Corinne Bailey Rae Soundchecked

Corinne Bailey Rae’s new album “The Sea” is an inspiring collection of songs dealing with loss, grief, hope and ultimately… love. The British pop star suffered the loss of her husband while recording the album and says “The Sea” chronicles her return to dry land and peace of mind. Check out the singer below and on her Soundcheck page performing exclusive tracks from her much buzzed about new venture.


  1. this woman leaves me speechless,and her talent is out of this world. i love that she is completely focused on the GOD given talent. everyone can appreciate what she has to offer wholeheartedly. She is deep. even my older brother listens tot her and is out to get the new album. amazing.

  2. Kanyade question. i always wondered who is that in your picture? i love it. so much

  3. CBR IS the real thing! In a category of her own! I am glad that she took the time to heal and so excited about her new work of art! Oh, and I love the signature curls!

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