Couples Sighting: Will & Jada

One of Hollywood’s most solid couples, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, made an appearance last night at The American Red Cross Red Tie Affair Fundraiser Gala. Will and Jada are huge supporters of the charity, as they themselves run the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, an organization that works in conjunction with The Red Cross to aid children and families in the inner city.

Jada can presently be seen on the TNT drama Hawthorne, which she executive produces and stars in. Will on the other hand is rumored to be working on the films Angelology and The Last Pharaoh.


  1. love these two so much. they always look like they are having so much fun. and i love that they have been together for so long.

  2. jada looks so different from how she looked on a different world

  3. They are a beautiful couple and hopefully are an inspiration to all those young Hollywood couples.

  4. off course she looks different, that was like so many years ago….duh

  5. Both of them are beautiful African Americans and appear to be solid as a rock. I love the fact they have been together for so long and have so much respect for each other. One of the main reasons I love them as a couple is because after Will’s first marriage they got together and with the aggrement from his first wife decided to blend their families and not have any chaos or disrespectfulness towards each other. I think all 3 of the adults in that situation deserves a huge applause for showing that the ex-wife and current wife can get along and raise the children correctly!!!
    Black Love Forever!!!!!!

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