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1. A Dating Question

2. Are Kids Getting Worse?

3. Is Oprah That Influential?

4. Are All Black Schools The Answer?


  1. Yes Oprah is that influential. Obama might just win! I was reading on some website about how people are drawn to Oprah the way we should be drawn to God. It was broken down so well. I agree. I like Oprah, but she is that influential…We’ll see by the polls next year.

  2. One more thing, I don’t agree with the All black school. Like the person who posted it said, it would be taking us back to segregation. I can see a whole lot of problems comming from that. God put us all together to live in peace and harmony, unfortunately people who don’t believe we are equal don’t see things that way. But we are equal no matter how much $$ we make, or where we are from. when we die God will not ask us either of those questions.

  3. Hmmm..

    A Dating Question:

    Why do sistas accept dinner at McDonald’s as a date at a restaurant?

  4. I think as each generation continues on the more self-absorbed and materialistic each generation becomes. Today’s generation is “all about me” and “what can you do for me?” mentality.

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how Oprah’s influence will either help or hurt Obama’s campaign. Obama may experience backlash for teaming up with the world’s most influential media mogul. If you read blogs like Perez Hilton…you’ll see tons of racist ass remarks. White people are so afraid that black people are gonna take over and do what they did to us.

  6. :noway: BTW….that’s not gonna happen white people because we don’t have it in us to systematically treat another human being the way you treated us….

  7. I’m a teacher and I’m not down for black schools but I’m down for a curriculum that teaches all American the real deal experience of slavery and institutionalized racism. There are many whites who really don’t understand the complexities of American slavery and the deep connections and contributions that black people have made to the development of this country. The history of our President’s is not separate from the history of our slave ancestors and their ownership of us. We all should be required to learn about our country’s true history to better understand each other.

  8. On O … I think it may backfire. we’ll see.

    As far as black schools that gets a big no way from me. It’s not good, and sets people up to fail in the real world. You are not going to go into a work environment and find a place that is 90 percent black. That’s not how it works. I have friends right now who went to HBCUs who are struggling professionally because they are letting their militant programming completely cloud their judgment. “That place is so white,” I ain’t cutting my locks,” blah blah blah … I’m like what did you expect to find in corporate America? And I’m all about self expression but brothers and sisters have to understand it can be a hinderance. Get the job FIRST, then get the locks or whatever. It’s sad but that’s the way it is. I’m not saying HBCUs don’t offer great educations because they do, they just aren’t realistic. I know the BS I dealt with undergrad (SGA, greek life, etc.) is a complete mirror image of what I have dealt with for the past six years in my work life, and I wouldn’t have traded that experience for anything. I think diversity in education is important.

  9. I think the result of the democratic party primaries shall tell us if Oprah is out of touch, delusional or just plain wrong but for some reasons that i ignore i think hillary clinton will get the nomination but if barack gets it then its great
    i think some people in this country have reached a level of maturity where they really dont need someone be it oprah to come and tell them something like “well i support this man and you should the same“, in my humble opinion i think its either disrespectful or just wrong, hence i`m not a supporter of celebrity endorsement when it comes to politics and i think Oprah will just have to concede her defeat when hillary makes it to the white house
    we live in the same country, but our lives are so different from one another, do you really think the reasons why a millionaire votes are the same reasons why a 9-5 brother/sista making less than $60,000/year votes? absolutely not and therefore when a woman like Oprah who has an income higher than that of 95% of americans comes before you and tells you “vote for this man“ you need to be very careful because in elections as important as this you need to put your interests and those of the people dear to you as priority


  10. #1. Considering how the economy is I wouldn’t knock the brother. But you’re not going to just take me to places that you only have coupons for. That’s a no, no. If you can’t take me out and pay full price a least once or twice then you shouldn’t be dating. Handle your business first.

    #2. Yes indeed. OMG I’m only 25 and the kids these days know faaaar too much then I did. Society has changed. They are exposed to more things then I was when I was a kid. I can still remember teachers and ppl in the community boycotting “The Box”(music channel) for playing 2 Live Crew. When I look back that was nothing compared to what I”m seeing on TV and hearing. Back in the day adults looked out for kids nowadays it seems like it’s so few. Yeah in the end it comes down to the parents and what your taught at home but the home structure is also just as bad, worse even then when I was growing up.

    #3. Oprah may influence some but she doesn’t influence me. She’s so out of touch and when it comes to real issues she’s never speaks up. She crossed the fence along time ago.

  11. #4 it’s not what i’ve noticed … i’ve noticed more and more girls acting like little whores ,bumping and grinding in any given day… do you know how many girls i examine a day that are either pregnant either std’s portant?

    We won’t always accuse the parents come on look at the television? the blogs [brown sista , concreteloop, perez hilton] and more … you’ve seen christians and decent parents and criminals kids didnt we?

    we teach our young girls that it is cute to act bitchy and slutty because after all they are black aint they? they need to flaunt it because they have it ! and for those that condamn or oppose those behavior? man they are haters they need to get a life because they wish they were them..

    we all of us, all of us are responsible for either of those attitudes don’t try to snap back rigth at something you fully encourages whatever happens

  12. :stop: Im a 18 year old guy and would never take some girl out on A :thumbsup: date were coupons are excepted, how cheap. If u cant pay for a date stay home by your damn self. Stop bringing the sistas through all this crap. treat her like the queen she is.

  13. Im an 18 year old guy. I would never take a girl on a date were coupons are excepted. Stop being so cheap. If u can pay for a date stay home and play with yourself, dont put the sistas through that. Treat the sistas like the QUEENS they are.

  14. Question #1 – Considering the state of today’s economy, if he is shelling out a coupon to pay for dinner, well that is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Question #2 – Yes. The blame has to start at home. Parents have to take responsibility for their kid’s actions. Take them to church, turn off the television, take away the video games, get involved in their school work, give them more responsibilities at home and after school projects and most important, teach them to be respectful of authority, adults and life.

    Question #3 – No. Oprah endorsing Obama will not change whom I decide to vote for. Just because he is a black man and I am a black woman does not mean that I think he is the right person for the job. I don’t feel that he is experienced enough to run our country.

    Question #4 – Not sure. I went to a school that was mixed. I grew up in a decent middle class neighborhood and never really experienced too much racial tension. We all seemed to get along. I think when it comes to schools and neighborhoods; it all boils down to the class of people that you are dealing with. I think a person is taught to be prejudice.


  15. Darnit. I had a long post written out and pressed the wrong button and now it’s gone *cries*

    1 – I wouldn’t mind the coupon. Frankly, I’m not a traditionalist. I’d want to pay my portion on a first date. Call me weird, but hey, 😆

    2 – Those kids are bad as hell. It’s got nothing to do with black or white, but everything to do with restraint and discipline beginning AT HOME.

    3 – I love Oprah, but she can’t influence my decision on Obama.

    4 – Hell to the no for an all Black school. That is absolutely ridiculous to me. People want to go BACK to segregation? What the fuck?! NO

  16. I don’t think oprah won’t make a difference in the presidential race. 🙄

    An all black school? :noway: That just sounds stupid to me, I went to a mixed race environment during school and I came out just fine…the only thing that kid is being taught is prejudice towards other race/color of children period.

    It appears that the children of today are getting meaner, self-absorbed, and nastier by the minute. Looking at all these reality tv shows, music videos, and these whacked out celebrities doing real ignorant, nasty stuff all out in the open with a smile on their face that’s put in magazines, television, and (best of all) the internet. This automatically gives the girls the a-okay to do all of this because this is considered “cute”. It’s also up to the parents to show them what is wrong or right…I’m sure they do, but there is so much going on or stuff that’s never even heard of, that it’s hard to keep up with it all. 🙁

  17. #1: I would be so offended if a guy used a two-for-one coupon on the first date, or any soon after. We’d have to know each other Really well for that to work for me. He might as well just say “You’re worth not the $20 this meal could cost me.” I’d rather pay for myself than be the free one on the coupon. At least when I pay for myself, I don’t have to worry about that old “You owe me time/attention/some kind of bonus points” for buying dinner. My goal in life is to, eventually, be the big breadwinner in my household. I want to make more than my spouse, I want to be the one wanting the Pre-Nuptials. I want my spouse to make a lot too…just not as much as me. Paying for my own dinner is the easiest way to say “I don’t need you, and I spend time with you because I want to, not for a free dinner.”

    #2 I don’t know. I’m only nineteen myself, and while I notice a difference in childhoods, it’s not all that different. Kids don’t come out of the womb worse than the past generation, they have to learn to be that way. I’d have to blame younger parents, entertainment, and today’s society with it’s enviroment as a whole. Can’t blame the kids.

    #3 Oprah does not affect me. I respect her for her success and strength as a woman, a minority, and a person, but she doesn’t sway me politically. I personally don’t like Obama, but as the new year starts and elections really start full force, I’ll have to stop and really look at each candidate closesly as far as what they CLAIM they are going to do, and pretend it’s going to happen. I don’t care about celebrity endorsements, even Oprah.

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