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Try Before You Buy: Cocoa Swatches Launches App for Dark Skin Beauties

Before you spend your hard earned money on a new lipstick shade that might not look good on your darker skin tone, you might wanna pick up the new Cocoa Swatches app by blogger Ofunne Amaka.

Currently only available via iTunes, the app is an extension of the website CocoaSwatches.com and its corresponding Instagram page of the same name. Each includes images and videos, mostly submitted by viewers, showing what various lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows and blushes look like on darker skin women.

It was actually through Cocoa Swatches and fellow blogger and make-up artist Ellarie (pictured above), that I discovered my favorite new shade of red lipstick: Cherry Blossom by Coloured Raine Cosmetics.

The color is by far the most stunning I have seen on brown skin women, and officially trumps my previous favorite, Ruby Woo by Mac.

Along with Coloured Raine, I also found another makeup favorite through the app, ColourPop Cosmetics. Not only are their lipstick shades amazing and long lasting- they are also super cheap ($6).

Just download the app and search for makeup shades or brands, and you’ll be inundated with lots of swatches and videos of the what the colors look like on brown skin women. There are even tutorials on how to properly wear the colors. Hint: No matter what color lipstick you try, it will always look better applied to an even skin tone. So if you’re multi-colored around the mouth, and who isn’t? You might wanna apply a bit of foundation, concealer or BB cream first.

I'm so happy to FINALLY release this news!! #CocoaSwatches is officially available in mobile app form with many added perks!!! DISCOVER new and old makeup products through the CS swatch and review system. LEARN makeup tips and tricks from makeup experts we love, who have paved the way in creating great content for underrepresented complexions. COMPARE and contrast similarly marketed products and find the best one for you. SEARCH through Instagram posts as well as new swatches in app. You’ll never have to endlessly scroll down your IG feed again! The Cocoa Swatches app is the makeup bestie you can carry in your pocket. It will help you make informed makeup purchases and let you in on whats really good with the makeup industry. The best part is , the app is free and available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices! (Edit, there's some issues with Android; will be fixed soon! ) Hope you guys love it! ???? Just search for Cocoa Swatches in the App Store!! #CocoaSwatches #wakeupandmakeup #makeup #MakeupInspo #makeuplover #darkskinmakeup #makeupfordarkskin #beauty #beautyblogger #makeupporn #makeuptutorials #trendmood #makeupinspiration #melanin

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  1. Love Ellarie and Colour Pop is the bomb. Way better than MAC and more expensive brands. Watch out though cause Estée Lauder will soon buy them up. They buy up all the smaller brands and then ruin them to fend off competition. Y’all should look into how that company has attempted to control the makeup industry for over 50 years.

  2. Color Pop is great. Their liquid lipsticks are less drying than Coloured Raine. The best color options are the dark ones though. The lighter ones are runny and not as good. Love the app by the way.

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