Cougar And Her Cub

The Cougar I am referring to is not the beast in the wild; however, she may very well be a Wild Beast.  I am referring to a woman past the age of 30 who prefers the company of a younger man.  Not that this is anything new.  Older women have been dating younger men for decades.  Yet celebrity couples such as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon and now Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill have brought this phenomenon into the spotlight.  One of the commonalities of these couple is that the women are all very beautiful and successful.

Society has changed.  Mature women are a lot more vibrant than they used to be.  More mature women are in the workplace instead of ‘keeping house’.  They know that just because they are getting older does not mean they have to sit and knit all day long.  Today’s mature woman is looking for excitement and adventure.  She is more in tune with her body’s wants and needs.  She is no longer bound by what society thinks.  As a matter of fact, today’s mature woman doesn’t give a damn about what her neighbors think.  She has earned her keep and apologizes to no one for going after what she wants.

You may ask what would a younger man possibly want with an older woman.  Here’s what they have to say…’Older women have lived more and are more established.  They can take care of themselves and are not looking for a man to take care of them.  Older women are more mature and seem to be less materialistic than younger women.  Mature women don’t mess with their heads by playing mind games. Mature women are confident and are able to articulate what they want and need.  And when it comes to sex, they are willing to teach you how to please them.’

Society would have you think that sex is the only reason an older woman would date a younger man; however, I think this is only 45-50% accurate.  Sure the sex is great for both parties.  The Cougar loves the Cub’s stamina and the Cub loves the Cougar’s experience and openness.  Yet, we all know that sex is not enough to keep any couple together.  There has to be something more.  Cubs bring a sense of youthfulness to the Cougar  and the Cougar brings a sense of security to her Cub.

I say, don’t focus on the difference in the ages.  If the Cougar and her Cub are able to get along, have good communication and problem solving skills, love and respect each other, that’s a precious gift.  If other people have a problem with it, well that’s their problem.  I say, Let Your Licious Play.




  1. I been talking to someone younger then me for 6 yrs and im loving it. He very mature and take care of his business.

    I would never thought in million yrs i be talking to someone younger then me.

  2. Actually Cougar refers to women over 40 and cubs are cougars in training and are over 30.

  3. love this article and i agree totally. older women today are more in tune to what they want, they have raised their kids and did what everyone else wanted them to do and now its time for her to do her thing, make herself happy and joyful and i don’t blame her for doing her. she deserves it.

  4. I’ve always been attracted to older men. Somehow I fell into dating younger men but when I left my twenties(i’m now 36) I still attracted younger men. Much younger men. It also has to do with older women keeping themselves up physically too. We have youthful faces and bodies of any 20 yr old and some cases better. We cougars have experience, smarts and beauty.

  5. Well I say to each’s own… not a fan of the older/younger man, older/younger woman relationship. I get approcahed by older men all the time, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t want someone who is old enough to be a father( always giving advice) & don’t want someone who is young enough to be in High School or just starting college( has no clue about life) :stop: . I need someone who is on a level playing field, where we can gain our experiences & life’s lessons together.

  6. i thought you had to be over 40 to be considered a cougar

  7. Why are those labels put on love/lust/attraction? Be with who you want to be , i only care about who brings the happiness no matter what color,shape, or age they are…

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