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Janet Jackson Singer Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry appeared on Extra TV in a taped interview they gave to the channel on the set of their new movie “Why Did I Get Married?”. The interview was done back in May and Tyler talks about Janet’s un-diva like behavior on the set and why he hopes to work with her again in the future. He also shares an exclusive clip of Janet from the movie. I don’t know the actual breakdown of the scene but Janet plays the role of Diane and is seen breaking up a fight between friends. Click over to the next page to view the clip and maybe some Tyler Perry fans can fill us in on some of the details if they have seen this particular play.

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  1. This movie sounds like it’s going to be interesting. I’m glad to see Janet back on the big screen because she is a good actress. It’s obivious that she’s a wonderful performer but since her last album flopped, she should just go ahead and start back on her acting career. Speaking of her un-diva like attitude is that she always seem to be a humble person and that’s what else I always liked about her. With that being said I will definitely check out that movie whenever it comes to theaters.

  2. First the Janet 20 Y.O. album was not a flop, If someone did not bye it they are the FLOPS. Second Janet has finished the Movie and now working on a newer album… :dance1:

  3. Haven’t seen the play but I do know that according to what I have read, Janet’s character is not the lead, but rather a supporting role. I think she plays a therapist or something like that helping a friend through an adulterous affair or something like that.

  4. [quote comment=”9751″]First the Janet 20 Y.O. album was not a flop, If someone did not bye it they are the FLOPS. Second Janet has finished the Movie and now working on a newer album… :dance1:[/quote]

    ok thank you

  5. I have seen the play and Cheryl Pepsi Riley plays the lead in the play and the dude from House of Payne (the uncle) is her father or uncle in the play.

    There are about 3 couples that are going to a weekend retreat and the lead character is going to be getting emotionally abused by her husband. He is going to be calling her fat and lazy – he is going to cheat with one of the other women.

    At the end the wife leaves him loses 50 lbs and comes back fierce as ever.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen this play so the details are a little shaky.

    Good luck to Janet!

  6. I haven’t seen Janet act in anything for so long, I can’t wait to see this movie. Love Tyler Perry too – he’s so humble and cool. So many talented black actors and actresses appear in his movies. I hope he continues with even greater success.

  7. I wish the best for Janet. I co sign with Liyah she’s always been a pretty good Actress. I wish her the best…


  8. I wonder if Janet ever regrets the plastic surgery :confused:

  9. Why would she? She doesn’t look deformed like Lil Kim, Vivica or her brother Michael. Janet looks just fine and she says she had her nose done at 16 so that is hardly an abundance of surgery or something worth regretting. Janet looks quite average when the hair and make-up are stripped off.

  10. The play is one of the best Tyler Perry plays, if not his best. There’s no Madea, and even without her it’s good.

    KSH that’s exactly the story. The married woman found out that one of her friends was actually her husband’s mistress, that other chick and the husband were evil as heck. The mistress and him so deserved each other. And when “Pepsi” came back after she lost weight in that red dress she was RADIANT. The man of her life was actually a friend of the family that had feeling for her when they were younger, they got married and he’s taking care of her two kids.

    But what I loved about that play, were all the good messages (more for spiritual people, but even the non-believers could take notes) : don’t allow people to treat you like garbage, forgive and move on that’s the only way to free yourself, don’t get married without consulting God cause chances are you’ll end up with the wrong person.

    Janet looks great and Tyler LOST WEIGHT OH MY GOD!! They look so cute, Tyler is a very humble man, he deserves a good woman cause he’s a very big hearted guy!

    Sorry for the essay, can’t wait for the movie.

  11. I Can’t wait to see this movie ! I know it’s gonna be GREAT like all Tyler’s other work !

  12. i loved the play and i hope the movie will be as good as the play Tyler perry is such an example for our community i’m proud of him he is definitely adding his print to black history .
    Love you tyler
    Janet is my girl and i love her creativity i know she is not trying to be a good actress as certains she has skills and she is so humble She is also one of those that makes me proud of black history
    Love you jay

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