Couples Night Out: MC & NC+Ashanti & Nelly

Unlike Beyonce and Jay Z, newlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have no plans to play cat and mouse games with the media. Just days after getting married in the Bahamas, the couple made their first public appearance together at Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People In The World party- held last night in New York City. Mariah did double duty as not only an honoree, but also as the night’s entertainment. Here she is pictured above looking happy with her new hubby and Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons.

Below we have Ashanti and Nelly who I suspect may be taking their own walk down the aisle in the near future. The couple have been going strong for just about five years now, which is like ten years in Hollywood time.

The couple were spotted last night at a private dinner hosted by iHome for Nelly at the Luxe Laboratory . Earlier in the evening Asahnti also made an appearance at MTV Networks Upfront Presentation.


  1. Mariah and Nick look very happy. I wish them all the best. Marriage is not easy (speaking from someone that’s been married 21 yrs after a three month courtship!).

  2. Go ashanti and nelly they look toooooo cute together.

  3. I truly wish the best for the Cannons!! I’ve always been a Mariah Carey fan and even though they only knew each other for a short while, they may still make it. Time is no indicator of a successful marriage. Look at people who knew each other for years before marrying and still divorced. Congrats, Nick and Mariah!!

  4. Forget all the couples crap. Can we focus for a minute on Ashanti’s black and white shoes??? Love em!! It’s all about the shoes people! Let’s get our priorities together!!

  5. They all look GREAT.

    AShanti shoes are th bomb. Nick and Mariah looks good!

  6. Mariah and Nick look really good together why instead of being happy for them are some people counting down the days to divorce,They’re in love that’s all that matters nothing but positive energy their way.

  7. Mariah looks very happy and very beautiful. I wish her and Nick the best. Also they do look very cute together.

  8. Of course Carey/Cannon are happy they are @ the beginning of the honeymoon phase….who knows it might actually work between the 2, but the true test of “love” will come in the coming months… when u need more than “love” to make the marriage work.

  9. Mariah is using Nick as an escort. She needs a negroe to hold her by the hand and walk her around and on stage. She has hired Nick to do that for her fulltime. Mariah does not like Black men unless they are helping to write and produce her music. Has she ever dated anyone as dark as Nick before? No. All her previous relationships involved either White men (Tommy Matola, Eminem), Latino men (Luis Miguel) or mixed looking men like herself (Derek Jeter).

  10. man ! i hope she is happy. i hope she got married for love because if this is a publicity stunt then i`m disappointed, very disappointed because mariah definately doesnt need to get this low to sell records

  11. Aww Black love!!!

    Can I just say that Mariah’s body is off the hook!! I think that I will be steppin up the Tae-Bo. lol.

  12. Dark Angel you seem to know all the men the media has put out there. I doubt that you know her personally. Your all up in her business like you know her like that. Stop being so hateful.

    I wish them well.

  13. @dark angel

    relax, the real question how many black men really wanted mariah as girlfriend? sista pls ! you want to pull the race card on mariah? what do you want her to do to proove to you that she likes black men? has been around them since forever? she`s friends with more rappers than the average r`n`b chick and while most r`n`b chicks try to go crossover( not including rappers in their albums) mariah has been doing it since over and over again with lots of success, she had songs with ODB( ol dirty bastard) way back in the day
    in case you forgot nick cannon got a career, so your arguments can only take you so far

  14. Nia, yous silly!!
    But so right… those shoes were the first thing I noticed- *Luvs them!!!*

    Ashanti looks really pretty~

  15. Ashanti looks great!!! Her style game is killing it! Love the shoes and the dresses! Hair and lip color is another story

  16. Wow what can I say? I hope this relationship is real. Why do I feel bad for Nick, like he is so innocent and unexpecting. I dunno. *BTW Ashanti shoes ARE cute!

  17. Oh My Goodness—Ashanti’s black and white spectator’s–I haven’t seen a pair of shoes that took my breath away in a long time! They are gorgeous.

  18. @ Nia and everyone else, I’m ignoring the rest of the post too because I’m mesmerized as heck by Ashanti’s shoes! MUST. HAVE. THEM.


  19. “Mariah is using Nick as an escort.” to the various proms she attends.
    Mariah has dated Black before, we just don’t know about it.

  20. Ashanti shoes are the business… OMG.. she really stepped up her fashion game… Also, her song (is the business). I was not going to get her CD, because i hated the song switch with nelly, however, her new music is hot… I am def getting the new CD on June 3rd.. She really stepped her game… I am def feeling her style – 08 is her year!

    Mariah is the best.. I love her, her body is fab for her late 30’s – Let her love and live.. did you see her NYC pad on Oprah.. she has everything millions of dollars a great body and 12 inches of choc love.. cant hate on her.. i would love to be her for one day.. hehe

  21. I wish both couples the very best. As for Mariah, well what can we say, she picked a very handsome black man for her husband as well as him picking her for his wife. If it works then great!!! If it does not work they wont be the first couple to get a divorce!!!
    Since we dont know them personally, let just be happy they are married and hopefully happy!

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