clutter bug.

Many of you sistas have written to me about solving your clutter issues. GT hears you and this week you’ll get answers. But GT wants to first start off by saying that a messy house and clutter are not one and the same. A mess can be cleaned up quickly. Clutter on the other hand is emotional baggage. Some baggage is light and some heavy heavy. But that’s for another post.

With that said here are some clutter bug tips to get you started:

  1. Clear out your Cyber clutter. Clear your desktop icons. Get rid of old Word and Excel Files and empty your Recyling Bin. Organize your e-mail. 
  2. Clean out a drawer or three. Your toenail clipper and an old sock should not be in the same drawer as your cutlery, post it notes and your beloved Jagged Edge CD. GT’s not talking to you of course.
  3. Clean out your wallet. Shred over the limit and abused credit cards, tear up those receipts to the drugstore, and put your change in a jar or your kid’s piggy bank. Trust. This alone will unwind you.
  4. Write it down. People say they write things down; cause it sounds good to say so. But truthfully many of us don’t and that’s why wer’e scatterbrains. Commit to writing things down and you’ll get a whole lot more off your mind and on where it belongs: on paper.
  5. Open your mail. And if you don’t have one; buy a shredder. It’s a quality investment cause it saves you time. If you’re afraid of creditors; they will keep writing; even if you leave the country. So be proactive. Call them and set up a plan. To opt out of junk mail click here.
  6. Clean out your medicine cabinet. This one is fun and easy. Old nail polish, old makeup, cheap-fix perfume, eyelash glue, hair products that didn’t quite work out…all trash. Keep only what you love.
So Brown Sistas and Fellas…can you admit to being a hot mess? Which one on the list do you need to do today? Sistas. We can work it out and Get it Togetha. Laugh at yourself and move forward. Life is not that serious; but cleaning it up will surely improve the quality of your life.


  1. Very Nice post Gt
    I would admit it if i was, But i am not a hot mess with two kids and two more on the way i cannot afford to have a house full of germs lol Besides i am a clean freak and can smell someone’ s body odor a mile away 🙂
    Everything is clean and what i can’ t do my maid handle it, I do need write things down but the type of person i am just onpen the door and throw everything on your face so i never keep any feelings inside so i probably will have to open my mail 🙂


  2. I have to de-clutter at least once every two weeks. Because I work from home and have 3 children, my desk can fill up with all types of paper work pretty quickly. Schools notoriously send home dozens of notices a week about something or the other and the kids just drop it on my desk and walk away. I also keep receipts until they darn near turn to dust. I have a fear that the minute I throw something out I’m going to need it again. :bag:

  3. I am fortunate to not have an issue with this. Everything you mentioned I already do. One thing I hate is clutter. I straighten up my desk at work everyday before I leave so I can come to a clean desk in the morning. At home I make sure I clean twice a week.

    I recommend writing things down, it’s good for you to be able to keep track. My co-workers laugh at me because I write “to do lists”, but they just don’t understand. I am able to be organized and they are panicking because something isn’t done at the last minute. I also write down all of the bills due each month and keep track of my bank account daily.

  4. Thank you Dark Sista! I always feel better after cleaning up my surroundings… :brownsista:

  5. Lola..

    No shame necessary. Laugh about it…then do something about it…if you want… :hifive:

  6. :bag:
    I am a hot mess. I am s l o w l y getting better though. I keep EVERY damn piece of paper and need to learn to just throw it out. After a family tragedy, I keep all papers related to my child’s military stuff in one folder and I have a nice appointment book where I keep all of my important papers. I do need to work on getting the due dates for bills written down though

  7. GT, you are truly right! I can admit to being a hot mess because life can be so busy! I’ll have to admit, my biggest problem is cleaning out my voicemail and I just learned a hard lesson on that! Maybe next time you can add that one to your list… Clean voicemail so you don’t miss opportunites!

    I know that getting rid of clutter can be very time consuming, but I’ve learned to take a little time each day to clean. Organization is key to a healthy lifestyle
    -If you run a business, file receipts away under appropriate file.
    -That’s true write EVERYTHING DOWN!

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents… Thanks! :thumbsup:

  8. Loool web i see u dont have nosey sisters i clean mine all the time or that business will be on dlisted the next day Looool

  9. I’M very organized. I take my calender with me and keep everything color coded. I get rid of clutter every three months

  10. How about cleaning your itunes and ipod?

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