Could “Minority Report” Return for a Second Season?

Minority Report Might Get a Second Season After All

Minority Report Might Get a Second SeasonWhile Fox has not officially announced the cancellation of it’s freshman sci-fi drama Minority Report, fans and critics alike assumed the show would not be returning for a second season when it’s episode order was cut from thirteen to ten.

The show’s season finale aired on November 30 and appeared to wrap things up quite nicely, while still leaving the door open for a potential return. Fans of the show have since been waging an online campaign to secure the show a second season, which Fox might just be considering.

If you’ve continued to follow the show on social media as I have, then no doubt you’ve noticed the continued promotion of the show, as well as requests for fans to share their wish list of potential stories they’d like to see should the show get a second season.

Things have gone even further behind the scenes, with Fox execs contacting bloggers and other members of the press, myself included, inquiring about the potential viability of the show. In other words, Minority Report may live again if Fox believes the show has an audience not adequately measured by Nielsen ratings.

Fox recently ditched the Live + Same Day Ratings system, essentially calling it antiquated and not a true measure of the way people watch television in the modern era. “The connections between viewers and our shows today are more complex and, in many ways, deeper than ever – but they no longer only happen overnight.  So why do we, as an industry, wake up every morning and talk about those Live + Same Day numbers,” said Fox chairmen and CEO’s Dana Walden and Gary Newman. “This has to stop. It’s time for us to ‘walk the walk’ and change the conversation. The Live + Same Day rating does not reflect the way people are watching our series.”

Fox will now adopt the Live 3, Live 7 and multiplatform data system, which includes services like Hulu which Fox partially owns.

So what does all this mean for Minority Report and the plethora of other Fox shows that don’t do so well in the overnights? I don’t really know, except to say that maybe this change will give good shows an opportunity to become great shows. Minority Report consistently got better as the season went on and definitely has an audience that wants to see what happens to Lara Vega and her gang of Precogs.

By the way, I’ve seen most of Fox’s mid-season line-up, including Lucifer, Second Chance and Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life. This network is low on hits and I don’t see that changing with what they have on tap. If you ask me, both Minority Report and Sleepy Hollow have a good chance of getting another season. Fox recently announced a second season for Wayward Pines. Miracles do happen?


  1. I wouldn’t be so sure about Sleepy Hollow, but I wouldn’t be mad at Minority Report coming back from the dead. And unlike SH, I bet the MR writers and producers won’t make the same mistakes and squander a 2nd chance.

  2. Interesting… I was wondering why they brought in a slew of new writers and writer assistants to Sleepy Hollow. Why would they do that if they were not trying to save the show.

  3. While I know Sleepy Hollow supposedly does well in DVR and streaming, does anyone know how well Minority Report does? Both shows have been bleeding viewers all season, why would Fox keep either, even if their new crop of shows aren’t slam dunks? Sleepy Hollow maybe, but Minority Report I just can’t see. Bones does better than both shows combined. If Fox brings any show back it’ll be Bones.

  4. Fans have a petition up to renew Minority Report, but it’s been really hard to get the word out. Hopefully some fans will run through here.

  5. I think if Fox did a better job of promoting and gave it a new time slot it would do much better in ratings. Did anyone else notice halfway through the season Fox stop showing promos for it? Not good being that they were trying to keep viewership up while certain media outlets had convinced casual viewers the show was DOA. I’m huge fan and want to see a second season.

  6. Awesome article, i am so in love with Minority Report and i truly hope it gets renewed

  7. So what can we as fans do to get bloggers and media outlets onboard? Lots of mainstream media has been harsh on MR even asking FOX to cancel it before the season officially ended. How can we make sure our voices are heard by FOX execs that we want a second season?

  8. Thank you for this article! It’s about time that some media outlets needs to accept that both the world & TV are changing, to hell the outdated boring version of the same type of people leading a show. We want to see representations & MR is a prime example, Killjoys had less ppl watching but we campaigned and now we have a 2nd season. What great news if this is true, Minority Report is one of the best diversity show around and deserves more seasons. I’m such a fan and was wondering how can we make more noises to show tptb that we are invested in MR and I want to also see more of SH.

  9. The facts are correct that you can’t judge a show by live same day ratings. I myself am a Hulu and Netflix subscriber. That’s how I watch a good majority of my programs that aren’t sports. I for one loved Minority Report and would love to see it return. I also give a thumbs up to Rosewood….both shows really got better as the season progressed.

  10. I love me some Hulu and my DVR. Hulu is how I watch the majority of the shows I enjoy. I couldn’t live without it. Fox is wise to take streaming and DVR viewing into consideration. I don’t know if it will save Minority Report, but I sure hope so. Same for Sleepy Hollow. I don’t actually watch it anymore, but I still hope it gets a fourth season so hopefully more changes can be made.

  11. I’ve recently had correspondence from someone at FoxTV after I sent in a general message expressing my support for the show. It sounds like the show has almost definitely been cancelled – it’s all but official. I’m devastated because I love Minority Report. I’ve been trying to pull together fans to get involved in the #RenewMinorityReport campaign but it doesn’t seem like it will make a difference if the network has already made a decision.

  12. I hope this show gets another season. It got better and better with each episode. I love the episode where Dash sings Sexual Healing. That moment was hysterical. The show has a good group of people and with any luck Fox will have some mercy and give the show another shot.

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