will never understand is if you don’t like someone why, why, WHY in the world would you look/read about them? That’s like you’re watching t.v. with your boyfriend/husband and you see the Beyonce special on and keep it on that channel and your spouse says “I thought you don’t like her, so why are you watching this” is your response “because I want to, it’s a free country”???

    So my question is why do you follow someone who you think is overrated, s*utty, has no class, untalented, insecure, you despise, can’t sing/act, and don’t care for? Now if your response is because I can, there is TRULY a problem with you and you just might wanna get that checked.

  49. Just like you can’t polish a turd you can’t turn someone who can’t act into a thespian. After eight films,critics and fans still pan her performances. If she were anyone else she would be banished to “B” movies by now. SHE CAN’T ACT!!! Hollywood just keeps handing her scripts because her fans show up to support her. It seems to be all about box office receipts not talent.(She can dance and sing;I have to give her props on that.)I just think that it will be sad to watch her take a classic role like that and ruin it with her horrible acting.

  50. @TROYW1967

    Wrong…Go read the reviews for her in Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records…Some say her performance was Oscar Worthy..SO just Stop.

  51. Seriously. This girl just can’t act. I guess she thinks working with Cling Eastwood will get her an Oscar. All because Jennifer Hudson stole Dreamgirls and won an Oscar (which she deserved).

  52. Hell if you can’t act you can’t period! It doesn’t matter who the director is, Beyonce really needs to get over herself with this Oscar nonsense. It’s like that one thing she can’t have and it’s just killing her. Beyonce doesn’t respect the craft of acting she just wants to do it for the sake of saying “I can do it, I can have whatever I want.” All the music awards, #1 albums, clothing line, endorsements, and she’s still not content.

  53. WOW I never knew so many people knew her personally. What is she like in everyday life?

  54. Under any other circumstance, I would say that “A Star IS Born” is over Beyonce’s head because she’s just an average actress. In the movie where she played Etta James, she was very good. I think that Clint can push her to be even better. This is going to be very interesting.
    Now as far as movies go, Halle Berry as Aretha Franklin? Not a good fit. I think that Jennifer Hudson would be much better.

  55. Beyonce can act, maybe not the best actor in your eyes, but she can act. She was Oscar worthy and nominated for her role as best actress. Yes Jenifer did reieve her Oscar but I feel she got it because of her singing and not her acting abilities. She did a great job on singing And I Am Telling You, so let’s keep it real, because had she been nonimated as best acress instead of best supporting actress, she would not have won. Merril Streep is one of the greats and Beyonce was up against her. Beyonce did a damm good job in Dreamgirls and she did receive aclaim credits for her role. Also I thought Anika was great too and the 3 ladies all should haave won an Academy Award for their roles. It’s a shame that Beyonce have so much hate sent her way that people ready won’t see the good coming from her(Beyonce), but we know her mark is made. Love it or hate it she is one of the best of this generation and it ain’t a damm thing anyone can do about that. Also let me say this, Jenifer was horriable in Sex in the city 2 and even worse in that bee story with Queen and Alicia. My point is she recieve her award for her vocal ability and as a token black.

  56. @LOL – you surmised my thoughts perfectly. She needs to release and morph into the character versus “acting” like the character. People can tell the difference when you have transformed into the character because you epitomize their being. We no longer remember it’s the actress or actor. She’s certainly not the worst actress and if she can inflect emotion into her voice instead of sounding almost monotone and release her own inhibitions and absorb the essence of the character, then she’ll do good. It’s wonderful to see a successful african-american woman elevate in the entertainment industry. We’re almost non-existent in the field of top-billing actresses and if Beyonce’ can grow into a thespian, then so be it. We should definitely celebrate the achievements of our sisters!!

  57. Beyonce has hustled her way into a good role yet again. Hopefully she actually makes good this time around. I still think that Clint Eastwood has digressed, but that is his business, and his money he is working with. Knowing Clint he’ll write Beyonce’s way into an Oscar, he’s just THAT good, lol …

  58. She and her camp put that story out and that is why you haven’t heard about it anymore. Clint Eastwood is not trying to work with her. Just Stop.

  59. @ Shanice I commented multiple times on this post about Beyonce that I told others not to post on because you and others that are offended by my opinion keep resonding to me. The statement that I made did not have to be thought out about Beyonce she is not that important to me as she is to you. However that a stratedgy you use towards any business you don’t approve of. However, I could care less about Beyonce. But if you and others keep responding to me I am definately going to respond back if it’s a Beyonce post or not. So I hope you let that marinate in your brain. Got now peace lol!

  60. @LMAO
    You are bitter, have low self-esteem, and you are uneducated. And let me add ignorant. Maybe you should do your research and stop labeling people that don’t love Beyonces’ acting. The first statement I made was for the individuals that constantly complain about her over exposure. But you are so insecure and ignorant that if anyone has a less than perfect opinion about Beyonce or anything she does then you label and attack them. When you make those statements hun you are talking about yourself and that’s psychology 101. Speaking of sense you absolutely make no sense at all. Reason being why are you debating with people over their opinion that shows a lack of intelligence right there. You still are not changing my mind or opinion by placing false labels on me or anyone else. So take your own advice and look in the mirror each morning and night and repeat your own words “that your beautiful and your worth it. Your self esteem with reach an all time hight.” LOL may God continue to bless you because you along with maybe one other person are the only ones on this post talking at people because they are not worshipping Beyonce. If you took the time to stand up for God like this then your life would be golden.

  61. @Moonya
    I definately agree I keep the CHILDREN mad LOL! Mature adults don’t get upset and defensive when someone does not worship their favorite artist. And as long as they continue to respond to my posts I will respond back peace!

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