Concert Review : Chrisette Michele & Laura Izibor

To see a legend in the making is something that everyone should experience, and at The Tabernacle in Atlanta Friday night, I witnessed just that. To say Chrisette Michele is in a league all by herself is an understatement. You must see this young lady in concert who in my opinion sounds better live than on audio. From the moment Chrisette hit the stage with Epiphany, the title of her second disc, the crowd was on their feet. She tirelessly sang several songs and was flawless throughout. She took a short break while two members of her band took to the stage and paid homage to other females in the game (Jill, Mary, Beyonce, Alicia, Fantasia), whom Chrisette respects. After this Chrisette returned to the stage in a long blue sundress to tackle the second portion of her show. Radio really needs to come to their senses and give Chrisette the same kind of airplay they give to Beyonce and Rhianna . True talent like Chrisette’s and her opening act Laura Izibor cannot and should not be denied. If you are blessed to get a ticket to her show please go! Tickets are reasonably priced (I paid under fify bucks), and she is playing small venues so the setting is an intimate one where you can get the full effect of the Chrisette/Laura experience.


  1. I like Chrisette she has a very great and distinctive voice, never heard of the other artist though.

  2. Chrisette is a killer performer and so is Laura Izibar: Dont Stay is particularly one of my favorite songs. They are getting their stardom the old fashion way-chitterling circuit style. I believe it better to do intimate tours, it gives people and up-close experience with you. It no shocker that most if not all the stars mentioned got their stardom the same way. It did not happen over night. They had to prove themselves to the fans

  3. Man so many grammatical errors, its early my bad

  4. I’ve always said this, they paid way to much money on that other artist with no talent. The attentions should have been placed on Chrisettte, she is in my opinion our Nancy Wilson of this era. All that talent being covered up… Just like they forced feed people with the other they should have done the same here..

  5. Black ppl dont buy cd’s. they prefer to buy the pirate copy or download. thats why chrisette don’t sell much because mosto of the pp who listen to her don’t buy music. Def Jam give rihanna a bigger budget because of the numbers. Rihanna last album GGGB sold 7 million worldwide that was the number 1 selling album for all album release 2007. when ppl start buying cd the record company will see that they can make back their money they will give her a bigger budget.

  6. Chrisette, was here in Nashville last week and she is amazing to hear LIVE. This was my second time getting to hear her live. I definitely have to agree she sounds remarkably better LIVE than on audio. It would nice if other artists had concerts in a smaller venue. Laura Izabor was amazing as well, I wasn’t familiar with all her songs. However, here vocals where definitly on point.

  7. Kudos Xedos.

    We want to complain about which artists get more airplay and have mainstream success but the music industry is a business and it’s all about SALES. If we truly like an artists, SUPPORT them by purchasing their music and not bootlegging everything!! It’s simple.

  8. I agree. Chrissette is definitely being slept on. I can’t get enough of her songs and performances. While Bey and Rhi gets all the accolades for obvious reasons, there are plenty of great talent under the radar and theres nothing stopping folks from checking the Chrissettes, Fantasia’s, etc… out!

  9. It is about the money…if we want real artists to be successful, we have to support them, if we want public schools to improve, we have to pull our kids out, stop the money from flowing in, if we want our kids to know their rich black history, we have to educate them ourselves…if we want jobs in our communities, we have to open businessess…if we are to progress and align ourselves to our unlimited potential and possibilities…we must unify…if we are to become a better world…there must be mutual respect…someway we have to find a way to love ourselves again…we’re worst off…we use to be so proud and supportive of our finest and best and good looks was just a bonus! Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Mylie Cyrus and the list goes on…looks/packaging doesn’t matter…we really suffer from post slavery issues!

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