Confirmed: Alicia Keys is Pregnant And Engaged

I think the title of this article pretty much says it all, so rather than concentrate on Alicia I thought I would look at this through the eyes of Mashona (Swizz’s ex-wife) and women I know who have been through similar situations.

No doubt Mashonda is somewhere right now feeling a bit upset. The singer has already made it known that Alicia stole her man and now with a baby on the way, no doubt our sister must be feeling like Alicia has stolen her whole damn life. After all, just about a year ago it was Mashona who was married to Swizz and had just given birth to his child. Now the tables are turned and it is Alicia who has what Mashonda had just over a year ago.

I know I would be angry. To go from being a wife and mother to a single mother is a hard pill to swallow. That pill grows in size when you have lost your foundation- your man, your child’s father to not only another woman, but another family. Swizz has essentially replaced one family with another and damn if that ish don’t hurt.I know several women who have been through this and it is hard. It is hard to lose your man to another woman and then watch that woman have a child and have a full time father for her child, while your child is relegated to weekend visits or whenever Daddy can come by visits.

So to all the sistas out there who have had their lives stolen by cold hearted women who wanted what you had but weren’t woman enough to go out there and find their OWN man to have it with; I say keep your head up. God never closes a door without opening a window.

Source: People Mag


  1. Speak the truth and shame the devil. Alicia is nothing but a homewrecking whore and I hope in a few years Swizz Creep does to her what he did to Mashonda.

  2. About time a blog stopped kissing Alicia’s big fat booty and told the truth. A lot of chicks see women who are happily married with children and seem to have it all and they want it too. The downside is some women just want to come in and take your man rather than looking for a quality man of their own to build a happy household with. Indeed Alicia has just stone cold robbed Mashonda of everything she had. Alicia also got pregnant so she could have a baby by Swizz Beatz too and Mashonda would have nothing over her or have no bond with Swizz that she herself didn’t have. Alicia just got even dirtier in my eyes. She is no different than any other two bit skank who’ll do whatever she has to do to get and keep a man. Super Woman my ass. Super Whore is more like it.

  3. A man can’t be taken. Swizz Beatz would have left his marriage had ther been no such person as a Alicia Keys. People need to understand… EVERY MARRIAGE IS NOT THE WILL OF GOD… If you think a woman can actually take your man then you are not much of woman. The married party is always the blame get it through your head ladies!!

  4. Yes men can be taken and who says Mashonda’s marriage to Swizz wasn’t ordained by God but Alicia’s is? Men and women and be wooed away from their mates and spouses and it happens all the time. Women always tell themselves these lives to make themselves feel better about the low life things they do in order to get a man, any man into their bed. Alicia is no more a woman than Mashonda. If anything she is less of a woman for dealing with a man who was married. Get that through your heads tramps!!

  5. I noticed that alot of women that defend Alicia and her actions are the same ones who do crap like Alicia did. Hmmm…..

  6. I didn’t want to come right out and say that but that is the truth LJ.

  7. A man and a family should not be your foundation. God and you should be your foundation. Women need to stop making men, children and jobs their foundation. It makes no sense cause you have no control over what a man, your children or your job does. Mashonda should concentrate on her and her life and let Swizzy have his life. Stop being so dependent on man for completeness.

  8. *sigh*….I won’t lie, I’m a bit disappointed in Alicia, for several reasons:

    1. I am a huge fan of her; her music in particular. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the lyrical content of her music. There seemed to be an aura of sincerity and depth in her music. Unfortunately, her actions appear to contradict some of her songs (e.g., Karma)

    2. Swizz Beatz…really?? I will acknowledge that I do not know Alicia nor Swizz personally. However, often times you can tell the character of a man by his actions. Swizz’s actions appeared very shady throughout this whole ordeal. I’m really confused about the appeal of a man who lies on his wife, cheats on his wife, and justifies his behavior. Let’s be real, the chances of him repeating this behavior with Alicia is great.

    3. Her actions. Alicia has remained relatively silent throughout this whole situation. Which, in my opinion, speaks volumes. If the rumors of them having an affair were just rumors, why not defend yourself? Instead, there have been nothing but justifications on the part of Swizz for their behavior (e.g., Mashonda not on his level, Unhappy in Marriage, divorce taking too long, etc.).

    Oh well, It’s not my place to judge. I will continue to enjoy Alicia’s music for what it is. I realize that celebrities are only human and subject to the same fallacies as anyone else…*Kanye shrug*

  9. Debra,

    Please stop promoting this old poor me women crap. Mashonda is a strong black woman and she will come out smelling like roses as long as she moves on lives life.

  10. How do you know Mashonda is a strong black woman? What does that mean exactly? Is that just a way to wipe away the fact that Mashonda is probably hurting right now?

  11. By the wasy KSH I agree with you but that doesn’t erase what this topic is sbout. Sweeping it under the rug won’t make it go way and beither will blaming the first wife.

  12. Let these people and all people do what they will because the law of sowing and reaping is alive and well…

  13. It’s understandable that all relationships are not happy ones & people fall in/out of love every single day; as well as get legally separated or divorced. However even if a couple have been separated for 10 years, they are still LEGALLY married. If my husband cheated, because he said vows unto me, he is definitely the one I would have the problem with unless the other person was a friend or family member. I 100% believe that the home wrecker is the person who stepped outside the marriage.

    Saying all that, a person that knowingly sleeps/slept with someone they KNEW was married, should not be given a pass because “they weren’t the one that took the vows” that’s a crock of bull ish. IMHO that’s just an excuse to blame shift and in their mind,”to justify their classless actions”. If my husband goes in a bank and robs it, & I’m knowingly outside the bank waiting for him, even though I wasn’t the one who actually robbed the bank, some responsibility still falls on me. The vow breaker is the actual home wrecker but the one who is knowingly sleeping with a married person is an enabler & bares some responsibility also.

  14. Mashonda should be extremely angry…AT SWIZZ. HE made those vows and HE broke em.

    As for Alicia, CONGRATS! She’ll make a beautiful mom.

  15. I am just upset that an intelligent Woman like Alicia lowered her standards to someone like swiss cheese, That is what upset me the most.

    As for the rest, I must have fallen asleep and woke up in a world like a man is like a purse and can literally be stolen,I am so glad i’ve never been a bitter and “status quo” like woman, sitting at a less than worthy man, move on like that ish is is a lmn movie,you all need a life or a new man perhaps?

  16. @Empathetic D, I agree with your post somewhat…but don’t you think that Alicia keeping silent was a smart thing to do? She would look like a total b**** if she tried defending herself. Although she made a couple of questionable decisions, she was a single woman who fell in love with a man who should’ve been a lot more faithful of his wife. This speaks volumnes on HIM in my opinion.

  17. I knew this post would get kinda ugly.
    I’m sure ALL 3 are to blame in some way, some’s percentage more than others, point blank.
    I don’t know if this would be any different but I wouldn’t care if my wife went and slept with a MARRIED men I wouldn’t want her going off cheating on me with NOBODY. Now with that being said Swizz shouldn’t have got married at all and shoulda kept him and Mashonda relationship a friend with benefit type of situation. Because I hate truly hate to see women that I care about hurt. Thats just me. And that probably was an even dumber move on his behalf because now the public SOMEWHAT knows about this situation, and now he’ll probably have to drop some more green in Mashonda’s pockets. I know its hard but use your head bro and not your hormones.

    LOL- I think if somethings going around about you that’s not true that you should ALWAYS come out and defend yourself, why sit there and let a lie be told about YOU when you know it’s just that…a lie?

    But all in all I just hope they have a healthy child.

  18. LOL- Let me correct myself. A DEFAMATORY lie because people lie on you everyday lol.

  19. Love happens!

    Sometimes it is out of our hands and is up to God!

    Been there done that… please don’t hate on Alicia.

  20. Love does not just happen. In order to do this thing some people call falling in love you must first open yourself up to loving them. I cannot fall in love with a woman or a married man because I am not open to it. What some people call love anyway is nothing but lust or an intense attraction to someone who makes us feel all gooey inside. It kills me the way so many moral-less women on this site try to justify Alicia’s (and their) actions by bringing God into it. They believe Mashonda’s marriage to Swizz wasn’t respected by God but Alicia’s will be. They probably told themselves the same thing while they were creeping some other woman’s man too. And can we leave this HATE garbage at the door because it is old and lame… like the commenter making them.

  21. Lena,

    Your’e Nonsense.Tina left Ike because he was beating her. Tina filed for a divorce in 1976 but the divorce was not final until 1978. Ike held that divorce up dragging Tina in and out of court trying to keep everything from her. let’s just say 1 year into this 2 year fight to be free of Ike she met a man that truly loved her, she should keep her devotion to Ike who beat her ass on the regular and had plenty of side women during the marriage and during the 2 yr divorce fight because they were legally married, child please.LOL with wisdom and maturity comes a look at the whole picture.

    Did you see Will and Jada on Oprah last week. Whole family happy as a lark. Will ex-wife Sheree there also..but Will started dating Jada while Will and Sheree were going through a divorce. Sheree did not want that divorce, Will did. Sheree and Jada got into a huge argument on the Fresh Prince set and Jada talked free about it on Oprah, her exact words out of her mouth to Oprah when she first started dating will were, “Ladies, I would not recommend dating a man going through a divorce” Now she and Sheree get along great..Cause Sheree finally let go and is not married to a minister…Ya gots to let go and being mad at the other woman instead of the man that made the vow to you aint bringing him back..

  22. @17150918, I said that b/c isn’t it actually TRUE? I mean, why would Alicia defend herself if she knows Mashonda is speaking the truth about the situation? Therefore, Alicia would look stupid trying to defend herself from something that is true.

    The fact is, Mashonda was married to Swizz, who turned around and shacked up with Alicia. Like GWEN said, you have the power to choose whether you’re open to someone’s love or not…Swizz allowed himself to be open to Alicia despite his vows. Alicia was open to Swizz’s love despite Mashonda. That’s obviously the fact, and her baby bump blatantly tells us that these “defamatory” lies weren’t lies at all, and trying to defend them would make Alicia look like a liar herself.

    With that being said, it’s not Alicia’s fault for Mashonda’s pain (or lack therof). It’s Swizz who went out of the marriage (or whatever he did/n’t do; he is a grown a** man who chose to break Mashonda’s heart, not Alicia. Alicia didn’t promise to love and honor Mashonda, Swizz did.

  23. Alicia remained silent? She doesn’t owe anybody any explanation about !@#$ she sellin CD’s…not personal business… and her career will be just fine…ROFL..jealous, unfulfilled women love to tear another one down.. very sad.

  24. LJ,

    Your post is pure nonsense and once you gain atleast an ounce of maturity and wisdom, you will learn the ability to discern and seperate.


  26. You are right NISHA, except it was clearly Alicia who was unfulfilled and jealous of Mashonda. So jealous in fact that she looked upon Mashonda with her husband, child and sought to take everything the woman had.

    Sad indeed.

  27. I must say, this is a shocker to me, I really thought it was just a rumour, I was at the O2 when she performed here in England.

    Am a bit dissaponited but am not one to judge people. I also want to say that when are we as women going to stop blaming the woman alone? Swiss took vows and he broke them so we can’t completely blame Alicia. Am so sick of letting off the man easily, just like brangelina, no one blamed Brad, everybody blamed Angelina, I do think its unfair. So please, lets not do this anymore and put ment on the spot too, Swiss did very bad, infact worse that Alicia, he broke those Vows.

    And Alicia, Swiss? thought you were better than that.Am still gonna jam to her music.

    Am sorry I wrote an essay lol

  28. Even if Swizz wanted to cheat had Alicia not been game then it would not have happened. I don’t blame Alicia only, but if women could close their legs would be cheating husbands would have nowhere to go except HOME.

  29. Nah Alicia ended up with the man that Mashonda wanted and the music career…let not get things twisted…youre funny!

  30. Eileen,

    Youre immaturity is astounding.Can you at think of an intelligent argurment?

  31. @@Lena, if it wasn’t Alicia, it would’ve been the next pretty young thing. I’m sure Alicia wouldn’t be the first woman he cheated with, and she MAY not be the last. If Swizz already had the gall to cheat, Alicia being in or out of the picture wouldn’t have made any difference.

  32. Wow! you can tell all the women dumped and scorned. I guess that is why i can’t fully relate…LOL

    @Lean another ridicoulus assessment of the situation. THe only assessment of this situation is the same as Will and Jada’s – these women started dating a man who was going through a divorce. In all the pics I’ve seen of Alicia and Swizz there was not one with a gun to his head. Again, Swizz beats left his marriage and sought seperation and divorce, which means he did not want Mashonda anymore. How sad that you champion a woman to clamour for a man that no longer wants to be in a relationshp with her, is not happy in the marrige and has no interset in making things work. He wanted out of the marriage plain and simple.

  33. Wow! you can tell all the women dumped and scorned. I guess that is why i can’t fully relate…LOL


  34. @Lena,
    Nope! Sorry to dissapoint.Here’s one woman you be able to attack…LOL I haven’t wrecked any homes. I’m single and have been for quite some time. Never dated a married or otherwise attached man.

  35. Gwen,
    You are right. I don’t know if Mashonda is or isn’t a strong black women but if she’s not – she needs to become one. She can ANGRY all she wants no one is denying her that but HE IS GONE! If her sole foundatioin was Swizzy then maybe she is not as strong as she pretends to be. I have a lovely husband and a beautiful 13 year old – my foundation in life involves them but doesn’t begin with them. Whatever Alicia is – she is his fiancee now, soon to be mother of his child – if does her the same way – then fine but should Mashonda sit around with toes and fingers crossed hoping he does so she can feel justified as a woman? I think not. She can be mad at Alicia if she wants – I don’t know the story there is 2 sides and then their is the truth. All I can deal with is reality and Mashonda should too. She has a child that will be involved and its not about her anymore. I would be angry at my husband for cheating, I would be mad at his mistress but their actions or lack there or would not define me as woman.

  36. Well, if it happen exactly like Mashanda said and not the other way, her being a bitter woman! karma will knock at their door. But on another note, congrats to you’re expecting bundle and marriage.

  37. Corrections:

    **She can be ANGRY all she wants no one is denying her that but HE IS GONE!

    **Whatever Alicia is – she is his fiancee now, soon to be mother of his child – if he does her the same way – then fine, but should Mashonda just sit around with her toes and fingers crossed hoping he does Alicia the same way so she can feel justified as a woman?

    **She can be mad at Alicia if she wants – I don’t know the story there is 2 sides and then there is the truth.

  38. I forgot this, Alicia should have let the ink dry on the divorce papers before giving in to this relationship in which they seem very happy. But love has no boundarys when it’s right or wrong…

  39. I don’t think you have to be a homewrecker to understand each side. When I met my husband he had been legally seperated for a year – he had the papers to prove it. I told him when the divorce was final, if he really wanted me then holla. It was another 6 months before he finally just went to court without her b/c she was prolonging the divorce just to prolong it – my husband and I did go out on dates but we kept dating other people b/c I didn’t know if he was truly done with his ex. His actions showed it but I couldn’t know for sure b/c we were not exclusive – I let them handle that part and then 8 years later me and him are still together. You will never know all the details but you know what your part was in it. I am sure if Alicia Keys did something wrong and was a true homewrecker then she can’t escape reaping what she sows and so will Swizzy- but I wish nothing but the best for all of them – the kids, Mashonda, Alicia and Swizzy.

  40. @Gwen
    I dont think I was blaming Mashonda at all. The only blame Mashonda can be liable for is if she lets what THEY did define her. She is responsible for HER life right now – not Swizzy, not Alicia and not her child. Life is full of heartache – I imagine losing a husband is devestating but she could have lost something worse that than – her sanity, her child or anything worth more than Swizzy and their relationship. Look at the bright side and LIVE LIFE b/c he definitely is. No amount of anger will change what happened.

  41. I have to say this. I am in no way defending Alicia. Because there is only one person she will have to be judge by.

    Now with that being said. It is commonly known that Swizz had another outside child that was born about the same time as his child with Mashonda. Who is to say that Alicia is the only one that broke up the marriage? What if it was the many different women that he was with. I do believe that she was a part of it. I do believe that love does just happen but that doesn’t mean that you should act upon it. If you believe in the Lord then you should abide by his rules. Meaning he is married so stay away. Sometimes it is hard and the flesh is weak. Maybe Mashonda was blindly in love with Swizz and the only woman she could think he was cheating with is Alicia. I also think Alicia is looking out for Alicia. Also I have to ask. What if Alicia was messing with Swizz long before he and Mashonda and Swizz decided to marry Mashonda but keep Alicia on the side. Alicia may feel that this is her time to shine. All in all, people we don’t know what really happened. It is not for us to judge. And this matter is between Mashonda, Alicia, Swizz and the Lord.

    Oh and I do believe Mashonda should be upset.

  42. Swizz and Mashonda have been separated for longer than a year its been close to 3. It seems that by Hollywood standards they are doing the norm. So many couples date while separated and the divorce comes later for whatever reason. They obviously feel that the relationship is over and the paperwork is just a technicality. I am not saying it is right but like someone said earlier so many do it, Will and Jada, Mary J. and Kendu, Kimora and Russell, Dwayne and Gabriel etc…In reality it never becomes an issue until things get messy with the divorce and then the new woman is a homewrecker. Like when Dwayne got separated the reports were just that he was separated but then when he started dating and the divorce is now beyond messy now Gabriel is being called all kind of names. I think marriage in itself is not as sacred as it used to be. Either way we don’t know the whole story.

  43. KSH,Nisha

    “Even if Swizz wanted to cheat had Alicia not been game then it would not have happened.”

    Then he would have turned to alcohol, or another man, or drugs, Stop Fantasying “women”,These men don’t cheat because “Boys will be boys”, or “the other woman help them” They do because they are selfish, Immature, and full of crap. Is that what brown sista is doing now? This isn’t BOSSIP , since when do we promote staying in a marriage with an unhappy mate and blaming {Fill in} for it?
    The last thing Mashonda needs is encouragement, Who the hell do you think you’re hurting with your “Homewrecker song” Look at the picture!!!!! They are happy as hell, You’re sitting here mad , and bitter and YOU are wasting your life on this issues while they are overseas Chilling like villains!!!!

    Talking about “Alicia took” How much do you respect your womanhood, Running around crying, playing the victim because some other woman “stole” your husband.


  44. As for Mashonda, I don’t think she should be encouraged to be angry. It is one thing to be hurt about the end of your marriage. But it is not healthy, physically or emotionally to stay bitter and resentful because then you only hurt yourself and child. If you talk bad about Swizz in public then more than likely you are doing it at home and that is not fair to the child who doesn’t think of daddy that way. At some point you do have to start the healing process for your own sake.

  45. SMH at some of these comments. Not just on this site but others as well. It seems that the general consensus is: Don’t judge Alicia because we don’t know the whole story or Swizz was unhappy in his marriage with Mashonda so he is “allowed” to date Alicia. It’s interesting that the same individuals who believe the aforementioned statements will say that Mashonda is bitter and needs to stop “clinging to a man”. How can we not know the “whole story” but surmise that Mashonda is “bitter and desperate”? Just as we shouldn’t judge Alicia, the same should be granted for Mashonda. It’s a shame that she is being branded as “bitter and desperate” while Swizz and Alicia just “fell in love”. SMH…

    One thing is true, we don’t know the whole situation. Just like we don’t know when Alicia and Swizz officially began dating, we don’t know that his marriage with Mashonda was “on the rocks”. One thing is for sure, if a man wants to cheat, he will say anything. For all we know, Swizz could have been lying to BOTH Mashonda AND Alicia. Which could explain why Mashonda felt that her marriage was still intact while Alicia felt it was okay to date a “separated” man. I think most women can attest to dealing with men who say whatever to get what they want.

    BTW, this is not about bashing Alicia or taking Mashonda’s side. I don’t know either of these women. Like I said before, I am a fan of Alicia’s music. However, I look at the ACTIONS and/or BEHAVIORS of an individual. I don’t agree with the behaviors of Swizz or Alicia. That is what my comments are based upon.

    Just my 2 cents…

  46. LOL – All hail Queen Alicia… That child got people fighting and stressing over HER situation on a blog, while she’s somewhere grinning and skinning with her fiance.

    All I can say is Mashonda has been hurt to the soul, ever heard of soul hurt? I suggest that everyone who doesn’t have empathy, gain some, otherwise you soon may find out… It can be over, yes he’s gone, fine, but nobody can tell the girl what to feel and when to feel it. I hope she looks to God, otherwise she’s going up against, Alicia, Alicia’s team (those condoning), Swiss & his antics, single life, single motherhood, the sting of divorce, embarrassment, hurt, people rushing her to heal, the two cents of these Blogs and the Press etc. etc. – by herself, alone.

  47. Swiss or Swizz(whateva) can say what he wants, but I TRULY believe that he was straight up LYING to Mashonda about the state of their marriage. For her, Mashonda, to go in as hard as she did & be as hurt as she is, SOMEONE was saying SOMETHING sweet in her ear b/c she has CONSTANTLY said they were working it out. Somebody gave her that idea & that had to be him (Swizz). He wouldn’t be the 1st time a man lies to his woman about how HE sees things. My belief he was playing them BOTH, AK & Mashonda. Which is why I think it’s hard for her,Mashobnda, to move past it.

    As for Alicia, I am a firm believer of letting a man handle HIS buisness before stepping in the picture ( even tho it’s obviously to late). Seriously, how can 1 be happy in the relationship when the past is so upset & won’t let you move on? Even tho AK & Swizz put up a good front I know @ some point it has to be draining. If he happened the way the claim( which I doubt) would it have hurt to let the guy clear up HIS mess then start as a couple? Also who wants to marry a person who JUST got out a MESSY divorce & has THAT much baggage? Honestly, the dude NEEDS to get HIMSELF together & reflect on why he’s in the position he’s in before he proposes(?) to anyone or anyone accepts. Well it things don’t go as well, it’s NOT as if Alicia didn’t know what she was up against, the writing was on the wall. Either way, I hope she is Happy & congrats on her news.

  48. Typos:

    IT* wouldn’t be the 1st time..

    if IT* happened the way..

    THEY* claim..

    Well IF* things…

  49. KOKO:

    Agreed. Being mad won’t make him oome back or them not be pregnant and engaged. I don’t begrudge her being mad – but if it’s not helpiing you to move forward. DUECES!

  50. God never closes a door without opening a window. I love that so much i will remember it forever when i feel that something did not work out for me and start feeling like life is over. Thanks brownsista. I have always been taught that you cannot rejoice in another person’s sorrow, so if alicia and swizz were cheating while he was still married, there will be no peace even though it will look like everything is hunky dory. anyway, i send out a big hug and kiss to mashonda and speedy recover from this hurt.

  51. I’m an Akeys fan and have defended her before coz I can somehow relate but getting pregnant and engaged all at once is very low,this was a public divorce, AKeys could have waited atleast a year or so……..I now feel sorry for Mashonda.

  52. LOL, NISHA- I was saying that in GENERAL. NISHA I know celebs don’t owe us anything accept entertainment, and quite frankly I absolutely HATE when people want to hear about their personal business, because it’s their…BUSINESS.
    LOL- Sorry it was typed that way.

  53. Forget that “every marriage is not the will of God”. If you had the nerve to stand in front of the alter and pledge your life to someone, you damn sure better respect that pact. I don’t know what’s with you people taking marriage so lightly, but you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. When you marry someone, you should never take that lightly. No marriage is perfect, but you should always work your hardest to fix any problems that may occur, not just run away from them. Bottom line, divorce is the easy way out, and if you ladies think that its okay to marry and divorce whenever you feel like it, please, please don’t EVER get married! When you marry and divorce, you will always have a piece of the previous person with you, marriage seperates you legally, but not in God’s eyes, it’s still considered adultery even after you marry the next person. People should really have more moras.

  54. Can’t a person sue in some states for this? I’d be talking to a lawyer rite now.

    And I agree with this earlier statement: How do you know Mashonda is a strong black woman? What does that mean exactly?

    Strong doesn’t make one bulletproof, now does it?

  55. I really don’t know how to feel about Miss Keys right now….eventhough I think Swizz made the decision to leave, but I thought that Alicia had a little more class than that. Although her personal life should not change my opinion about her music…but I don’t think I want to be bumping the music of a home wrecker. That just dosent sit well with me. But I do know that Mashonda can come back from this once she has had a moment…but it’s from my experience that if a man does it once……he would, could possibly do it again.

  56. So I guess Swizz is a child then? Alicia forced him to have an affair?

    It wasn’t Alicia who was married, it was Swizz, period.

  57. Rene,

    Sue for what? I hardly believe that the alienation of affection law is for this case. You would have to prove that Alicia pursued Swiss. Alicia didn’t pursue him, he had already left the marriage and moved out and filed for legal separation. HE WANTED OUT OF THE MARRIAGE and left, but not expressly for Alicia Keys. I don’t see why people don’t get that. I wouldn’t stay in an unhappy marriage myself. Kimora and Russell were legally seperated for the longest and dated seriously dated other people but because neither one was bitter and stupid they each had no problem and wished each other well. I despise cheating but If I file for a divorce or even a seperation, hell A divorce can drag on for years , hell if i put my life on hold cuz you still want me and I don’t want you. I

  58. I have not posted on here in and long time. I could not let this one go.

    Everybody need to get the F*** over it! First of all no woman can take another woman’s man. We don’t have that kind of power.

    Second, how does any of you know what really happened? For all we know Mashonda could just be a bitter B**** and not wanting to let go of Swizz. I mean S*** I have been cheated on before and yeah it hurts, and yes I have been in a serious relationship before where someone broke up with me and eventually moved on with their lives and yes that hurt as well. Get over it!!! S*** happens.

    We don’t know when Alicia and that man started dating, for all we know Mashonda could just be mad because her and Swizz were still married when he and Alicia started openly dating. Just because there is a piece of paper that says married does not mean the two people are still together. Divorce can take a long time especially when there are children involved. He nor she should have to put their lives on hold because there is a divorce in process and not actually done.

    Everyone need to grow the hell up and quit worrying about other peoples lives. Live your life! And stop shotting daggers at A.Keys! If he does the same thing to her SO WHAT! That’s for her to deal with!

    Trust me if Mashonda would have found her someone new she wouldn’t have had anything to say!

  59. A silent homewrecker is what she will be rememebered by. Mashonda keep your head up. Their is a light at the end of the tunnel. Karma happens to everyone no matter how successful.

  60. One does not know true pain, until they have created someone elses.

    May God send his angels to comfort this woman; may she find strengh, through dignity and the love of her child.

    As for AK, her joy will become your sorrow; life as a funny way on showing one’s rights and wrongs.

  61. This is why I dont take people nor celebs seriously. Everybody getting emotional over something that contains no relevance to their own lives. WTH this situation got to do with everybody else.

    I can figuratively see the tears dropping from some of the commenters on here. You people are way to wrapped in these celebrities lives and Im hella disturbed. Get a grip.

  62. Another human being can’t be taken. No one can steal a human being from another human being they have to be willing to go. I am not blaming his ex-wife I am just saying we don’t know the whole story and their are always two sides to the story. Their is his side her side and somewhere in the middle the truth.

  63. Bantu,
    Nothing has to be relevant for someone to have an opinion. Just like our opinions are not relevant to your life yet you popped in to give your 2 cents…just sayin

  64. @Summer-Raine

    My thoughts exactly!

    “I have not posted on here in and long time. I could not let this one go.

    Everybody need to get the F*** over it! First of all no woman can take another woman’s man. We don’t have that kind of power.

    Second, how does any of you know what really happened? For all we know Mashonda could just be a bitter B**** and not wanting to let go of Swizz. I mean S*** I have been cheated on before and yeah it hurts, and yes I have been in a serious relationship before where someone broke up with me and eventually moved on with their lives and yes that hurt as well. Get over it!!! S*** happens.

    We don’t know when Alicia and that man started dating, for all we know Mashonda could just be mad because her and Swizz were still married when he and Alicia started openly dating. Just because there is a piece of paper that says married does not mean the two people are still together. Divorce can take a long time especially when there are children involved. He nor she should have to put their lives on hold because there is a divorce in process and not actually done.

    Everyone need to grow the hell up and quit worrying about other peoples lives. Live your life! And stop shotting daggers at A.Keys! If he does the same thing to her SO WHAT! That’s for her to deal with!

    Trust me if Mashonda would have found her someone new she wouldn’t have had anything to say!”

  65. Dee?

    I’m lost. What pain did Alicia create for Mashonda?

  66. You know, we can argue semantics all day. The FACT is: (1) Their behavior was/is shady. No matter how you justify it. Swizz was married the WHOLE time he and Alicia were dating, that’s a fact. Bantering over the justifications for dating while separated is a semantics issue. Another FACT: (2) No one knows the whole story. Hell, Alicia and Mashonda may not even know the whole story. Swizz could have been telling them different information. Furthermore, just as we don’t know Alicia’s role in the marriage’s demise, we don’t know that Mashonda “wouldn’t let go” of this marriage. We damn sure don’t know Swizz’s role in this whole debacle. Which I am inclined to believe is the major impetus.

  67. This is the music version of Angelina, Brad & Jennifer situation. Wasn’t interesting then, its not interesting now. Everybody here a big girls and boys they’ll be fine b/c they doing better than me.

  68. People should stop analyzing other people’s lives. We don’t know what happened, and it’s none of our business.I’m with Bantu.

    I want to find happiness for myself, and be in love, the last thing I want to do is concerned myself with famous people problems. We don’t know them, so why become so emotional and relate to them on a personal level, when their publicists, reports create an image for them that isn’t real.

  69. As I believe someone else said above…a man cannot be taken…he has to want to leave and something else must have happened in that relationship for a 3rd party to even have gotten into the situation. I wish them all the best.

  70. No one should be naive enough to think that what happen to Mashonda is NOT gonna happen to Alicia. Some women have to learn the hard way and she will! Also, yet another child is being brought into this mans life. I don’t know if I choose to applaud that.
    I also think A Keys exposed way to much of herself and not in a good way!


  71. can u guys please shut up about her being mad wont get him to come back.. she is human n i can only imagine how hurt she must feel no one is saying she put her everything into him and she is desparate no she was married she wasnt baby momma or no crap like that she was married and probably (assuming) she wanted to make it work @nisha u on here callin people unfulfilled and all that please trick im sure ur not fulfulled thats y ur by urself now all some people on here are saying that they feel that maybe(assuming of course)Alicia should have waited until the divorce was final n people bringing up will and jada please u soon see that crash but i agree with the comment where it said maybe God didnt bring the two M n SB 2gether becuz maybe it would have last. but some of u on here talking bout she need to get over it that crap gotta hurt u dont have to feel sorry for her or hurt for her but u should try to put urself in her shoes if ur gna comment and tell me that it wouldnt hurt marriage is more than a peice of paper if u take it seriously and when u get married u complete open urself up to that person and u give them ur all and hopes it is reciprocated but how can u get a divorce and feel ok with it please u guys on here be realistic F^&% alicia im over her and yes i dont know the story but im sure she is hurting and she may be angry im not having a pity party for her cuz im sure she will be ok but she has every right to feel hurt and feel like she has lost everything not forever but just at this moment.

  72. No one is telling Mashonda not to mourn the lost of her marriage, How many of us cried when boyfriends left? Let alone a marriage, All we are saying is not to let the action of a less than worth it man change and redefine her, That’s how you really let the devil win! She should move on with her life and realize that swiss was not worth her time, not sit around high fiving women who probably never been married and have a hard time finding mates, Encouraging her to be bitter, That’s all we are saying!

  73. Alicia Keys…remember your song “KARMA”…that is all I have to say. NO matter what we do GOD sees everything and no matter what it is we will reap whatever we have sown..My mother told my father second wife…another woman tears today can very well be yours tomorrow. My father is now married to his third wife. My words to Mashonda Genesis 50 Though you meant evil against me God meant it for the good to bring it to past.

  74. @UNIQUE,

    I ended a relationship some months ago and not in a hurry to get back into another one, so I’m single by choice and loving it, but thanks for your concern. And you should keep the name calling in 5th grade where it belongs and from the looks of your post you belong in 5th grade as well.

  75. Uhhh Alicia you need to quit coming on here and commenting trying to justify you screwing a legally married man. I know that has got to be you, no sane person goes to bat that much for a singer that they don’t even know!

    You can always tell the women who have low-self esteem, no morals & values, are classless & more than likely slept with a married man.

  76. no sane person goes to bat that much for a singer that they don’t even know!

    Ask the beyoce rihanna fans lool

    All i hope for is for mashonda to restart her life, all of you bitter angry blck chicks can just throw a party i see the 61% of unmarried broad commitee is on here talking about relationship like you know anything about it, When is the last time you saw a penis?HAVE YOU Resolve your issue with the woman that ‘Stole’ your man?
    I THink way too much of myself to accuse another woman of saling my man away, I know if cheats then he is a dirty basrd and ideserve better,Raising all kind of hell over people you only wish you were
    sIT down black women!

  77. I wish them nothing but the best and pray that they have a beautiful healthy child. As for Mashonda I hope she stops being bitter and face reality that he is NOT coming home to her. They were separated before Alicia even came into the pic, so WHY make such a huge fuss about now that they have made their relationship public?! Of course we all know why. I wish women ( black women in particular) would stop making it seem like their little world has ended when a man has moved on. She can sue all she wants, it won’t change the state of their decision. She looks so pathetic and stupid constantly talking about it. She is miserable while they are happy. Go figure. She must not have any REAL friends, because I would not allow my friend to continuously embarrass herself like she has been doing. Everything doesn’t last forever. Period. She can elongate the divorce proceeding all she wants, he still is gone. This may sound harsh but it’s the truth. I’m so tired of us women letting men break us. Get a real career and take care of the son you both share.

  78. Mrs Jones, with all due respect I think you’re talking crap. I dont think anyone here is saying marriage is anything to be taken lightly. When anyone gets married, they believe that it will be forever but sometimes relationships dont work out and people get divorced. To say that God will not accept that is bull. God wants us to be happy and sometimes that means leaving a marriage that is no longer working out. To think God is so petty and lacks understanding of relationships is absolutely ridiculous. I think its sad that women (usually those with no experience) believe that people must tough it out even when there is no longer anything to save in a marriage. All that does is rob you of some other exoeriences you were supposed to. This type of advice is the reason that Mashonda will stay bitter if she listens to women like you. She needs to move on with her life. God has other things in store for her. Black women define themselves by the men they hve in their lives, that is the very thing that makes us miserable. When a relationship ends, it hurts but you have to get past that hurt to see what the lessons are. Hold on to the good memories, take note of the lessons then move on. Alicia wrecked no ones home, she simply lived her life and I’m sure she has her own lessons to learn. Love is not about ownership. I wish them the very best. I hope their love lasts, if it doesnt then thats also fine. Its nothing to do with karma, relationships run their course and thats that. Live your life, embrace love no matter how many times you’ve lost it. Love with any particular person is yours for as long it needs to.

  79. First of all, I hate it when women use that statement ” she STOLE my man” or “she STOLE her man”. As a man I have a serious problem with that statement. We CANNOT be STOLEN. We are NOT cars or jewelry. If your man was so-called STOLEN, then he was ready to leave anyway. I’m not pointing any fingers in this situation because I don’t know any of the involved parties personally, but Swizz obviously felt like there was something missing in his relationship with Mashonda that he felt he needed to find elsewhere. Rarely do happy men stray ladies. Please remember that. I’m not going to call Alicia Keys a homewrecker, but I hope this situation didn’t happen how it seems. If Swizz was wrong, then that’s between him and god and all parties involved. Mashonda needs to move on. I know it hurts, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and please ladies, it’s 2010, if you find yourself in this situation, then take the time to get YOURSELF together, and then go out and find you someone who will love and respect you the way you should be. WE CAN’T BE STOLEN.

  80. For those that may not understand what I mean by get YOURSELF together, I mean finding yourself spiritually and mentally. You can’t move on in your life until you have things squared away with YOU. And this is kind of off the subject (but not really), some of you ladies are on here clowning each other over someone else’s life?!!…COME ON NOW LADIES. We’re all adults (I think), let’s act like it. (MY BEAUTIFUL BLACK SISTAS)

  81. :iagree: 100% with Rafi. Sadly, because you’re a man alot of women will disagree with you and/or ignore what you said. Women complain that men don’t like to communicate or share their feelings but when they do, they’re dismissed. By the way, congratualtions to Alicia and Kasseem.

  82. Nisha you are the truth :hifive:

    Now for those of you who say a man can be taken it’s obvious you don’t value yourself otherwise you wouldn’t make excuses for a man.In fact I would bet good money that you all are the type of women who pay to keep a man around,ignore bad behaviour just to keep a title.(Wife,side chick,girlfiend…)

    Trust me it’s better to leave a man alone than to make silly excuses for him.


    With all due respect i really don’t give a damn what you think. Swizz beats is taking his marriage lightly, otherwise he would already be engaged after only 2 weeks of being divorced. Men can make these vows and completely throw them out the window once they feel like they are tired of following the rules. Mashonda was hurt, and obviously didn’t have mutual feelings about the divorce otherwise she wouldn’t have went about things the way she did. And yes i do have experience, I’ve been married for almost 2 years and take my vows very seriously, so speak on what you know.I have the right to my opinion. In my opinion as well as many of the other women on this site, i think the ordeal was shady. Why does she have to be considered “bitter” just because she thought that when they stood on the alter and made vows to each other it would last forever. Isn’t that the point of getting married in the first place? SMH

  84. sorry got a little irritated by the last response. 2nd sentence should say wouldn’t instead of would

  85. I also think that Swiss feeling of inadequacies or unhappiness, hAS zero to do with mashonda, He is just a selfish user, he was reportedly cheating on mashonda throughout their marriage, Alicia is just the one he decided to “settle” down with! He is a loser…

  86. @ Nisha

    You summed it up very well…Sometimes others just need to look at things through different lenses, think outside the box, if you will…I will say this, I do agree that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but to get so caught up not knowing the full story is behind me…

    Equally as important, Mashonda do not need to get over it, that is a bit cold…She will when she is ready….Only the three of them knows what really went on…

  87. Congrats to the happy couple on their engagment and pregnancy 🙂
    I love A. Keys and wish her and Swizz nothing but the best.

  88. Both of them will reap what they SOW!!!!. Miss Alicia you are not special it is only a matter of time before he does something scandalous to you. I personally believe she jumped into this to try and cover up those lesbian rumors that has plagued her career since she first came on the scene. She still seem bi to me. I use to have a lot of respect for her. Because she really give a lot to help other poor and sick people over the world. But after pulling this it really does not matter what she speak and do does not add up. She really did not give a damn about Mashonda or her child. Swizz may have her smiling now but she will be crying before its over. He has a bad pattern leaving women with children. I think he has a few children out there by different females. I do not know how Alicia sleep at night being a women this is not a good look. NO matter what she say he was married and she knew it and continued a relationship up to divorce with that women husband and did not feel a thing. He and her are trash to me and GOD will handle them soon he does not care about status and fame. THEIR TIME IS COMING!!! I keep Mashonda in prayer for her to recover from this mess

  89. Im still going to support Alicia Keys. Congrates on the baby and soon to be marriage.

  90. I’m a fan of Alicia as an artist but I just can’t excuse her for this. Swizz and her are wrong for this. What bugs me is just the fact that he was married with KIDS<–

  91. i agree with everyone A Keyes should know better. I feel sorry for her that she’s marring this guy wiht tons of baggage. But ummm can he get divorced first. I also feel what goes around comes around and A Keyes is gonna get hers.

    Love her and her music but she’s straight STUPID MAN! :loser:

  92. Hmm Mashonda is just another sista who lose herself completely to a man, and doeesn’t know how to stand back up when he acts a fool, and when people say he will do the same to a.keys i chuckle, So it’s impossible for this man to finally find happiness? Further more what if he doesnt? or what if alicia proposes an open relationship to him? what if they stay together forever? what man you know that leaves a relationship and jump in another just as suddenly? marriage? he just got divorced why would he want to get married again if he didnt like a keys? She is the classiest lady of the bunch out there right now, when is the last time you stole a peak under her dress? when is the last time, she gave an interview and sounded like an idiot?when is the last time she disrespected mashonda in public? she is more famous than mashonda will ever be, why doesn’t she unleash? Granted the conditions of the beginning of their romance was wrong but that does NOT

  93. determine the future of it, Mashonda needs to get over it, all of you need to get over it, Life isnt fair, there is no such thing as black sister “empowering” each other the outside is a jungle, everytime you look at a girl a certain way because of her look .way of talking or anything else you are participating in the crab in the barrell mentality unless every each one of you is willing to carry that hollier than thou attitude out of this post i suggest you put a sock on it
    Talkign about values, where is the value when you are out there calling half naked women “idols and hottest and shit”? you wanna helpo another black woma? lets make sure chris brown get the time for beating rihanna (oh wait that was a mistake right?) let’s make sure that none of these rappers/athletes cheat on their mate ever again! stop even looking at these men like they are any type of sexy , Then come back and tell me about values

  94. hypocrite judgmental pieces of crap sit the hell down with that mess.

  95. Why does Moshonda get the sore note from you but A Keyes is sitting on a pedal stool?

    In all I agree why get married again? Uhhh becuz ahs’e preggy and A Keyes gotta keep her name clean just like SOLANGE. In all I hear your opinion and it’s somethign to think about but bottom line is the man is married STILL…..I feel he’s dangerous and good women need to stay away from him.

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